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  • ODM Version 8.7

    IBM Operational Decision Manager Advanced Version: 8.7   Overview ODM Advanced V8.7 Enhancements Overview 19 minutes Introducing Decision Server Insights 17 minutes Decision Server Insights Architecture Overview 17 minutes   Installation and Configuration Install and Configure Decision Server Insights 14 minutes Silent Installation 7 minutes Learning About Software Requirements 3 minutes   Decision Server Insights Connectivity 18 minutes […]

  • ODM Version 8.8

    IBM Operational Decision Manager Advanced Version: 8.8    Overview ODM Standard V8.8 Enhancements Overview 17 minutes Decision Server Insights V8.8 Enhancements Overview 16 minutes For a complete list of new features in ODM V8.8.0, visit What’s new topic on IBM Knowledge Center.   Decision Center <td nowrap="nowrap" Lab: User and Group Administration in Business Console 1.3 MB […]

  • Good practice resource – Implementing Disaster Recovery

    Many organizations today are performing highly visible and important business processes on IBM BPM. These processes often need a robust IT infrastructure that his highly available and can recover from disaster situations. IBM BPM supports a variety of replication and recovery approaches which can help customer architects design a Disaster Recovery strategy. Disaster recovery guidance […]

  • Good-practice resource – Use the IBM BPM Center of Excellence and Program to Project Redbooks

    By Phil Coulthard To succeed with IBM® Business Process Manager (BPM) beyond your first project, ensure that you are prepared and organized for success. For example, do you have the proper buy-in and participation from the organization? The following timeless resources will help you expand your first project into an ongoing program: Scaling BPM Adoption: From Project to Program with IBM Business Process Manager (SG24-7973-01) Creating a […]

  • Good-practice resource – Read the coaches IBM Redbooks publication

    By Phil Coulthard If you use IBM® Business Process Manager (BPM) next-generation coaches, which were introduced in IBM BPM V8.0, read the Leveraging the IBM BPM Coach Framework in Your Organization IBM Redbooks (SG24-8210-00) publication that focuses on this subject to learn about how to develop coaches and find out about the various tips and good practices. Applicable editions: Express, Standard, and Advanced Applicable releases: V8.0 and […]

  • Good-practice resource – Secure your IBM BPM environment

    By Jens Engelke It is important to secure your IBM® Business Process Manager environment. If you are on IBM BPM V7.5.1, consult the IBM Redbooks® publication IBM Business Process Manager Security: Concepts and Guidance, which provides information about security that concerns an organization’s business process management (BPM) program, common security holes that often occur in this field, and techniques for rectifying these […]

  • Good-practice resource – Implement the appropriate IBM BPM production topology

    By Karri Carlson-Neumann Are you an IT architect or IT specialist who wants to understand, select, and implement the appropriate production topologies for an environment? If so, follow the step-by-step instructions to build those topologies in the appropriate information: IBM Business Process Manager Version 8.0 Production Topologies – This IBM® Redbook® describes how to build production topologies for IBM Business Process Manager […]

  • Good-practice resource – Learn about troubleshooting IBM Business Process Manager

    Troubleshooting IBM® BPM issues can be complex without the correct tools and techniques. Troubleshooting IBM Business Process Manager describes a set of tools and techniques that the IBM BPM team suggests to help you with problem determination. Applicable editions: Express, Standard, Advanced Applicable releases: All Source:  IBM

  • Good practice – Mark system tasks for deletion when you create them

    By Phil Coulthard For system tasks in your business process definitions (BPDs), select the Delete task on completion check box on the Implementation tab of the properties in IBM Process Designer. With this option selected, tasks are automatically deleted when they complete, which can save a significant amount of data from being persisted. Note that the […]

  • Good practice – Use governance processes for snapshot installations

    By Phil Coulthard As of IBM Business Process Manager (BPM) V8.0, Process Center supports a special type of process called a governance process. This process is installed and runs in Process Center to detect and react when a snapshot changes status or a request is made to install a snapshot. To ensure that there is […]