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This regular post showcases some of the best content about IBM Business Process Manager (BPM) published each month on developerWorks.

  • Expose an IBM BPM process to a mobile device with IBM MobileFirst: Generate an IBM MobileFirst application that interacts with IBM BPM V8.5.6 through a secure adapter so that authorized users of your process application can activate, work on, and complete tasks from their mobile devices. By enabling mobile workers to interact with the processes, enterprises can significantly optimize business responsiveness, increase worker productivity, and improve processing times.
  • Integrate IBM MQ with your IBM Business Process Manager processes: Understand various approaches to send and receive messages from a business process through IBM MQ, communicating with back-end systems. Walk through examples with sample code to see the steps that are required to integrate IBM MQ V8.x with IBM BPM V8.5.x. Gain an understanding of fundamental approaches to use IBM MQ to exchange data with other systems from IBM BPM processes.
  • Automate environment provisioning with IBM SmartCloud Orchestrator and IBM Business Process Manager: Learn how to provision virtual system patterns in IBM SmartCloud Orchestrator by using an external IBM BPM environment, a Java client program, and IBM SmartCloud Orchestrator APIs. Starting with Version 2.4, IBM SmartCloud Orchestrator was renamed IBM Cloud Orchestrator. This tutorial includes examples based on the authors’ work with customers using IBM SmartCloud Orchestrator V2.3. IBM Cloud Orchestrator V2.4 and later versions should work the same as IBM SmartCloud Orchestrator V2.3. However, pay attention to any differences in APIs when you use IBM Cloud Orchestrator.

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