How can I migrate my #WatsonAnalytics tenant to the new experience?

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How can I migrate my #WatsonAnalytics tenant to the new experience?



I registered for Watson Analytics some time ago and use the original interface, Watson Analytics classic. I understand there is a new interface which I would like to access. May I ‘migrate’ my instance of Watson Analytics classic to the new version of the tool?


As many users may have heard, the migration process has begun. Eventually, all instances of Watson Analytics classic will be migrated to Watson Analytics 2.0 although an official sunset date has yet to be set. At this time, our development team is rolling out migrations.

Starting with tenants which include relatively small amounts of data, without Data Connect enabled, and those which do not have Watson Analytics for Social Media added on to the tenant, Watson Analytics classic administrators will begin to notice a banner at the top of the UI which indicates migration is available. Clicking this banner will prompt the administrator to queue their tenant for migration. During the next available maintenance window (see maintenance schedule here), the Watson Analytics classic tenant will be migrated to the new Watson Analytics user interface.

More information

Please review the following documentation for a more in depth discussion of the migration process, as well as tips for users to prepare for migration, once enabled.