Best of BPM: Best of API tutorials for Business Process Management in 2015

best of BPM

This regular post showcases some of the best content about IBM Business Process Manager (BPM) published each month on developerWorks.

Happy New Year! As we start 2016, let’s look back at the past year. Best of API tutorials for Business Process Management in 2015 sums up the best API tutorials for Business Process Management that were published in 2015.

APIs are essential to driving your organization’s digital transformation, innovation, and new opportunities of the future. While APIs are not new in computer programming, the open standards that allow digital enterprises to use business services in a consistent way are new. The following tutorials can guide you in working in the new API economy.

  • Manage and recover IBM Business Process Manager processes efficiently with the REST API: This tutorial demonstrates how you can use the REST for IBM BPM to access process data programmatically. Learn an approach to manage and recover process instances in a simple and efficient way by walking though an example implementation.
  • Integrate your service into the cloud with the IBM Cloud Orchestrator SDK: The IBM Cloud Orchestrator Development Kit for Integration Toolkit helps you create content packs for IBM Cloud Orchestrator in a quick, reliable, and repeatable way. This software development kit (SDK) makes it easy to create integration APIs in IBM Business Process Manager through an intuitive user interface or automatically by relying on declarative API definitions that are compliant with common open standards. Use the IBM Cloud Orchestrator SDK to easily integrate your service in the cloud.
  • Automate environment provisioning with IBM SmartCloud Orchestrator and IBM Business Process Manager:
    Learn how to provision virtual system patterns in IBM SmartCloud Orchestrator by using an external IBM BPM environment, a Java client program, and IBM SmartCloud Orchestrator APIs. Starting with Version 2.4, IBM SmartCloud Orchestrator was renamed IBM Cloud Orchestrator. This tutorial includes examples based on the authors’ work with customers using IBM SmartCloud Orchestrator V2.3. IBM Cloud Orchestrator V2.4 and later versions should work the same as IBM SmartCloud Orchestrator V2.3. However, pay attention to any differences in APIs when you use IBM Cloud Orchestrator.

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2 responses to “Best of BPM: Best of API tutorials for Business Process Management in 2015”

  1. Hi Amy

    Do you know where I can get information about long running processes with huge amount of data to be handled?

    I am to receive via web services files with approx. 10 to 20 thousand lines of personal data. Each line, one person. Each person triggers one process with several steps and routines. A new process cant start before the person before is finished.

    To complicate it, another file with thousands of other users can be received while the first process is still working.

    is there a best practice or some other material I could use?

    Best regards from Norway

    Frank Renè Sørensen

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