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Lightning-fast videos that help you learn Watson Analytics for Social Media

I’m Allison Smith, an offering manager for Watson Analytics for Social Media, and I want to introduce you to a new series of resources that we’ve been working on to make using Watson Analytics for Social Media even easier: how-to videos. As we develop the features in Watson Analytics for Social Media for the remainder of the free trial period and beyond, we’ll continue to create videos to share the best tips and tricks so that you can get all the answers you need from social data. To begin this series, I recommend you check out two videos. First, our lightning-fast, end-to-end highlights tour of Watson Analytics for Social Media. Spend just one minute watching this video and you’ll walk away understanding the flow of Watson Analytics for Social Media, how Topics and Themes work, and what to expect from the visualizations after your dataset is created. If you’ve never used Watson Analytics for Social Media before, or if you have been using it for weeks, I’m sure you’ll find something in this video that’ll help you get useful results from social analysis, fast. Second, a series of videos that help you make the most of my favorite feature in Watson Analytics for Social Media: Topic Suggestions. We believe that social data matters, and data that matters needs to be trustworthy – so we’re not going to make you wait to see what kinds of results your topics will pull back from social media channels. Topic Suggestions are created using real social data, a sampling of what kinds of posts your topic would pull. This feature is hugely helpful for filtering out spam, and including relevant terms that you didn’t think to add. We made a series of videos that will help you maximize the value of topic suggestions. Check them out if your topic suggestions are sparse, and to get an idea of how useful this feature is. The videos series is available here. They’re all short, so if you get stuck using Watson Analytics for Social Media you can find the one or two that will get you unstuck fast, so you can spend more time discovering valuable insights, and less time wrestling with data. Sign up to try Watson Analytics and Watson Analytics for Social Media here.  

Getting Started

Shaping your data before uploading to IBM Watson Analytics

Wouldn't it be nice to know what you were getting into before you made the commitment? Well you can with Watson Analytics by using the Shape before option before uploading your data. Shape before allows you to preview, filter or customize your data before uploading. Here's what else you can do - preview data metrics scores for each column; create joins between two tables; filter, sort, remove columns. After you are finished shaping your data you can then upload your filtered data set. See the How to Shape Data Before Uploading video to see the Shape before option in use.

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Everyone has an opinion - Starting a Conversation in IBM Watson Analytics

Have you ever seen something in one of your Watson Analytics reports that raises more questions than answers? That's where the Conversation functionality in Watson Analytics comes in. With Conversations, you can collaborate with other users inside of Watson Analytics by leaving comments and even creating polls that are saved with an exploration, prediction, or view. The conversations you create are only available for that specific asset. As with most social media services, within your comments you can also use the @ symbol to mention other users and the # symbol for keywords. For more information on using the Conversation functionality and getting the conversation going, see the How to add comments to analysis in Watson Analytics video on YouTube. For more information on creating a poll, see the How to create a poll in a conversation video on Youtube. Remember to subscribe to the IBM Watson Analytics channel on YouTube!


Using a secured gateway in IBM Watson Analytics

A Secure Gateway is required to connect Watson Analytics to secured on-premises data. The Secure Gateway provides secure connectivity by establishing a tunnel between Watson Analytics and the on-premises location that you want to connect to. Configuring your Secured Gateway in Watson Analytics could not be easier. In a few simple steps you'll be able to access your secure on-premise data using a client application such as Docker, IBM Installer or IBM DataPower. The required steps are outlined in this YouTube video entitled, How to Create a Secured Gateway.

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How to ask a question about your data?

If you're wondering how to ask a question about your data, Watson Analytics will give you a few questions to start with or you can ask your own questions. And, you can always ask the coach. Yep, ask the coach. This new  YouTube video "How to ask a question about your data" will show you in a minute how easy it is to get started on your journey of data exploration. Remember to subscribe to the IBM Watson Analytics channel on YouTube!

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Adding a visualization in IBM Watson Analytics

In this video you'll learn how to create a visualization by simply adding data to a dashboard using a sample data set.  Take a minute to watch this short video,"Adding a visualization in IBM Watson Analytics" then try it yourself using the sample HR Training Data set available right here in the Community. Remember to subscribe to the IBM Watson Analytics channel on YouTube!

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Introducing Expert Storybooks in Watson Analytics

IBM recently introduced new data discovery and question-and-answer capabilities for  Watson Analytics that will make it even easier for users to extract insights from their data. IBM also announced widespread adoption, with half a million professionals registering for this groundbreaking data exploration and visualization service since its introduction less than a year ago. Watch the 'Office Superhero Trailer ' and then read the full release in the IBM News room.