Announcement Letter Number 183-129 dated October 18, 1983
US - Last Revised on October 18, 1983

Brief Description of Announcement, Charges, and Availability

Customer Letter Section

       The IBM 3270 Personal Computer (3270-PC) combines the
host-interactive functions of the 3270 Information Display System
and the computing power and versatility of the IBM Personal
Computer. The 3270-PC can operate with up to seven concurrent
sessions: four 3270-type sessions, two local notepad sessions,
and one IBM PC DOS 2.0 session. The 3270-PC can display each
session or part of a session on the display at any location the
user chooses. The 3270-PC can be used in the IBM Information
       The IBM PC DOS 2.0 session permits the operation of
non-APA graphics IBM Personal Computer applications that use or
observe IBM PC DOS 2.0 and BIOS protocols and conventions. (See
the Technical Reference Manual for the IBM Personal Computer, PN
       The 3270-PC File Transfer licensed programs when installed
in VM/SP or MVS/TSO host systems can be used with the 3270-PC
Control Program for transferring files to or from the host.
       The 3270 Personal Computer is available in several
configurations consisting of:
.  5271 System Unit Model 2, 4, or 6
.  5151 Monochrome or 5272 Color Display
.  3270-PC Control Program
.  IBM PC DOS 2.0
.  5152 Graphics Printer (optional)
       The 5271 standard models include:
       5271 Model 2
.  256KB RAM (expandable to 640KB)
.  5151/5272 Display Adapter
.  5271 keyboard
.  3270-PC Keyboard/Timer Adapter
.  One Dual-Sided Diskette Drive and Adapter
.  3270 System Adapter
.  BASIC 2.0 Reference Manual and Binder
.  3270-PC Guide to Operations
.  3270-PC Maintenance Information
       5271 Model 4
.  5271 Model 2 features, plus
.  64/256KB Memory Expansion Option (with 64KB for 320KB total)
.  Printer Adapter for a 5152 Graphics Printer
.  Second Dual-Sided Diskette Drive
       5271 Model 6
.  5271 Model 2 features, plus
.  64/256KB Memory Expansion Option (with 64KB for 320KB total)
.  One 10MB Fixed Disk and Fixed Disk Adapter
.  Printer adapter for a 5152 Graphics Printer
       The 5272 Color Display includes
.  Line cord
.  Color display stand
       The IBM 5271 using the 3270-PC Control Program and IBM PC
DOS 2.0 provides the following:
.  Concurrent operation of up to four host interactive sessions,
   up to two local notepad sessions, and one IBM PC DOS 2.0
.  Base 3270 (four-color) or 3270 extended data stream
   (eight-color, Distributed Function Terminal mode only) support
.  Two host-interactive modes, set during 3270-PC and 3274
   -   Distributed Function Terminal mode: one to four sessions
       (or LUs) emulating any model 3178, 3278 (except Models 2A
       and 5), or 3279 (except Model 2C) via a 3274 with
       configuration support T or D
   -   Control Unit Terminal mode: one session (or LU) emulating
       a 3178, 3278 Model 2, or 3279 Model S2A via either:
       .   3274, any model and configuration support
       .   4321, 4331, or 4361 Display/Printer Adapter
.  Advanced screen management, including the ability for the user
   -   Define user-controlled display area (up to 2,000
       characters) to allow viewing all or part of a presentation
       space; a presentation space is a logical representation of
       a host (up to 3440 characters) or local (2,000 characters)
   -   View through a window on the display screen selected
       portions or all of the application presentation spaces
       that have been defined
   -   Move the window to any location on the display screen
   -   Move the window to any location within the presentation
   -   Alter the size of a window, permitting various
       combinations of concurrent applications to be seen
   -   Define the foreground and background color for host
       session windows not using extended data stream attributes
   -   Define the background color for the 5272 screen
   -   Select base-color (3279 four-color) mode
   -   Define combinations of windows in up to ten logical
.  Copy a block of data within or between any presentation space,
   except to the IBM PC DOS 2.0 presentation space
.  Keystroke record/play function to capture often used keystroke
   entries for later storage and playback
.  Save and restore (using IBM PC DOS 2.0) the current 5271 and
   3270-PC Control Program environment, including screen
   profiles, keystroke recordings, and notepad presentation
.  File transfer (host to and from a 3270-PC file) in ASCII,
   binary, or EBCDIC data format
.  One IBM PC DOS 2.0 session using software which observes IBM
   PC DOS 2.0 and BIOS protocols and conventions (APA graphics is
   not available)
.  One or two local notepad sessions to copy or save data from
   other sessions, personal notes, or general scratch-pad use
.  5271 keyboard
   -   3270 host keytop graphics printed in black
   -   Keytops unique to IBM Personal Computer operations printed
       in blue
   -   Thin, coiled cable
   -   Adjustable slope
.  5272 Color Display Unit: 1,920 characters for host and notepad
   sessions, 2,000 characters for IBM PC DOS 2.0 session
.  IBM Personal Computer function in native mode, except APA
.  Use of other IBM Personal Computer options with IBM PC DOS 2.0
.  Print to the 3270-PC attached printer or 3274 attached printer
   -   Screen copy to the 3270-PC attached printer
   -   IBM Personal Computer full screen (presentation space) to
       the 3270-PC attached printer
   -   Host full screen (presentation space) to 3274 attached
       printer or 4321, 4331, or 4361 Display/Printer Adapter
       attached terminal printer.
