AI and Analytics: Business Insight

Enable self-service, trusted, real-time data access, and embed AI deep into the enterprise transaction systems.


Infuse AI in real-time into every business transaction, driving top-line growth and bottom-line savings, for your mission critical applications while meeting the most stringent SLA’s. Leverage both IBM and open-source solutions to enable your data scientists and engineers to use the applications they know and trust.


Leverage Z analytics and AI for insights

Watch how to leverage Z Analytics and AI to turn your enterprise data into insights, and insights into business opportunities.


Curtail credit card fraud with AI on Z

Read how AI solutions on IBM Z and LinuxONE can help curtail credit card fraud before it happens.


Perform real-time analytics and ML on IBM Z

White paper on performing real-time analytics and machine learning on IBM Z


Journey to AI on IBM Z and LinuxONE content solution

Learn how AI on Z and LinuxONE leverages AI technology and open source frameworks to help you to build and train models anywhere (including Z) and deploy them on Z and LinuxONE infrastructure. Explore this page for use cases and technical resources to get you started on your AI journey.


AI Open-Source Software and IBM Z

Read how IBM Z and LinuxONE provide a secure high-performance environment with an ecosystem of open-source software to bring AI, ML, and DL to existing transactional applications and deliver real-time insights and predictions.


Streaming SMF data real time through IzODA

Sample code and hints for how you could utilize a real time data consumption strategy with your IzODA applications using the SMF Realtime Interface on z/OS


Credit default risk prediction code pattern

Example pattern using Anaconda on IBM Z and LinuxONE for predicting Credit Default Risk


IBM Watson Machine Learning for z/OS overview and demo

IBM Watson Machine Learning for z/OS overview and demo


IBM Watson Machine Learning for z/OS Hands on Lab

Try our hands on lab for IBM Watson Machine Learning for z/OS