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IBM Cognos Analytics Long Term Support Release (LTS)

IBM is pleased to announce that the upcoming version 11.0.13 of IBM Cognos Analytics will be a Long Term Support (LTS) release. This release will provide standard support for two years with an available one year extended support option to provide coverage for a total of three years. IBM will provide defect corrections, security patches and select conformance updates on Cognos Analytics 11.0.13 as needed during the supported period. The capabilities and feature set within this release will remain stable and unchanged to allow a consistent experience over the length of the supported lifecycle.

IBM will maintain a separate continuous delivery stream by continuing to release on regular cadence. The continuous delivery releases will include new features, defect corrections and conformance updates.

LTS versions are planned to be released on an 18-month cadence to ensure that there will be a 6-month overlap for LTS versions. This staggered release schedule will ensure customers and partners have adequate lead time to plan their move between LTS releases and manage their upgrade.

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