.  Ease-of-use functions
   -   Operator information area (OIA)
   -   Message line - user prompt area
   -   Help function - displays active workstation control
       functions and sessions
   -   Online Tutorial - explains the capabilities and functions
       of the 3270-PC and simulates workstation functions. (The
       tutorial can be run in a standard IBM Personal Computer
       with a Dual Sided Diskette and IBM PC DOS 2.0.)
.  Alert function (host sessions only)
.  Response time monitor (Control Unit Terminal mode only)
.  Maintenance utilities
   -   Hardware diagnostics
   -   Trace
   -   Error handler service
   -   Dump facility
       The 3270-PC will have general availability in first
quarter 1984.
       New screen-management functions are incorporated in the
3270-PC Control Program to allow the user to select screen
configurations efficiently, manipulate and interact with
displayed information, and manage screen presentations.  See
Product Announcement on 3270-PC Control Program dated October 18,
       The 3270-PC is data stream compatible (implicit partition
only) with any model 3178, 3278 (except Models 2A and 5), or 3279
(except Model 2C) in alphameric application environments; no
programming changes are required of current alphameric
applications if the hardware features used on the 3270 are
available on the 3270-PC.
       The 3270-PC in Control Unit Terminal mode attaches to a
3274, any model and configuration support, or a 4321 with specify
code #9843, 4331 with specify code #9843, or 4361 Display/Printer
Adapter. In Distributed Function Terminal mode, it attaches to a
3274 with configuration support T or D using one physical port
and from one to four logical addresses.
       The 3270-PC provides new levels of 3270 usage through the
following functions:
       Concurrent multiple screen capability: The viewing area
can be configured to display all or part of up to four host
interactive sessions, two local notepad sessions, and one IBM PC

DOS 2.0 session at any location on the display screen. Each
session is represented within the 3270-PC as a presentation
       Multiple interactive sessions: The user may log-on to an
application, multiple applications, or multiple systems. Each
presentation space, configured as any model 3278 (except Models
1, 2A, and 5) or 3279 (except Model 2C), acts like a separate
3270 display station, referred to as a logical terminal. The
3270-PC permits up to four host logical terminals to be operable
simultaneously in one 3270-PC using one 3274 port.
       Multiple screen-copy capability: A portion of a
presentation space can be copied into another presentation space,
except into the IBM Personal Computer presentation space.
       Screen management:  The 3270-PC brings to the user a new
level of screen management using multiple viewing areas. Each
session is represented by a presentation space. The user can view
through a window on the display screen the portion of an
application's presentation space. The size of the window can be
any size from one character up to the maximum size of the display
screen or presentation space, whichever is smaller. In addition,
the user can independently move the window to any location on the
display screen or presentation space. The user can define up to
ten combinations of windows, configured in any way, and cause any
one combination to be displayed on the screen at any time.
       When all sessions are operating, the user can interact
with only one at a time. The interactive session is defined as
the session to which the keyboard is logically connected and is
displayed "on top" of the other windows.
       In addition, the user can cause the active window to be
the sole window displayed, up to either the screen or
presentation space size, whichever is smaller.
       The multiple-session capabilities of the 3270-PC are
transparent to host applications when existing 3270 application
formats are used. This transparency allows the 3270-PC to operate
as compatible 3270 display(s) without reprogramming host
       Sessions requiring screens larger than 1920 characters
will require scrolling to view the entire presentation space.
       Graphics:  The 3270-PC allows IBM PC DOS 2.0 applications
that use character graphics (e.g., all that can be shown on the
5151 monochrome display) to run.
