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IBM Z Xplore - Concepts

IBM Z Xplore – Concepts

Badge description

The badge earner has learned and displayed both fundamental IBM Z skills and understands IBM Z concepts. This individual is able to perform everyday tasks in an IBM Z environment, including administering data sets, formulating commands, managing JCL, scripting actions in USS (Unix System Services), writing and debugging Python, and orchestrating actions through IBM Z Open Automation Utilities.

What it takes

  • You must be at least 16 years of age
  • Complete the IBM Z Xplore Concepts challenges.

IBM Z Xplore - Advanced

IBM Z Xplore – Advanced

Badge description

The badge earner can solve advanced IBM Z problems by thinking critically and applying information from a wide variety of sources. They have orchestrated system activities using Ansible and Zowe, while working in Docker containerized environments. The earner has also demonstrated key IBM Z skills, including REXX, COBOL, VSAM, and TSO.

What it takes

  • You must be at least 16 years of age
  • Complete the IBM Z Xplore Concepts and Advanced challenges.

IBM Z Xplore - Code-a-Thon Achiever

IBM Z Xplore – Code-a-Thon Achiever

Badge description

This badge earner has learned and displayed fundamental IBM Z skills while completing a self-paced code-a-thon with challenges designed to experience modern ways of working on a mainframe. The individual worked with common developer open-source tools to create modern interfaces with current computer languages. They understand how to create a web interface to a z/OS application and utilize data from IoT devices using JCL, Python and more.

What it takes

  • Must successfully completed all challenges in Fundamentals and Concepts of the IBM Z Xplore Learning Platform, earning the IBM Z Xplore Concepts Badge
  • Complete an IBM Z Xplore mini code-a-thon: Earners must demonstrate they understand how to access files, services and web APIs by using modern, open-source tooling. This requires completion of six challenges that progressively build on the concepts and code of previous challenges.

More Information

Badge Issuer Contact

For questions related to the badge program, please reach out to Monica Siegel

Credly account issues

Credly Support: For questions related to your Credly badge earner account and profile, as well as issues related to claiming your badge after receiving a notification, go to

Privacy Statement

NOTICE: IBM leverages the services of Credly, a 3rd party data processor authorized by IBM and located in the United States, to assist in the administration of the IBM Digital Badge program. In order to issue you an IBM Digital Badge, your personal information (name, email address, and badge earned) will be shared with Credly. You will receive an email notification from Credly with instructions for claiming the badge. Your personal information is used to issue your badge and for program reporting and operational purposes. IBM may share the personal information collected with IBM subsidiaries and third parties globally. It will be handled in a manner consistent with IBM privacy practices. The IBM Privacy Statement can be viewed here: IBM employees can view the IBM Internal Privacy Statement here: