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How to Create Brilliant Data Visualizations in Just 4 Easy Steps

One of the great capabilities of Watson Analytics is the ability to quickly explore your data and automatically create compelling visualizations. And you can do this in 4 steps. (If you haven’t already signed up for Watson Analytics, you can do so here for free.) 1. Upload the data you want to explore by clicking the Add button. 2. Click the data set and select Explore from the Start from Scratch dropdown menu. 3. Type what you’d like to see. 4. Select the tile you’d like to see, and voila, there is your visualization. From here you can continue to explore your data by clicking on one of the interesting findings in the ribbon along the top. Or simply start over and type another question. With Watson Analytics, you can be confident you’re getting your point across with brilliant visualizations created from answers to your questions. If you haven’t used Watson Analytics yet, today’s a great day to sign up for your free account. Want more from Watson Analytics? Consider subscribing to the Professional Edition. Learn more in this video.