What is the Difference between User Accounts and Entitled Users in #WatsonAnalytics?

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What is the Difference between User Accounts and Entitled Users in #WatsonAnalytics?



As an administrator, I am attempting to add several creators to my instance of Watson Analytics Professional. After doing so, I’ve navigated to Account Settings > Users within the Watson Analytics UI, then tapped ‘Manage Users’. This directs me to the Smart Cloud Exchange (SCX) console. From here, I can see all of the members of my tenant listed, and am able to perform various administrative actions.

I notice that there are two lists of members; one called ‘User Accounts’ and the other called ‘Entitled Users’. There appear to be more ‘User Accounts’ than there are ‘Entitled Users’. What causes this discrepancy, and is this an issue that needs to be addressed?



The SCX console uses the terms ‘User Account’ and ‘Entitled User’ in order to define the organization to which a particular Watson Analytics customer belongs. A ‘User Account’ is an individual who belongs to your Organization, while an ‘Entitled User’ is a person who was already a member of another Organization at the time they were invited to join yours. Only a User Account (i.e. a member of the organization) may be given the administrator role. An Entitled User may only be given the Creator role.

The question remains: why is there a discrepancy between the number of individuals listed under ‘User accounts’, and the number of individuals listed under ‘Entitled Users’?

This can be attributed to the fact that only Users who belong to your organization are listed under ‘User Accounts’, while members of your organization and Entitled users (who belong to another organization) are listed under the ‘Entitled Users’ tab. Therefore, for a complete list of members in your WA instance, the Entitled Users tab is the most reliable.

The below screen capture shows the differentiation between a User Account and an Entitled User, as seen on the ‘Entitled Users’ tab in SCX.


On the left, the person icon (highlighted in yellow) indicates that the individual is part of your Organization (i.e. a User Account).  If the icon is missing, this user is part of someone else’s organization (i.e. an Entitled User).

On the right side, you’ll notice the entitlement status of the individual as either ‘Assigned’ or ‘Accept Pending’. Users that are shown as ‘Accept Pending’ are those to whom you’ve sent an invitation, but they have not yet accepted that invitation. In the User Accounts tab, these are users with the status, “Invited but not activated”.

Once the individual has successfully accepted the invitation, they will switch to an ‘Assigned’ entitlement status, and an ‘Active’ status in the ‘User Accounts’ tab.

Regardless of the type of user, once activated, the individual has access to the tenant. With the exception of the issue of administration privileges discussed above, the Watson Analytics experience is identical for both Entitled Users and Users Accounts. The difference is largely superficial, and does not need to be addressed unless an Entitled User requires the administrator role. If this is the case, please contact support following the process outlined Here

More Information:

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