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IBM pushes for change with Call the Code Initiative

Jun 4, 2018

IBM has launched a new global initiative, encouraging developers to build a solution that will support disaster relief.

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IBM Security Master Skills University

May 16, 2018

IBM Security Master Skills University offers a unique week of collaborative deep-dive education sessions, cross-product learning opportunities, and networking events - exclusively for experienced users of IBM Security products. Attend and level-up your specific product knowledge!

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Use Watson Knowledge Studio to build a custom machine learning model in the medical domain

Feb 20, 2018

Learn the methodology, standard practices, and guiderails on how to go about building an effective ML model. After this session, you will have an acute understanding of what goes behind building an effective ML model.

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Christopher Boyd - IBM S&S

Christopher Boyd - IBM S&S

Welcome! You can learn more about the products and services IBM offers by visiting my rep page. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or need guidance in finding the right product or services for your organization!

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