       Technical Information
       Specified Operating Environment
       Compatibility:  The 3270-PC is an extension to the IBM
3270 Information Display System. It provides 3270 data stream
compatibility (single partition) with the 3270 displays. There
are operational differences in terms of the screen management
facilities, the new keyboard, methods of highlighting, and
peripheral device attachment. For performance information, see
the "Performance" section of this announcement.
       The following paragraphs briefly describe the
compatibility characteristics of the 3270-PC and its companion
       Hardware Requirements:  The 3270-PC attaches to System/370
processors and processor complexes and 30XX processors via a 3274
and to the 4321, 4331, or 4361 systems via a Display/Printer
Adapter (Control Unit Terminal mode only) or via a 3274. All
attachment environments are supported; i.e., SNA local channel,
non-SNA local channel, synchronous data link control (SDLC)
remote, and binary synchronous control (BSC) remote. Attachment
to the 3274 is by coax cable.
       The 3274 models and configuration support:  Table A
identifies the 3274 models and configuration support required for
the 3270-PC.
       Table A - 3274 Models and Configuration Support
3274 Model:       1B   1A,C,D       1A,C,D
                 21B   21A,C,D
                                   31A,C,D     31A,C,D
                           51C         51C         51C
<Storage>      <64K>     <64K>      <128K>      <192K>
5271 Mode
Control Unit
   Terminal Mode   A       A,B     A,B,C,T           D
Control Unit
   Terminal or
   Terminal Mode                        T*          D*
*  Configuration support T must be at release level 31 or higher
   and configuration support D at release level 61 or higher.
       The following RPQs in the 3274 Control Unit are not
allowed when a 3270-PC operating in Control Unit Terminal mode is
attached; they relate to keyboard changes: 8K0809 8K0931 8K0949
8K0988 8K1011 8K1012 8K1013 8K1037 8K1056 8K1057 8K1134 8K1159
8K1160 8K1162 8K1163 8K1169 8K1170 8K1195 8K1198.
       The multiple logical terminal facility of the 3270-PC
allows the user to designate up to four terminal addresses in a
single 3270-PC. This requires one physical and four logical
addresses for one physical port in the 3274 Control Unit. When
planning installation of the 3270-PC, consideration must be given
to the number of logical and physical addresses that are to be
used compared to the maximum number of addresses and ports that
are available. The number of addresses and ports available is
dependent on the model of 3274 and the method of system
       When the 3274 has 3270-PCs attached that are operating in
Distributed Function Terminal mode, Table B specifies the maximum
number of 3270-PC logical terminals that can be attached to the
       Table B - Maximum Number 3270-PC Logical Terminals on a
3274       System              Max. No.
Model      Attachment          Terminals
1A         Channel, SNA            128
1C         TP SDLC                 128
           TP BSC                   32
1D         Channel, Non-SNA         32
31A        Channel, SNA            128
31C        TP SDLC                 128
           TP BSC                   32
31D        Channel, Non-SNA         32
41A        Channel, SNA            128
41C        TP SDLC                 128
           TP BSC                   32
41D        Channel, Non-SNA         32
51C        TP SDLC                  36
           TP BSC                   32
61C        TP SDLC                  76
           TP BSC                   32
       Category "B" terminal restrictions:  Category "B"
terminals (e.g., 3277 Display Stations) cannot be used on the
same 3274 when the 3274 is customized to support 3270-PCs
operating in Distributed Function Terminal mode.
       The 3274 attached printers support the 3270-PC with local
copy print capability. Host-initiated copy is in SNA mode only;
user-initiated copy is in either SNA or non-SNA mode.
       The SNA Character String (SCS), specify #9660, is required
in the 3287.
       3270-PC Options: The 5271 System Unit when used with IBM
PC DOS 2.0 is capable of using many IBM Personal Computer
options. The number of expansion slots available for these
options are identified in the following table:

Slot   Option                      Standard Model
                               2       4       6
1      3270 System adapter     X       X       X
2      64/256KB  expansion             X       X
4      Display adapter         X       X       X
5      Fixed Disk adapter                      X
6      Diskette Drive adapter  X       X       X
7      Printer adapter                 X       X
8      Keyboard adapter        X       X       X
       Note: Slots 1 through 6 are long slots; 7 and 8, short.
