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Announcement Letter Number ZP86-0278 dated June 17, 1986
Europe Middle East Africa - Last Revised on June 17, 1986

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*  IBM PROGRAMMING INFORMATION                      JUNE 1986   *
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*  IBM PROGRAMMING INFORMATION                                  *
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* This document is provided as general customer information     *
* only. IBM products and services which are announced and       *
* available in your country can be ordered under the applicable *
* standard agreements, terms, conditions and prices in effect   *
* at the time. For further information please contact your      *
* local IBM representative.                                     *
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o 5669-061
The   IBM  6150  Micro  Computer  Advanced Interactive  Executive
(AIX)(7)   Operating     System     Version     1.1      provides
performance      and  functional   enhancements,   as   well   as
service   updates to  Version 1.0  of  the   IBM  AIX   Operating
System.       Version   1.1  includes   shared   libraries,   the
Advanced Display  Graphics Support   Library,     enhancements to
the    C  compiler   and  Usability  Services, and   support  for
Transmission    Control  Protocol/Internet     Protocol (TCP/IP),
allowing   the  IBM system  to  directly  attach to  an  Internet
network   (such   as  Ethernet  (8)).     Also,     the  set   of
graphics  devices   drivers announced  on January  21, 1986  as a
part of   the  IBM  6150   Micro  Computer   Graphics Development
Toolkit are now provided with the AIX Operating System.
(7)   AIX is a trademark of  International  Business  Machines
(8)   Trademark of Xerox, Inc.
o Shared Libraries
- Allows  applications  to  share  a  single  in-memory  copy  of
user-written routines
- Minimizes    need    for   redundant    copies    of     common
- Can reduce memory and disk requirements
- Can   improve   performance   in   some  high  usage multi-user
o Advanced Display Graphics Support Library
- A set  of   graphics  primitives  for  the   IBM  6153 Advanced
Monochrome   Graphics  Display,  the   IBM  6154  Advanced  Color
Graphics  Display,  and   the    IBM   6155  Extended  Monochrome
Graphics Display
- Device independent function set
- Programming interfaces to C, FORTRAN 77, and Pascal
o Graphics device drivers
- Device drivers  to support  most 6150  Micro Computer  Graphics
displays, printers, and plotters
- Equivalent to device  drivers announced with the   IBM Graphics
Development Toolkit
o Enhancements to the C compiler
- Global  optimization,   designed  to  improve   performance  of
compiled programs
- Single precision floating point
- Shared library support
o Expanded Usability Services
- A command for user customization of the TOOLS window
- Support of the IBM  5083 Tablet Models 11 and 12  as a pointing
- Host-to-host communications protocol
- Capability to relay mail or transfer files
-- Between  two  or   more  IBM 6150 Micro  Computers with TCP/IP
-- Between an IBM with TCP/IP installed,  and another system with
equivalent protocols supported such as a VM system  with  the  VM
Interface Program for TCP/IP installed.
- Name-server function to determine the actual address of a given
host name.
- Support  to add or delete routing information in the network.
- Status reporting of remote host or user
- Remote host connection and log in
- Various high level  protocols  offer  the  option   to tradeoff
between    low    overhead   and    reliability  depending   upon
application needs.
o Enhancements to the Virtual Resource Manager
- Enhancements designed to improve performance
- Support for  the IBM  6154   Advanced  Color   Graphics Display
and  the  6155 Extended Monochrome Graphics Display.
- Support for the 6150 Micro  Computer Program  Function keyboard
and Dials features, and the IBM 5084 Tablet Models 11 and 12
- Support  for IBM BASEBAND ADAPTER for use with Ethernet
- Support  for   the   national    language   keyboards announced
on  January  21,  1986.
o Access  of  DOS  file  systems  by IBM Coprocessor programs and
AIX DOS shell programs running concurrently
o Enhancements designed to improve performance
The   IBM   Advanced  Interactive   Executive   (AIX)   Operating
System Version 1.1  provides enhancements and service  updates to
Version  1.0  of  the  AIX   Operating   System,   which   became
available in May 1986.
Shared Libraries
The   shared  library  capability allows  users  to specify  that
certain  routines be  shared  among  several executing  programs.
