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Secure your enterprise for the quantum era

Quantum computers are expected to bring significant business and societal opportunity, but they also present a challenge to the modern digital economy: large-scale quantum computers will be able to break the security protocols we rely upon to safeguard our data and networks. Businesses face an imperative to prepare for this new computational era by upgrading their cybersecurity with quantum-safe cryptographic solutions. Building on IBM’s long-standing expertise in quantum technology and cryptography research, IBM Quantum has developed a comprehensive set of quantum-safe tools, capabilities, and approaches to help organizations navigate this transition. Learn how one of our clients is using IBM Quantum Safe technology to understand their risk posture, build crypto-agility, and secure their enterprise for the era of quantum.

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Featured Keynote Speakers

Jay Gambetta

Jay Gambetta

IBM Fellow and VP of IBM Quantum, IBM

Dr. Guenter Klas

Dr. Guenter Klas

Senior Manager R&D, Research Clusters AI and Quantum at Vodafone

Ray Harishankar

Ray Harishankar

IBM Distinguished Engineer, CTO Event Integration, IBM Automation, IBM


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