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Video: Overview: Scriptable reports (11.0.4+)

Using four examples, this is an overview of how to add JavaScript to your reports in IBM Cognos Analytics 11.0.4 and above. There is a new API that supports and expands the existing Prompt API and more. JavaScript is stored in a file and can be shared across reports.

You can download detailed technical documentation that describes the new APIs.

There is a new set of samples for Scriptable Reports for 11.0.5. These samples are installed by default in an Easy installation, and are an option in a Custom installation. You can find them here: <Cognos installation directory>\samples\JavaScript\

For your convenience, you can also obtain the samples here. Download the following three files:
1. Follow these setup instructions. If you are using a Gateway, please read Step 6 carefully!
2. Unzip and place these javascript files.
3. Import this report deployment.

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