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Cognos Analytics – MapBox Usage Notes

When Maps are rendered in Cognos Analytics they usilize  MapBox technology, which is cloud-hosted.

Frequently asked questions
1- How does CA communicate with MapBox?
2- All communication with MapBox is done over HTTP Secure (HTTPS) on the standard port (443). In instances where MapBox provides RESTful endpoints as a return from a request, these are also HTTPS endpoints.

Endpoints within MapBox that are accessed:



What communicates with MapBox?
Each client machine where CA is running will need access to the MapBox endpoints. The map rendering is undertaken in code which runs on each user’s browser.

What Data is exchanged with MapBox?
All data value matching occurs within the client session using client-side code : no data values are sent to MapBox. No column names are sent to MapBox.

For the Custom Regions and Custom Points feature we gather 3 properties for use in map generation. The MapBox “Map ID” is passed within HTTPS calls to MapBox to retrieve map information. The “Layer name” and “Property name” properties are only used locally within the client code.