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5 reasons why you need deep social media analytics

5 reasons why you need deep social media analytics

Mar 15, 2018

Tools that listen to social media can tell you what consumers are saying. But for for true value, you need access to deep social media analytics capabilities that include dashboards, data discovery and visualisations.

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Spending hours checking data doesn't sound like much fun

Feb 1, 2018

Why finance teams should include operational data in their FP&A

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Introducing Think 2018

When: Mar 19, 2018 - Mar 22, 2018

Where: Las Vegas

Details: Attend #think2018 to hear the world’s leading visionaries discuss technology and business innovation by answering one simple question: What makes you think?

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How blockchain technology could transform the food industry

Jan 8, 2018

With blockchain, a retailer can trace a food product not just to the supplier but to the source of origin. A consumer can scan a QR code with his/her phone and be assured instantly of label credentials. Blockchain brings a new level of transparency and responsiveness to food safety.

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