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W IBM Cloud całość infrastruktury oparta jest o unikatową architekturę sieci firmy SoftLayer, obejmującą 60 centrów danych, 6 regionów i 18 dostępnych globalnie specjalnych stref...


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Invite your clients to Think Early

Invite your clients to Think Early

Kiedy: 12.02.2019 - 15.02.2019

Gdzie: San Francisco, CA

Szczegóły: Invite your clients and Business Partners to Think Early! When they sign up for our Think Early program, they'll receive exclusive access to register early—giving them a head start in planning their Think journey.


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SoftLayer - poznaj IaaS od IBM

Dedykowane serwery fizyczne, wirtualne oraz pamięć masowa. Przetestuj bez zobowiązań.


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Forrester: Watson Studio Leads the Way . . .


On Sept 5, Forrester released a report detailing strengths and ratings for 13 data science platforms. Forrester highlighted IBM’s ability to re-imagine data science workbench, collaboration tools and enticing automation, and ability to put these functions to productive use with AI.

IBM Watson Asisstant Workshop


It is a 2 day hands-on event to help IBM Business Partners and Clients understand how IBM Watson Asistant on IBM Cloud can augment existing applications. The workshop includes lectures, discussions on how IBM Watson Asisstant service works, and hands-on exercises that participants can use.


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Intelligent assistant


The future of user experience is being revolutionized by smart chatbots. These chatbots are now able to perform complex tasks and provide essential information through a quick chat. Developers can create these smart bots using Watson Assistant with Natural Language Understanding.


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