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Que faites-vous avec les API ? Que faut-il faire ?

Que faites-vous avec les API ? Que faut-il faire ?

6 mars 2018

20 décisionnaires de 10 grands groupes témoignent sur leurs projets d'architecture SI et leurs usages des API


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IBM THINK 2018 Las Vegas

Quand: 19 mars 2018 00:00 - 22 mars 2018 00:00

Où: Las Vegas, NV

Détails: Featuring the best of the IoT while also giving you the chance to explore the breadth and depth of IBM’s complete solutions portfolio, and see how these solutions help you design for the connected software-driven world, reach new levels of operational excellence, and sustain new differentiation.

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IBM Helps Protect Endangered African Rhinos with IoT Technology

IBM, MTN, Wageningen University (WU) in the Netherlands and Prodapt are harnessing IBM Internet of Things (IoT) technology as part of the MTN Connected Wildlife Solution. The solution will help predict threats and combat the poaching of endangered rhinos at Welgevonden Game Reserve in South Africa.


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