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Build the Future Workforce

There’s a whole new generation of computing talent ready to begin their careers. When talking to early professionals be positive, emphasize the strengths, value, and benefits of enterprise computing. Engage recent hires in recruitment efforts, partner with Academic Initiative schools, and explore non-traditional programs. Explore the Employer Resource Catalog for more hints and guidance.

There are many options to help train new hires as well as cross-skill and up-skill incumbent employees. Explore the many resources available. However, training is not only about course work and content; mentors play an important role in ensuring that knowledge and expertise are assimilated and applied by early career employees. Pairing mentoring with on-the-job training can accelerate learning and increase confidence for your recent hires.

Create opportunities for employees to thrive. Provide leadership opportunities, assign positive career mentors, encourage attendance and participation at industry events, and foster a sense of community. While a recent hire may be learning how to do the job, opportunities still exist for having a voice and making an impact to the company and the broader Z community.

Attend an IT Career Connection Event

Bringing together enterprise computing employers and students to network and get hands on with the IBM Z technology.

Building skills for IBM Z

Find and develop IT and mainframe skills for your digital transformation

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A worldwide team focused on developing mainframe skills and initiatives with clients, universities and students