Best of BPM: Fall Edition of the BPM Journal

best of BPM This regular post showcases some of the best content about IBM Business Process Manager (BPM) published each month on developerWorks.

The Fall Edition of the Business Process Management Journal was recently published, covering the development, implementation, and operations phases of the IBM BPM lifecycle.

  • Manage and recover IBM Business Process Manager processes efficiently with the REST API: Learn how you can use the REST APIs for IBM BPM to access process data programmatically. Walk though an example implementation to learn an approach to manage and recover process instances in a simple and efficient way.
  • Building IBM Business Monitor models with the freedom of the Dynamic Event Framework: The Dynamic Event Framework is a new event transport mechanism in IBM BPM and IBM Business Monitor starting in version 8.5.5. This tutorial uses a simple Claims processing scenario that creates and details a monitor model to leverage Dynamic Event Framework events.
  • IBM Business Process Manager database troubleshooting series: If you understand cross-product troubleshooting tools, you can quickly understand and solve problems with IBM BPM as it interacts and communicates with other software products. Part 1 shows what you can learn from the content of the BPMDB database in IBM BPM to troubleshoot performance problems and database-related issues. Part 2 shows some common problem scenarios to use as examples when solving performance and database issues with IBM BPM and the BPMDB database with IBM DB2 for Linux, UNIX and Windows.
  • The IBM Business Process Manager operation overview series: The maintenance of a clustered server environment for IBM Business Process Manager that interacts with many back-end and front-end systems and services can be a challenging task. Administrators can follow the IBM Business Process Manager operation overview series to guide their daily operation work. Part 1 introduces topology good practices, security configuration, basic administration of applications and processes, and monitoring operations. Part 2 guides you through maintenance and migration. Part 3 helps with advanced operations such as troubleshooting, performance tuning, disaster recovery, and high availability. It includes an operation checklist that you can adapt for your organization.

Check out the Business Process Management page on developerWorks and the Business Process Management Journal for the latest content about IBM Business Process Manager, IBM Blueworks Live, and other Smarter Process products.

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