Increase infrastructure cost-efficiency

Experience lower total cost of IBM Z ownership for workloads at enterprise scale.


Infrastructure Cost Efficiency: Optimize the foundation. Better match infrastructure and workload. Reduce downtime, CapEx, and licensing fees, and avoid vendor lock-in.

  • Improve price performance by exploiting hardware and software currency to maximize performance and reduce cost.
  • Drive operational efficiency by sharing data and AI-based insights with an enterprise AIOps approach.
  • Achieve higher customer retention by keeping service performance levels high even as customer transaction volumes grow higher and less predictable, by the day.
  • Optimize utilization and eliminate peak constraints with more cloud-like pricing models.
  • Consolidate infrastructure to optimize hardware and software costs.


Brazil is changing. Rapid economic development has spurred demand for sophisticated banking and insurance solutions. It has also created the need for a new way of banking: a way focused on consumers and their needs for always-on, mobile services. Banco Bradesco is poised to meet these needs with an innovative, reliable, and secure platform.

“IBM tools such as two-factor authentication enable Bradesco to offer a secure banking experience 100% of the time. These solutions ensure security of confidential information. Our customers trust us because of that”
-Waldemar Ruggiero Jr., Executive General Manager , Banco Bradesco

Accelerate application development with Red Hat and IBM Z

Read how Red Hat OpenShift 4.8 and an ecosystem of software offerings accelerate your modernization journey.


Accelerating AIOps on the Mainframe

This paper from Intellyx, discusses strategies for achieving best-in-class operational resiliency


Accelerating your application modernization plans with IBM Z...

A Think 2021 session replay featuring Fiducia GAD IT


AIOps Assessment for IBM Z Overview

Video overview of the free online assessment to help IBM Z clients identify their current stage of AIOps maturity


AIOps on IBM Z

Reduce complexity with artificial intelligence for IT operations (AIOps) on IBM Z.


An Analyst perspective from IDC on IBM Z Modernization

Adaptive Application Modernization Strategies — Leveraging Resilient Practices, Platforms, and Hybrid Cloud for Business Innovation

Case Study

APIS IT Using AIOps to elevate hybrid cloud workload

APIS IT elevate their hybrid-cloud with artificial intelligence operations (AIOps)


Application Modernization assessment tool

The assessment should take no more than 2 minutes to complete.


Atruvia AG (formerly Fiducia & GAD) discusses Red Hat OpenShift...

Hear a client explain the value of deployment of the Red Hat OpenShift platform on IBM Z


Automation for hybrid cloud with IBM Z

Does your automation and provisioning strategy include your mission critical workloads, data, and systems?


Best practices for taking a hybrid approach to AIOps

Best practices for taking a hybrid approach to your AIOps on IBM Z journey

Case Study

Bradesco Meeting changing customer needs with reliable, secure...

Brazil is changing. Rapid economic development has spurred demand for sophisticated banking and insurance solutions.

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