Adopt Agile and DevOps Practices

Deliver increased developer productivity.

Embrace DevOps

Increase release frequency with modern languages and a common, consistent Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) pipeline across platforms and operating teams. Agile software development helps developers build, test, deploy and monitor applications with speed, quality, and control. A range of solutions helps integrate systems, empowering developers with an open and familiar development environment with enterprise-wide, platform agnostic standardization.


more code releases at
the speed of traditional development 1



Discovery and Analysis

Analyze mainframe applications to quickly discover and understand interdependencies of potential changes
Case Study

Swedbank Powering a customer-centric strategy with faster,...

Swedbank unlocked new agility by to accelerate and optimize application development.

Case Study

Bradesco Meeting changing customer needs with reliable, secure...

Brazil is changing. Rapid economic development has spurred demand for sophisticated banking and insurance solutions.

Modernization Pattern

Application discovery pattern

Use understanding of applications through detailed analysis throughout the DevOps life cycle in responding to business needs.


IBM Application Performance Analyzer for z/OS

Identify and act upon areas of low performance, high CPU consumption, low response time and low throughput


Application Discovery and Delivery Intelligence (ADDI)

Learn how to accelerate your digital transformation with application insights that increase productivity and reduce risk


Integrated pipeline - open and familiar tools

Consistent CI/CD enables cloud-like release frequency
Modernization Pattern

Extend core applications on IBM® z/OS® with cloud-native...

Augment core applications on IBM z/OS with new cloud-native components that are integrated through REST APIs.


GitLab and IBM Z DevOps Solutions - CI/CD Pipeline

This video demonstrates the CI/CD feature of GitLab that allows the execution of pipelines in a close relationship with repositories. It shows how to integrate some of the IBM Z DevOps products (IBM Developer for z/OS, DBB and UrbanCode Deploy), into GitLab CI/CD pipelines.


IBM Z and GitLab - Overview

This video highlights some aspects of the management of Mainframe applications lifecycle, with IBM Z DevOps solutions (such as IDz and DBB) and GitLab.

Case Study

BNP Paribas is overhauling the software development environment...

Deploying a modern IDE and open source tools, BNP Paribas is transforming, saving money and boosting quality.


Node.js for z/OS

Modernize apps, orchestrate services with Node.js and connect to your z/OS assets.


IBM Wazi Developer CI/CD Pipeline Workflow

This video shows the workflow of a developer using a pipeline; a capability provided by IBM Wazi Developer.


Multi-Architecture DevOps Pipelines with Red Hat OpenShift

Demonstration of multi-architecture advantage with OpenShift


Open Source and BYOI

Increase efficiency and ease onboarding with familiar tooling

BYO IDE - Cloud Native Development

With this trial of IBM Wazi Developer and IBM Developer for z/OS® Enterprise Edition you can choose your preferred IDE.


How to use the IBM Wazi Developer Sandbox

This video demonstrates how to use the IBM Wazi Developer Sandbox

Case Study

State Farm Combining the speed and agility of DevOps with the...

Mutual insurer State Farm® is innovating on all platforms, including IBM Z, to enable DevOps across the enterprise.


IBM Wazi for Red Hat CodeReady Workspaces

The demo covers how to connect to a Wazi Sandbox instance and a z/OS host,


Using Azure DevOps CI/CD Pipelines to Build a z/OS COBOL...

This video demonstrates how you can use Azure DevOps


IBM Wazi Developer

IBM Wazi Developer brings modern z/OS application development IDEs to you



Explore Zowe, an extensible open source framework for connecting applications and tools to the mainframe.


Shift Left Testing

Test early and continuously to increase quality and productivity

Automated Testing on IBM Z

In this video we explain the importance of a single testing pipeline regardless of application programming language used.


IBM Wazi Virtual Test Platform

View how to intercept calls to middleware subsystems, replay playback files and run integrated tests before code deployment.


Unit Testing with IBM ZUnit in a DevOps Pipeline

This video demonstrates unit testing with IBM® ZUnit in a DevOps pipeline.


Getting Started with ZUnit Using a Modern SCM

In this tutorial you will learn how to record and generate a zUnit test


True Shift Left Testing for your z/OS Applications

In this session, Nathan Cassata focuses on how to apply shift left testing to your traditional z/OS applications. He demonstrates step by step how to create and run both unit tests and early application integration tests, and then successfully add them both to the pipeline.