SAMPLE DATA: HR Employee Attrition and Performance

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SAMPLE DATA: HR Employee Attrition and Performance

Watson Analytics Sample Data

Uncover the factors that lead to employee attrition and explore important questions such as ‘show me a breakdown of distance from home by job role and attrition’ or ‘compare average monthly income by education and attrition’. This is a fictional data set created by IBM data scientists.

Sample Data:
Download:  WA_Fn-UseC_-HR-Employee-Attrition.xlsx

Also available directly within Watson Analytics as Employee Performance

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About the data:
1470 rows


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We all ask questions about our data every day. Some questions are about a status or situation. Some are about why something happened. In short, when it comes to data, we want to know what is happening, why it’s happening, and what insights need to be communicated with others. IBM® Watson™ Analytics can help you understand your data, find insights that are hidden in your data and provide you with answers to make confident decisions – all on your own. This tutorial uses sample data to walk you through the skills you need to get started. Each chapter covers a different area of Watson Analytics, from importing data to discovering insights to sharing these insights in a dashboard to social media analytics. Take 15-30 minutes to complete a chapter, or complete the entire tutorial in about 90 minutes. Getting started with IBM Watson Analytics Last updated: 2017-11-22


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