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Applying filters in a Watson Analytics dashboard

There’s a few different ways to apply filters to your visualizations in a dashboard. Here’s an overview of the different types of filters and how they work.

You can filter visualizations in your dashboard in three main ways:

  • Filter all visualizations in your dashboard
  • Filter one visualization based on a column in the visualization (Keep/Exclude)
  • Filter one visualization based on a column not in the visualization (Local Filter)

What’s Filtered Right Now?
To get started, here’s a quick way to check filter status.

TIP: Click the Filter Status icon in a visualization to see the current filtering that is applied.

Wins Losses by Reg #1

Applying a global filter across all visualizations in the dashboard
Use the data tray to configure a filter that applies to all visualizations in the view. This type of filter applies across all the tabs in the view for any visualization that uses that same data set.

Click on a column title in the data tray and then click the filter icon.

sales opp #2

Select your filter criteria and then click away from the filter menu to close it.

find patterns #3

Here’s an example of a global filter for the Region column set to only “Mid-Atlantic” and “Northeast”.

TIP: The blue line above a column in the data tray means that column has a global filter.

find patterns #4

Filter a single visualization using the Keep/Exclude option
Use the Keep/Exclude filter to display or hide specific data points in a visualization. A data point can be an element or data point displayed in the visualization. For example, a bar in a bar chart, a bubble in a bubble chart, an item in a legend or an item on an axis.

Right-click one or more data points in a visualization and then choose Keep or Exclude.

number of wins #5

The filter is applied to that visualization only. The other visualizations in the view do not update.

number of wins #6

After setting a filter, you can click the Filter Status icon in the visualization to see the current filter status.

number of Wins #7

Tip: This type of filter can also be configured in the column panel when you edit a visualization.

Sales Opps #8

Filter a single visualization for a column not displayed
Use the Local filter option to slice your data on a column that’s not displayed in a visualization. This type of filter is available only for visualizations you create in Assemble and does not update any other visualizations in your view.

1.Change the view into Edit mode and then click the Expand icon for the visualization.
2.Drag the column you want to filter on from the data tray to the Local filters option.
3.Select or type the criteria for the filter, and then click away from the filter pane.
4.Click the Collapse icon to return to the view.

Sales Opp #9

To verify the filter, click the filter icon on the border of the visualization.

Sales Opp #10

For more information and details see the following resources:

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