What does the message, ‘Delay Loading Data’ mean in #WatsonAnalytics?

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What does the message, ‘Delay Loading Data’ mean in #WatsonAnalytics?



I’ve attempted to upload a large data set to Watson Analytics. After some time, the data tile is showing a message which states: ‘Delay Loading Data’. What exactly does this message mean, and how do I get the message to go away, allowing Watson Analytics to successfully import my data set?


When attempting to upload a data set (local file or data connection), after some processing time you may see the message “Delay loading data” as shown below.


As with any product consuming data, the length of time needed to upload, process, analyze, and load is correlated with the size of the source data being consumed.  With this in mind, as the data grows, so will the overall time required to upload the data to Watson Analytics.

When it is determined that the size of the data set is substantial enough to require a longer than expected time to upload, you will be presented with the notification “Delay loading data”.  This message is by no means an error message but instead a notification.  The notification is an indication to the user that the loading process will continue in the background until the data has loaded successfully. In the meantime, the user is free to work elsewhere in Watson Analytics.

Once the data loading process has completed, the notification will disappear, and the data tile will function as expected.

Manually checking the current status & possible issues

While the delay loading data notification is displayed, the upload process continues in the background.  There is an option presented for the user to retrieve information on the current status of the upload process.  The current status may be obtained by clicking on the information icon displayed at the bottom of the tile which will explain the meaning of the notification.  The expanded information icon also provides the option to ‘Check status’.

Ryan_Image2 Ryan_image3

The ‘Check Status’ option will only prompt a more detailed error message if there is indeed an issue importing the data beyond a simple delay. If the reason for the original ‘Delay Loading Data’ message is solely due to the fact that the large data set is taking a substantial time to upload, tapping ‘Check status’ will revert the tile back to the original message. Watson Analytics simply requires more time to process the upload in this case.

In some rare cases, the ‘Delay Loading Data’ message will remain present for a number of hours.  In such a scenario, it is likely a problem has occurred even if the ‘Check status’ option has not prompted a more detailed error message. There are number of possible reasons for this, such as your secure gateway was disconnected temporarily or permanently during the upload process, or the database hosting the data refused/terminated the connection at some point.

In the event of a problem during the loading process while the “Delay loading data” notification is present, it is possible to click on the tile menu (ellipsis, bottom right corner of tile).  You can then attempt to replace the data to determine if a subsequent import attempt will succeed. Attempting to restart the upload process by using the replace feature allows the user to work around any interruptions that may have occurred during the original upload attempt.

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Should the issue persist at this point, it is recommended that you contact support for further troubleshooting. The support process for our various subscription levels may be found in a previous blog post.