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Can I Export Data from #WatsonAnalytics?


I’ve successfully uploaded a data set into my instance of Watson Analytics and have leveraged the various aspects of the ‘Refine’ portion of the tool in order to derive further insights from my data (Calculations, Hierarchies, Data Groups, etc.) I’ve been able to use this refined data set to build Discoveries and Display Dashboards, but would like to export the refined data to use outside of Watson Analytics. How can I export a data set from Watson Analytics?


The ability to export a data set from Watson Analytics in order for it to be downloaded to a user’s local machine is a feature which has been highly requested by our customers. We are happy to say that this feature has now been implemented. Users may now export data sets which include any refinements the user may have made to them. Below is a description of the procedure to do so.

Under the Data tab in Watson Analytics, identify the asset which you would like to export to your local machine (Note that the asset will be exported in .csv format). Tap the ellipsis at the bottom right hand corner of the data tile, then choose ‘Export’.


The next prompt will inform you of the version of the data which is to be exported; that is, the data as it exists at the date and time of export. Tap ‘Export’ to proceed.

At this point many users note that nothing happens – the export appears to have failed or stalled. In fact, Watson Analytics is processing the request. Depending on the speed of your environment, this process may take several seconds. You will then notice a new notification in the top right hand corner of the Watson Analytics UI. Tap the notification icon, then tap the text of the new notification informing you that your asset is ready to be exported.


You will then notice that the file is immediately downloaded in .csv format. You will notice that the data exists exactly as it did within Watson Analytics. This file may now be used for further analysis outside of Watson Analytics.

More Information:

Please review the following documentation for a more in depth discussion of Exporting Data from Watson Analytics.