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How can I invite another persons to my created dashboards?
Posted by OCTAVIO SOLER PAEZ on Feb 14, 2019

Hi: Im trying to invite my team to my created dashboards, but I still can not. Im inviting them as...

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C10 to C11 upgrade Issues with Filters from Workspace
Posted by Troy Stroud on Feb 14, 2019

Good Morning, Has anyone seen issues with the filters from workspace reports upgrade to C11 ? The ...

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How to create new dashboard templates?
Posted by M Kuusela on Feb 13, 2019

Is there a way to configure new layouts for the templates that can be selected when creating new das...

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C11.1.1 FP2
Posted by Ravi Vasireddy on Feb 12, 2019

Anybody seeing this: Show/Hide "Insertable Objects" icon missing after upgrade to C 11.1.1 FP2 -- I...

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Why path getting Changed idor data module
Posted by Uma Saranya Nadipalli on Feb 12, 2019

Hi Everyone, We have created report based on the data module in development layer and now we export...

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Java Script for Value Prompt
Posted by Pradeep Sahay on Feb 11, 2019

Hi Can any one help me with the java script. Thanks 1) we need by default when ever the prompt page ...

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Does this CSV typing problem still exist in CA11 ?
Posted by shravan k on Feb 10, 2019

IBM How to change the file extension from .XLS to .CSV for report output format 'Delimited text (CS...

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Any way to generate report output based on day to day inputs?
Posted by Sunny Darediya on Feb 09, 2019

Hi, Is there any way to convert layman language in report out like "Show me invoice count by month"....

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