       The following IBM Personal Computer options may be ordered
with the 5271:
.  Asynchronous Communications Adapter (2074, PN 1502074)
.  Communications Adapter Cable (2067, PN 1502067)
.  Printer Adapter (5200, PN 1505200)
.  Printer Cable (5612, PN 1525612)
.  64/256KB Memory Expansion Option (1013, PN 1501013)
.  64KB Memory Module Kit (1003, PN 1501003)
.  10MB Fixed Disk (2500, PN 1602500)
.  Fixed Disk Adapter (2501, PN 1602501)
.  Dual-Sided Diskette Drive (3810, PN 1503810)
       Although the Dual-Sided Diskette Drive and the 10MB Fixed
Disk and Fixed Disk Adapter are IBM Personal Computer options
that may be ordered with the 3270-PC, it is expected that
new-unit orders will be placed for the appropriate configuration.
       Software Requirements: The 3270-PC is data stream
compatible with today's IBM 3270 displays in alphameric
application environments.  Existing alphameric applications will
run on the 3270-PC unmodified (in their current screen size). No
programming changes are required of current alphameric
applications unless the program is affected by 3274 Control Unit
configuration restrictions (e.g., no category "B" terminals) or
required hardware functions not available with the 3270-PC (e.g.,
magnetic readers, encryption/decryption, programmed symbols,
APL/TEXT characters, or unsupported screen sizes).
       The 3270-PC will accept 3270 data streams and in
Distributed Function Terminal mode supports extended
highlighting. The multiple screen facilities of the 3270-PC can
be used without any modification of system software.
       The following table identifies the storage increments
required for the several 3270-PC Control Program functions.
Function                               Storage Increment
Choose one
   Control Unit Terminal mode               94,116 bytes
   Distributed Function Terminal
       Non-SNA mode                        145,828 bytes
       SNA mode                            156,708 bytes
Add for each session,
   (maximum of four)
   1920 characters, base (4-color)           1,968 bytes
   1920 characters, EDS (8-color)            3,888 bytes
   2560 characters, base (4-color)           2,624 bytes
   2560 characters, EDS (8-color)            5,184 bytes
   3440 characters, base (4-color)           3,526 bytes
   3440 characters, EDS (8-color)            6,966 bytes
Add for each notepad session,
   (maximum of two)                          3,840 bytes
For local applications, add
   IBM Personal Computer session
       (maximum of one)                      2,000 bytes
   IBM PC DOS 2.0                           24,000 bytes
       The balance of the storage capacity is available for local
application use. The 3270-PC applications that run under IBM PC
DOS 2.0 have the following application storage requirements:
Save/restore                                 8,320 bytes
File transfer                               15,870 bytes
Patch                                        6,656 bytes
Tutorial                                    25,088 bytes
       Note: Local applications may require additional storage.
       Planning Information
       Customer Responsibilities: The customer is responsible
.  Adequate site, system, and other vendor preparation
.  Receipt at customer's receiving dock, unpacking, and placement
   of the unit
.  Physical setup, connection of cables in customer access areas,
   switch settings, and checkout
.  Contacting an IBM customer service coordinator for attachment
   of the 5271 communication cable to an on-site serviced IBM
   control unit where customer access area is not provided
.  Customizing the 3270-PC and 3274 (see 3274 Customizing Guide,
.  Determination of the required number of spares
.  Performing Customer Problem Analysis and Resolution (CPAR)
.  Testing other IBM Personal Computer options not included with
   the 3270-PC to assure viability; IBM does not accept any
   responsibility for them
       Spare blank diskettes must be ordered by the customer as
       Installation:  The 3270-PC is a customer set-up system. It
attaches to one terminal port and may have up to four addresses
associated with it in the 3274, depending on the application. The
3270-PC is 3270 compatible in alphameric application
environments; current alphameric applications will run
       Performance:  When a 3270-PC is connected to a local
channel control unit (3274-31A, -31D, -41A, -41D) in Control Unit
Terminal mode, an increase in system response time of about 100
ms may be experienced when running base data stream applications
when compared with a 3278 display.
       During file transfers in Control Unit Terminal mode, a
noticeable impact on the response times of other terminals
connected to the same local-channel control unit may be
experienced. The duration of the delays is dependent upon the
file size and frequency of transfers. The 3270-PC File Transfer
licensed program transfers files in 2000-byte blocks to minimize
the impact on the network that large file transfers might have.
