Thank you for visiting the Support resource area of the IBM Planning Analytics Community. When you need assistance to understand a particular feature or have encountered a technical issue, here are some guidelines to finding help.


The forum is where you can interact with the global community of Planning Analytics users, including members of the IBM Planning Analytics product management, development, and support teams.

Search the posted topics to see whether someone has already:

  • asked a question you have
  • shared their thoughts about using Planning Analytics
  • described an enhancement they’d like to see
  • reported a technical issue they’ve encountered while using Planning Analytics.

Then join the conversation or start a new discussion yourself:

There may be situations where you will require more immediate attention from IBM due to business impact and for those situations you can create a support ticket directly from a forum topic.

Hours of Operation

  • IBM Planning Analytics Community, including Discussions: 24 x 7
  • IBM Client Success Portal: 24 x 7
    • Electronic support tickets: Our Planning Analytics support team aims to respond to your support tickets based on the severity you assign and the impact to your business. Please review the IBM Software as a Service [SaaS] Support Handbook for further details.