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Together with our client team and data, the IBM Data Science Elite Team gives clients and organizations the skills, methods, and tools to transform their business and prove value with their data in weeks. With references from Highmark, UNEP, Rolls-Royce, and beyond, the DSE drives impact for our customers and for citizens around the globe.

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Check out our latest recommendations and tips to strengthen your data science projects while in a remote environment. Find project best practices, recommended resources and the key tools you need to work better together and keep up your best work at home

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Our accelerators serve as specific use cases and working models to help you jumpstart the solutions for your most pressing business challenges. Find the right data science use cases to fit your needs.

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Within 90 days, we had the proof-of-concept, the results of which had demonstrated that we could improve our coverage by 500% and lower our costs by 80%

—Joni Rolenaitis, CDO Business Information Services, Experian

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Experian advances AI with IBM's Data Science and AI Elite

AI and machine learning are now helping Experian solve a problem building and maintaining business families and corporate linkages with a potential 500 percent increase in coverage and 80 percent reduction in cost.

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30 min consult

Your one-on-one consultation with an expert who has worked with many clients to build winning AI strategies.
(30 mins, no cost)


An on site engagement that defines your AI use case and develops 2-3 coding sprints to prove value with your data.
(6 weeks, no cost)


We co-invest with you to develop an MVP in 3 to 4 sprints
(12 weeks, co-invest)

We prove by doing. Together with your team and your data, we give you the skills, methods and tools to win with AI in weeks.

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Recent Work

Red Eléctrica de España

Streamlined system operations for Canary Islands sustainable power.


AI unraveled relationships in business families and corporate linkages.

Geisinger Healthcare System

Machine learning assists physicians in identifying high risk sepsis patients.

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Program Director AP/GCG/Japan, IBM Data Science and AI Elite

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