       Limitations:  The following 3270 capabilities are not
available in the 3270-PC:
.  3278 Model 5
.  3270 diagnostic reset dump
.  3274 Entry Assist feature
.  APL/TEXT character set
.  Base (four-color) color copy to the 3274 attached printer
.  Binary Synchronous Copy Command
.  Explicit partitions
.  Graphics escape
.  Katakana
.  Keyboard clicker
.  Keyboard types
.  Magnetic Reader Control and accessories
.  Monocase switch
.  Numeric lock
.  Port 0 customization function of the 3274 Control Unit
.  Programmed Symbols
.  RPQs
.  Security keylock
.  Selector light-pen
.  Video output
       The following capabilities are available only in Control
Unit Terminal mode:
.  Category "B" terminals (e.g., 3277 Display Stations) used on
       the same 3274 Control Unit
.  Encryption/decryption
.  Response time monitor
.  Port O operation is permitted only with ALT IML of the 3274
       The following IBM Personal Computer features or options
are not allowed in the 3270-PC:
.  IBM Personal Computer keyboard
.  Monochrome Display and Printer Adapter
.  Color/Graphics Monitor Adapter
       Note: Other IBM Personal Computer options and programs may
be usable, but need to be tested by the user to assure viability;
IBM does not accept any responsibility for them.
       Applications running in the IBM PC DOS 2.0 session must
.  Use interrupt vectors X'50' through X'57'
.  Reprogram the 8259 Interrupt Controller
.  Access storage addresses above the interrupt level 12 pointer
       in BIOS, except to reference the IBM Personal Computer
       display refresh buffer
.  Disable interrupts, fail to issue an end-of-interrupt or IRET
       on a hardware interrupt level, or mask selected interrupt
       levels for more than 100 ms.
.  Issue instructions to an IBM Personal Computer display adapter
       6845 CRT Controller; they will be ineffectual.
.  Include APA graphics statements
.  Use IBM PC DOS 2.0 print spooling
       Technical Assistance: Customers who have signed a PC
Volume Purchase Amendment (VPA) may designate from one to three
technical coordinators who may contact the Personal Computing

Assistance Center (PCAC) for usage assistance. The usage
assistance is available for the duration of the contract period.
       Customer technical coordinators may participate in an
education program administered by the PCAC. The education may be
self-study or conducted in a classroom at a PCAC selected IBM
       Customers who purchase less than the VPA minimum quantity
of the IBM Personal Computer system units may mail usage
questions to:
   IBM Personal Computing Assistance Center
   Department 93W/235
   901 Northwest 51st Street
   Boca Raton, Florida 33432
       Mail-in assistance will not be withdrawn before June 1985.
       Security, Auditability, and Control
       The non-display field control allows the password (or
other sensitive data) not to be shown on the command line.
       For transmission of sensitive data on public
communications facilities, customer management may wish to
examine the use of cryptography. Internal encryption/decryption
is not available.
       The 3270-PC supports the security features of the
operating systems which control communications with the host
       Customer management is responsible for the selection,
application, adequacy and implementation of these features and
for the appropriate application and administrative controls.
       The following publications will be available prior to
3270-PC availability:
.  IBM 3274 Control Unit Customizing Guide (GA23-0065)
.  IBM 3274 Control Unit Planning, Setup, and Customizing Guide
       The availability of the following publications will be
announced in a PRL (see your IBM marketing representative):
.  An Introduction to the IBM 3270 Information Display System
.  3270-PC Guide to Operations (SA23-0101)
.  3270-PC Control Program User's Guide and Reference (SC23-0103)
.  3270-PC On-Line Tutorial (SA23-0163)
.  3270-PC Maintenance Information (SY27-2567)
.  IBM 3270 Information Display System Installation Manual
   Physical Planning (GA27-2787)
.  IBM 3270 Information Display System Library User's Guide
.  IBM 3274 Control Unit Description and Programmer's Guide
.  IBM 3274 Control Unit Planning and Site Preparation
.  IBM 3274 Control Unit Performance Guidelines (ZZ20-4167)
       Charges, Terms, and Conditions
Type/Model             Feature         Purchase
5271/2 with keyboard                   $4,290
5271/4 with keyboard                    5,319
5271/6 with keyboard                    7,180
5272                                      995
                       5730 (keyboard)    295+
+  Price if ordered separately.
