How do I Publish my #WatsonAnalytics Content to the Analytics Exchange?

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How do I Publish my #WatsonAnalytics Content to the Analytics Exchange?


The Analytics Exchange (AE) is a feature which is accessible to users of Watson Analytics. Here, users may browse through a large collection of sample data sets and Expert Storybooks which have been published to the AE by other Watson Analytics subscribers. As these assets are shared publicly, the purpose of the AE is for users to collaborate with one another outside of their respective Watson Analytics tenants.

While all users are encouraged to import assets from the AE into their own tenant, not all users have the ability to publish content to the AE. The AE is accessed from the drop-down arrow located at the top of left corner of the Watson Analytics user interface.


I am a subscriber to Watson Analytics Plus/Professional and I noticed that I have access to the Analytics Exchange. I would like to publish my own content to this public area, but cannot do so as I am not authorized.

How do I publish content (either a data set or an expert storybook) to the Analytics Exchange for public consumption?


Currently, the publisher role is reserved for a select group of Watson Analytics users who are a part of IBM, an IBM business partner, or a customer who has been approved by an IBM representative. Approval is based on the user’s particular business justification for publishing content publicly. To become enabled with a publisher ID on the Analytics Exchange, IBMers, business partners, and customers alike will need to take the following actions:

  1. Contact Watson Analytics support via discussion post, ticket or chat requesting that the publisher role on the Analytics Exchange be enabled for your ID.
  2. The assigned support representative will be required to obtain your business justification, and if adequate, will become the IBMer sponsoring you as a publisher (in the case of Business partners and customers).
  3. You will be provided a document outlining our terms and conditions. Before you become a publisher on the AE, it is crucial that you fully understand and subsequently abide by the terms of the agreement.
  4. Your IBM representative will coordinate with the Analytics Exchange team on your behalf then will confirm with you when you have been given the publisher role.

Once confirmed, you may publish content to the Analytics Exchange. That content can then be viewed by all other subscribers to Watson Analytics, and in the future may be imported into the tenants of other users to derive further findings.

More Information:

Please reiview the relevant Watson Analytics documentation regarding Publishing a Storybook to the AE and Using a Storybook for a more in depth discussion of these issues.