Improve risk and compliance management

Leverage the security and resiliency benefits of IBM Z to reduce compliance costs and risk.


Regulatory compliance and security: A consistent hybrid cloud environment delivers greater visibility, strengthening your ability to manage regulation, compliance, and security.

  • With IBM Z integrated into a hybrid cloud platform (based on Red Hat OpenShift), businesses can leverage IBM Z’s security and data protection to achieve lower compliance costs.
  • Cyber incidents and ransomware attacks are on the rise, as is the extent of the damage to the organization. Significantly reduce both the time required to recover from cyber incidents and the impact to your business with IBM Z.
  • Stay ahead of changing regulatory compliance and security risks across diverse global locations and environments.

“With the IBM Z server handling all the encryption, I can rest assured that all of our customer data is safe, without the need for any developer input on the application layer – which makes my life a lot easier.” – Emid


Accelerating your application modernization plans with IBM Z platform - Real World experiences

A Think 2021 session replay featuring Fiducia GAD IT
System Integration Partner


As a global professional services firm, Accenture’s experience, assets and accelerators help clients execute on mainframe modernization.
Analyst Paper

An Analyst perspective from IDC on IBM Z Modernization

Adaptive Application Modernization Strategies — Leveraging Resilient Practices, Platforms, and Hybrid Cloud for Business Innovation

Automation for hybrid cloud with IBM Z

Does your automation and provisioning strategy include your mission critical workloads, data, and systems?

Built to Build: IBM z16

AI and cyber resiliency to your hybrid cloud using innovative on-chip AI inferencing and industry-first, quantum-safe technologies
System Integration Partner


Capgemini has more than 14,000 mainframe experts across the globe to provide mainframe application development, maintenance and modernization services to clients.
Technology Partner

Cisco Systems

Cisco Secure Workload on IBM Z and IBM LinuxONE advances your secure zero-trust strategy and reduces the attack surface with application microsegmentation.

Data centric protection and privacy designed to safeguard your data wherever it goes

Protect eligible data after it leaves the system of record and moves throughout the enterprise and into distributed and hybrid cloud environments.
System Integration Partner

Deloitte Consulting LLP

Experience supporting cross-industry clients across mainframe strategy, cyber risk and data privacy, price performance, app modernization, and more—and solutions and...
Analyst Paper

Digital Transformation and the Role of the Ecosystem for Financial Institutions

Discover how leading banks can leverage core packaged solutions to extend their core and progressively transform
Technology Partner

Episode Six

Episode Six’s next generation payment technology on IBM Z & LinuxONE enables banks with the freedom and control to design and launch modern payment propositions to market with...

Fiorano ISO 20022 Accelerator on IBM LinuxONE

Adopt LinuxONE to meet ISO 20022 compliance deadlines between now and 2025 and for broader payments transformation
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