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Analyze NFL data for the big game

How do New England and Seattle stack up?

Get stats you can use for deeper analytics insight into 2014 National Football League regular and post season data, graciously provided by SportsData LLC. In addition to the SportsDataLLC NFL 2014 Offensive Stats.csv, already provided in Watson Analytics, two new data files are now available just in time for the big championship game:

Simply download the two data files, and then log in to Watson Analytics and add them using the addbuttonbutton to start exploring.  

You can use this data in Explore and Assemble to understand the performance of your favorite players or team. For example, this analysis was created using the Assemble capabilities. We used the player data set and filtered to analyze only the Super Bowl teams.  

Please note that we removed some fields available from the SportsDataLLC feed, so results in Predict are not likely to be highly accurate. Enjoy the game and dazzle your friends with impressive knowledge of the players and teams!



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