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  • A practical guide on using the Decision Center archive repository tool

    By performance architect Nicolas Peulvast What does the archive repository tool do? The goal of the archive tool is to reduce the size of the in-use schema by removing the records that are inactive. A smaller schema can improve the overall performance of Decision Center. Active database records are in use by the current rule […]

  • A checklist to improve the performance of Decision Center

    By ODM performance architects: Pierre-Andre Paumelle and Nicolas Peulvast Use this checklist to improve the scalability of Decision Center, and configure it for the right number of users. The checklist is divided into sections to help you locate where the optimization is done. Java virtual machines Set the initial heap size to 8 gigabytes per […]

  • ODM Version 8.5

    IBM Operational Decision Manager Version: 8.5   Overview ODM V8.5 Overview 11 minutes ODM V8.5.1 Enhancements 20 minutes   Decision Server What’s New in Decision Server 15 minutes Lab: ODM Worklight Integration 2.6 MB   Decision Center Introducing Decision Governance Framework 37 minutes Decision Governance Framework Workflow 4 minutes What’s New in Business Console 14 minutes   z/OS What’s […]

  • ODM Version 8.6

    IBM Operational Decision Manager Version: 8.6   Overview Enhancements Overview 13 minutes Introducing Decision Service 17 minutes   Installation and Migration Installation Enhancements 9 minutes Migrate a Classic Rule Project to a Decision Service 2 minutes   Decision Server Rules Create a Decision Service in Rule Designer 7 minutes Deploy a Decision Service from Rule Designer 4 minutes […]

  • Good practice – Use governance processes for snapshot installations

    By Phil Coulthard As of IBM Business Process Manager (BPM) V8.0, Process Center supports a special type of process called a governance process. This process is installed and runs in Process Center to detect and react when a snapshot changes status or a request is made to install a snapshot. To ensure that there is […]