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Now that you are using Watson Analytics to get answers from your data, understand your business and think ahead, the challenges you’ve had to overcome might be fading into a distant memory.

With those challenges mostly in the past, they might actually seem funny. So, IBM has enlisted the help of famous “marketoonist” Tom Fishburne ( to create a series of humorous cartoons based on analytics frustrations.

But, we need the help of Watson Analytics users. We would like the focus of those cartoons to be real analytics struggles that people encountered before Watson Analytics.

So, we encourage you to visit and share your stories. It’s very possible that, in the future, one or more could be featured on that page as the latest Watson Analytics cartoon.

If you aren’t using Watson Analytics yet, what are you waiting for? Register at, and start resolving your challenges. And, you are always welcome to submit your story for cartoons.