Special Features
                           Feature     Part        Purchase
                           Number      Number      Price
Asynchronous Communications
   Adapter                 2074        1502074         *
Communications Adapter
   Cable                   2067        1502067         *
Printer Adapter            5200        1505200         *
Printer Cable              5612        1525612         *
64/256KB Memory
   Expansion Option        1013        1501013         *
64KB Memory Module
   Kit                     1003        1500013         *
10MB Fixed Disk            2500        1602500         *
Fixed Disk Adapter         2501        1602501         *
Dual-Sided Diskette
   Drive                   3810        1503810         *
       *   See your IBM marketing representative who will refer
           to the IBM Personal Computer Sales Manual pages on
                               Maintenance Charges
                       Annual      Warranty Extension
                   (A)     (E)         (A)     (E)
5271 Model 2       $244    $378        $184    $294
   Base unit
   with keyboard
5271 Model 4       $330    $511        $249    $411
   Base unit
   with keyboard
5271 Model 6       $466    $723        $350    $598
   Base unit
   with keyboard
                   (A) (B) (C) (D)     (A) (B) (C) (D)
5272               $65 $55 $70 $90     $49 $41 $53 $68
                   Repair Center
                   Minimum Use Charge
5271 Model 2       $80
   Base unit
   with keyboard
5271 Model 4        80
   Base unit
   with keyboard
5271 Model 6        80
   Base unit
   with keyboard
5272                80
(A)    Customer carry-in repair (#9821)
(B)    Customer carry-in exchange (#9816)
(C)    Customer on-site exchange (#9824)
(D)    IBM on-site exchange (#9830)
(E)    IBM on-site repair (#9797)
       Terms and Conditions
       Customer Setup: Yes. IBM setup is available at IBM hourly
rates and minimum charges.
       Purchase only.
       Volume purchase agreement (VPA) available for system units
or display units:
.  The 5271 is in the same category as the IBM Personal Computer
   system unit (Category A)
.  The 5272 is in the same category as the IBM Personal Computer
   display units (Category C)
.  The discount for any mix of units in a category is:
   Quantity            Discount
   0-19                     0%
   20-49                   12%
   50-149                  16%
   150-249                 20%
   250-499                 24%
   500-999                 27%
   1000+                   30%
   Additional IBM Personal Computer hardware features
   incorporated in and ordered with the 5271 receive the same
   discount as the 5271.
.  12-month schedule.
.  End-user certification; no resale.
.  Three-month warranty
   -   IBM On-site service* (5271 and 5272)
   -   Nine-month warranty extension available
       Note: The IBM Personal Computer elements of the
       workstation may have a different warranty. These
       warranties may be upgraded to on-site service for an
       additional charge.
       Maintenance offering:
.  Annual service offerings* (Amendment for IBM Service/Exchange
   Center Services and IBM Maintenance Agreement)
   -   Customer Carry-In Repair (5271 and 5272) -- The customer
       will deliver the failing machine to a designated IBM
       service/exchange center and, when it is repaired, pick up
       and return the repaired machine to the customer's
       location, connect it, and verify its operation.
   -   Customer Carry-In Exchange (5272) -- IBM will have an
       exchange machine available for the customer at a
       designated IBM service/exchange center. The customer will
       deliver the failing machine to the IBM center, pick up the
       exchange machine, and take it to the customer's location,
       connect it, and verify its operation.
   -   Customer On-Site Exchange (5272) -- IBM will have an
       exchange machine delivered to the customer's location. The
       customer will disconnect the failing machine, connect the
       exchange machine, and verify its operation. The customer
       will follow IBM's instructions regarding the return of the
       failing machine; the return will be at IBM's expense.
   -   IBM On-Site Exchange* (5272) -- IBM will disconnect the
       failing machine, connect the exchange machine, verify its
       operation, and remove the failing machine from the
       customer's location.
   -   IBM On-Site Repair* (5271) -- IBM will repair the failing
       machine at the customer's location and verify its
       operation. The 5271 keyboard will be repaired or exchanged

       at IBM's option.
   *   Service means exchange or repair at IBM's option. Service
       is available only during normal IBM business hours at the
       machine's location. On-site service is available in all
   Note: In the above carry-in offerings, the customer, in lieu
   of delivery, may ship the failing machine prepaid in the
   original shipping container, or equivalent, to a designated
   IBM service/exchange center and, upon request, IBM will ship
   the exchange or repaired machine back prepaid to the customer
   locations within the United States and Puerto Rico.
.  Time and materials service may be obtained by calling the
   Service/Exchange Communications Center's toll free number
   800-428-2569. From Hawaii or Alaska, call collect (312)
   986-7451. The center will direct customer to carry or mail the
   failing unit to the nearest service/exchange center offering
   time and material repair.
       Employee collegiate program does not apply.
       Educational allowance of 20% or the VPA may be selected;
they are mutually exclusive.