Student Engagement and Activation

All the resources you will need to engage with and excite the next generation of technologists about IBM zSystems that run the world's economy!


Are you a student or looking to work with students? Here’s your one-stop destination for resources and opportunities to use when speaking with college and university students about IBM zSystems. Share your passion with the next generation of technologists – showcasing learning opportunities including contests, leadership opportunities, and career opportunities and more!


IBM Z Xplore - Features Walkthrough Video

Video that demonstrates how to get started on IBM Z Xplore learning platform.
Workshop Kit

IBM Z Xplore - Workshop Kit 

All the information you need to organize an IBM Z Xplore workshop

IBM Z Xplore Activity Guide

This activity kit introduces anyone who wants to host an event on IBM zSystems and enterprise computing to the IBM Z Xplore platform.
Social Amplification Kit

IBM Z Xplore Amplification Kit

Everything you need to socially amplify IBM Z Xplore

IBM Z Xplore Getting Started Guide

So, you want to organize an IBM Z Xplore event for your community? This guide will help you get started.

IBM Z Xplore Media Blurbs

Media blurbs to socially amplify IBM Z Xplore

IBM Z Xplore Overview

Find out what IBM Z Xplore is all about

IBM Z Xplore Workshop - Sample Agenda

Customize this draft agenda for a one hour workshop introducing IBM Z Xplore

IBM zStudent Ambassador Program

Introduction to IBM zStudent Ambassador Program and how to get started.

IBM zStudent Contest - Event Planning Guide

Use this planning guide to help you plan your event!

IBM zStudent Contest - Social Amplification Info

Useful information, copy and images to amplify the IBM zStudent Contest.
Icons / Images

IBM zStudent Contest Event Flyer

Promote the IBM zStudent Contest with this customizable flyer.
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