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The platform combines the individual automation capabilities and has on-premise, SaaS, and Multicloud deployment options. The platform also contains new Business Automation Insights (BAI) capabilities.

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Design Center Library missing capabilities
Posted by DANIEL SPIELMAN on Feb 20, 2019

Ref: I signed up reserving an...

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User Experience Design Research
Posted by Hope Turner on Feb 11, 2019

I am looking to engage customers ( or prospective customers ) for a variety of user experience desig...

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How do I join the new user community ?
Posted by ANDREW RITCHIE on Feb 10, 2019

The community site is for practitioners and can be joined at a top level for users who only want a...

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Using Business Automation Insights
Posted by ANDREW RITCHIE on Jan 16, 2019

We have had various questions about using the new Business Automation Insights (BAI) capability. H...