Routines  to be   shared  are   stored   in  special   libraries,
designated  as "shared"  libraries.   Programs  that share  these
executable   routines  do   not  link   to   the  routines  until
run-time,   and  share   a  single   in-memory   copy  of   these
routines with other executing programs.
The  use  of  shared library routines  can eliminate the need for
redundant  copies   of  common   routines   in    memory   during
execution,   and redundant  copies on  disk with  the storage  of
object programs.  In some high  usage multi-use systems,  the use
of  shared  library routines can improve performance of programs.
Advanced Display Graphics Support Library
The  Advanced Display  Graphics   Support   Library  provides   a
program   interface for  graphics applications  to  the IBM  6153
Advanced   Monochrome  Graphics   Display   and   the  IBM   6154
Advanced    Color  Display,      and   the   IBM  6155   Extended
Monochrome Graphics Display.   This interface includes a   set of
graphics primitives  designed to  achieve high  performance.  The
graphics primitives can be called by programs written in IBM   RT
PC FORTRAN 77,  IBM Pascal,  and  the  C   compiler provided with
the AIX Operating System.
Functions  provided by  the  Advanced  Display Graphics   Support
Library include:
o Adapter initialization and termination
o Line, multiline, and polyline drawing
o Line drawing logical operations
o Solid rectangle and polygon fill
o Fixed pitch text painting
o User defined character fonts and cursor functions
o Keyboard,   mouse,   tablet,   dials,    and   lighted  program
function key facilities
o Query for display type, active font, mouse/tablet
Graphics Device Drivers
Version 1.1  of the  AIX Operating  System includes   a  set   of
device    drivers  for   several   of   the  graphics   displays,
printers, and plotters that have been  announced by  IBM  for the
IBM 6150 Micro  Computer. These device drivers  are equivalent to
the drivers announced  with the IBM 6150  Micro Computer Graphics
Development Toolkit  (see IBM Product Announcement  dated January
21,   1986.)    Object   programs   that   require  these  device
drivers  at run-time  can now  execute under  the AIX   Operating
System    without   the    requirement    to    have   the    IBM
Graphics Development Toolkit installed.
The graphics device utilities support the following:
o Displays
- IBM 6154 Advanced Color Graphics Display
- IBM 6153 Advanced Monochrome Graphics Display
- IBM 6155 Extended Monochrome Graphics Display
- IBM 5154  Personal Computer   Enhanced  Color   Display through
the   IBM   (Personal  Computer)  Enhanced Graphics Adapter
- IBM 5151 Personal  Computer Display through  the   IBM Personal
Computer Enhanced Graphics Adapter
o Printers
- IBM 4201 Proprinter
- IBM 3812 Pageprinter
- IBM 5152 Graphics Printer (withdrawn from marketing)
- IBM 5182 Color Printer (withdrawn from marketing)
o Plotters
- IBM 7371 Color Plotter
- IBM 7372 Color Plotter
- IBM 7374 Color Plotter
- IBM 7375 Color Plotter Model 1
- IBM 7375 Color Plotter Model 2
- IBM 6180 Color Plotter
o IBM 6150 Micro Computer Mouse
Enhancements to the C Compiler
The  AIX  Operating System Version 1.1 includes the addition of a
global  optimizer  to  the  C  compiler.    The  global optimizer
is  designed  to   improve  the  performance  of  C programs that
have been compiled under Version 1.1 of the  C compiler.
Optimizations   provided  with   Version 1.1  of  the C  compiler
o Elimination of unused variables
o Constant folding -- propagation and evaluation
o Code motion of loop invariants
o Operator assignment benefits
o Elimination of common subexpressions
o Register allocation
o Value identification
Version 1.1  of the  C compiler  also provides  the addition   of
single   precision   floating  point   operations,   and   shared
library support.
Usability Services Enhancements
A function has  been added to the Usability  Services  portion of
the AIX  Operating System  to provide  an improved  interface for
users  to customize  the TOOLS window.  This function  is part of
the TOOLS  application,  and  allows  the  addition, modification
and  deletion  of   Tools  Groups  or commands.   Also, Usability
Services now supports  the  IBM  5083  Tablet (Models  11 and 12)
as an optional pointing device.
