Salient Process is a premier IBM business partner that specializes in Smarter Process. Though we provide a wide variety of services for BWL, BPM and ODM, we’ve recently announced our release of the SPARK UI Toolkit.

This toolkit improves both the End-User and Authoring Experience of UI in IBM BPM. The SPARK UI Toolkit simplifies Coach development while also expanding the Coach control features available to developers, which can make UI development occur 3X to 4X faster. The toolkit leverages only Javascript and CSS (no dojo or jquery) as the core development languages needed to build responsive BPM coaches. The end user experience benefits from rich Web 2.0 styling and high performance on all devices, even with large data sets.

If you would like to start using SPARK Toolkits, simply register at Salient’s Support site to get access to our free Community Edition toolkit. If you want more information about SPARK, Salient Process, or how to get access to their Enterprise edition, request more information here.

All SPARK UI Toolkit controls are fully documented, and can be found here! Also helpful are the 1:1 developer videos on the support site.

1 comment on"Salient Process and SPARK UI Toolkit"

  1. VKChikkadamalla December 27, 2016

    This spark UI toolkit is responsiveness or not. If how to add for the responsive css for this tool kit.
    Example Brazos UI toolkit they given defualt bootstrap css like we want like that only. Can anyone please explain.

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