How can I Schedule my Data Set to be Replaced Automatically in #WatsonAnalytics?

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How can I Schedule my Data Set to be Replaced Automatically in #WatsonAnalytics?



I’ve successfully configured a database connection to a relational data source, and have been importing data to my instance of IBM Watson Analytics from there.

Is it possible to schedule a regular replacement of my data, instead of manually doing so each time I would like to update the data set?


If you are using a data connection to bring data in to Watson Analytics from a relational data source, you may choose to define a scheduling event within Watson Analytics to replace your data regularly.

You may choose to schedule your data to be replaced daily, weekly, or monthly.

First, bring in your data from your database. If you need additional information on adding data from a database, please have a look at our recent blog post regarding data connections here

Next, click the ellipsis […] on the data set to open the Options menu.


Choose “Schedule” from the list of options.


You will be presented with the Schedule menu.


Simply fill out the details of when, what time, how frequently, and when to end the schedule. Click Apply to save the event.

If you would like to verify and/or edit the scheduled event, click the user icon -> Account settings -> Scheduled data and you will see the scheduled event(s) that you have created.

From here you can:

  • View the summary of the schedule: the successful, unsuccessful, remaining, and total events.
  • Delete the schedule by tapping the Delete schedule icon.
  • Edit the schedule by tapping Edit. When you are editing the schedule, pause the schedule by tapping Pause. The scheduled data replacements are paused. To resume the schedule, tap Resume.

Automating a local file upload

If you have a local file on your computer that is regularly updated and you would like to automate the process similarly to the process described above for data connections, you can use the Watson Analytics API.

Go to the API Explorer page here to review the documentation and find the sample code for scheduling data replacement of a local file.

More Information

Please review the relevant documentation regarding Scheduling Data Replacement and Taking Ownership of a Schedule