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Webcast Into Data Science: Understanding Decision Trees Follow-up
Posted by Jacques Roy on Mar 22, 2019

Thank you everyone for attending today's webcast! In this webcast we covered decision trees: ...

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Maths in Data Science
Posted by Tomasz Sadowski on Mar 15, 2019

Good afternoon everyone! I am approaching my next task at the university (Mathematics) and I woul...

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Finding Messy Datasets and Combining them?
Posted by Bryan Atkinson on Mar 14, 2019

What kaggle competitions have the messiest data sets, and how can you find them? Can you give (or l...

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Career prospects working in Data Science with a Pure Math and Aerospace Engineering Background?
Posted by Bryan Atkinson on Mar 12, 2019

I have been told repeatedly that the type of degree you get can serve as a barrier to entry for empl...

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What skills should be added to an exisiting Data Science Team?
Posted by Tracey Newton on Feb 25, 2019

I have a team in Systems Hardware Development that does high level data analysis and Data Science on...