Logging issues and requests for IBM Community development

The IBM Community development team uses Github Enterprise (GHE) to track issues and IBM Community source code. All our stakeholders can view our issues lists and create new issues, which we then triage and organize into Agile milestones for product delivery.

If you view the list of Milestones you will see the current and planned milestones for delivery, what fixes and features they have in them, and when they will be delivered:


To create a new issue, visit our development home page for IBM Community, where buttons let you author and view issues in the “Wall of Work” Github repo that houses all our issue tracking.

These buttons take you through to our GHE site: “Submit” to a simple form where you provide a title and a description for your issue, “View” to the list of all issues in our repo.

Please view our issues list to see if your issue or one very like it has already been submitted. You can use the Search bar to search for pertinent text, such as “blank page”, and a number of other metadata, like the label we’ve applied (e.g. higherlogic, or high priority), the project, milestone, owner, date, submitter and so on. Please be aware of this metadata; though you cannot change it, it’s a vital part of how we triage and organize information.

If you need to mark your new issue as urgent, preface it with the acronym “ASAP”, as in this example:

“ASAP: All the links on the IoT landing page are broken!”

Once you submit, changes to the issue, such as comments, the issue’s priority or its label will be part of notifications that are emailed to you. You can add comments, attachments, related issues.