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New Base Samples for IBM #Cognos Analytics 11.0.12

There are two types of samples that have been created exclusively for IBM Cognos Analytics.

The Extended Samples require the use of a database and database connections to host the sample Great Outdoors data. They must be installed and configured. Here are the instructions for installing the Extended samples.

We have also created a set of Base Samples in a deployment that can be easily imported in one step. These samples exclusively use Data Modules as their underlying data sources (no cubes, databases, or packages). Here is a video that explains how to find and import the deployment file.

After you import the deployment, you will see the following new Base Samples:

Team content > Samples > Dashboards

Storm events
This sample dashboard showcases the new custom polygon mapping functionality in the context of storm event data. You can read the full details in this Blog post.

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