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IBM Q Network

May 9, 2019

Top universities including Florida State (Go Noles!), Duke, Notre Dame, Virginia Tech, Stony Brook, Harvard, UC Boulder, Waterloo, and U Chicago are partnering with IBM to bring Quantam computing capabilities to their campuses.

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NC State and IBM Build Hub for Quantum Computing Research (Campus Technology)

Apr 16, 2019

IBM has created the first university-based IBM Q Hub in North America at NC State.

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Big Blue and the Green jacket

Apr 12, 2019

IBM to Track 20,000 Golf Shots at the Masters and Automate Highlights

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Zero to Blockchain

Mar 27, 2019

Learn how to develop blockchain solutions using Hyperledger Composer on Hyperledger Fabric Version 1.0+. This 15 chapter tutorial takes you from no experience to building a complete blockchain application.

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