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Consolidation weight in PAW
Posted by Frederic Arevian on Feb 14, 2019

Hello everyone I can not find or change the weight of ...

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PAX Exploration - Server Formats
Posted by Chris Sutton on Feb 13, 2019

The Use Server/Excel formats options for an Exploration seem to apply for an Excel session and are...

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PAW 2.0.37 and PAW 2.0.36 on Linuxcan't create or modify process
Posted by Frederic Arevian on Feb 08, 2019

Hello, We have just installed version 2.0.37 of PAW on Linux. If we are looking to edit a process ...

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PAx vs TM1Web vs PAw
Posted by Praveen Singh on Feb 08, 2019

Please can someone explain what are the "key" differences between these 3 as I find a lot of overlap...

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Refering User-Defined Consolidation (Rollup) in Rule/TI
Posted by John Petrovik on Feb 05, 2019

​Did somebody found a way to refer User-Defined Consolidation (Rollup) "element" from cube rule or...

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Issue on CAM authentication Mode
Posted by Ravikanth Edupuganti on Jan 30, 2019

Hi all, I have an issue on PAW 2.0.38,When I am using TM1 as Authentication and login PAW ,I ...

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modify planning analytics welcom page
Posted by Frederic Arevian on Jan 29, 2019

​Hello, Since we have different working environments with the same TM1 server names, it would be ...

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Using Windows Performance Counters
Posted by Frederic Arevian on Jan 23, 2019

Hello, Planning analytics adds 64 performance counters to the windows analyzer. These counters cou...

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