Major functions include:
o Simple  Mail  Transfer   Protocol (SMTP) to send  outgoing mail
to other hosts
o File Transfer  Protocol (FTP)  to send,  retrieve,  delete,  or
rename  files  sent  between  the user  and server or between two
o Telnet Protocol to allow remote logging to another host
o Network    services     commands    to      support     network
definitions, maintenance, and problem determination
o Trivial  File Transfer Protocol (TFTP)  to read and write files
(or mail) to and from a remote server
Other Functional Enhancements
System   installation   functions  have    been    enhanced    to
facilitate   re-installation   of  the   AIX   Operating  System.
Files added by other programs can be  preserved,  backup  of user
modified    system    files  is   provided,   and   customization
information is saved when customization files are updated.
System  shutdown has   been  modified   to   allow  shutdown   to
single  user  mode for maintenance, and warning messages are sent
to all users, with a time delay to  allow  for  logging off.
Additional   configuration   aids  include   extensions   to  the
"display"  command to  control colors   and   fonts  on   locally
attached  displays, and new "ulimit"  options to control text and
data sizes of programs.
Performance Enhancements
Several  enhancements designed  to  improve  performance are   in
Version 1.1 of the AIX Operating System, including:
o Kernel buffer options to allow automatic sizing based on system
memory size, and to allow unpinning of the kernel buffers.
o File  name  and  directory  caching in memory for faster access
to data.
o Modifications to process scheduling,  semaphore operations, and
mapped file operations.
The  following publications  are  shipped   with   the  IBM   AIX
Operating  System Licensed  Program.   Additional  copies may  be
o IBM  6150 Micro  Computer Installing  and  Customizing the  AIX
Operating   System,  (SV21-8001)  (55X8892,   update  -  74X9930)
- IBM Bibliography and Master Index, (not sold separately)
o IBM  6150   Micro  Computer   Usability    Services  Reference,
(SV21-8003) 6280758, update - 74X9929) includes:
- IBM Exploring Usability  Services,  (not  sold separately)
- IBM 6150  Micro Computer Usability  Services  Guide,  (not sold
- IBM  6150   Micro  Computer    Usability   Services    Keyboard
Reference Charts, (not sold separately)
- IBM   6150 Micro  Computer Usability  Services Quick  Reference
Card,  (not sold separately)
o IBM Using and Managing the  AIX  Operating  System, (SV21-8004)
(6280757, update - 74X9928)
o IBM   6150   Micro  Computer  AIX  Operating   System  Commands
Reference, (SV21-8005) (55X8897, update - 74X9932)
o IBM INed(9), (SV21-8006) (6280759)
o IBM Messages Reference, (SV21-8002) (55X8896, update - 74X9931)
o IBM AIX  Operating  System   Communications  Guide, (SV21-8007)
(9)   Registered Trademark of INTERACTIVE Systems Corporation
The   following  publications   document   functions  in the  AIX
Operating System but are sold separately.
o IBM Virtual Resource Manager  Technical  Reference, (SV21-8013)
(55X8936, update - 74X9947)
This  manual  is  intended  for   individuals involved in writing
programs  at  the   operating  system   level   that require   an
interface  to   the Virtual Resource  Manager (VRM).   It defines
the VRM routines, explains the use  of the VRM debugger, explains
how to  develop  and  install code  into  the  VRM,  and  defines
the  Virtual  Machine  Interface  to  the   VRM-supplied   device
drivers.     This manual   will  be   updated   via  the   Update
Information Service (UIS) for no additional charge.
o IBM AIX Operating System  DOS  Services  Reference, (SV21-8012)
(55X8929, update - 74X9970)
This manual  provides reference  information about  the IBM  6150
Micro Computer  AIX Operating System  DOS Commands; describes DOS
Services  file   and  directory  specifications,    search paths,
devices, ed (the  line editor), standard input  and output,   and
commands.       This   book    also    includes  information   on
customizing AIX DOS defaults, differences between the DOS and AIX
DOS, and  technical  information for experienced programmers.
o IBM Using AIX Operating System DOS Services
This  manual  is  a  step-by-step   guide  that  provides general
information to  assist in getting  started on  the  DOS  services
and  to  perform some common  tasks.  This guide includes general
information  on  using  diskettes and   fixed  disks,  using  DOS
services   function  and  command-line   editing  keys,   naming,
organizing   and  locating files, entering  and leaving  IBM 6150
Micro  Computer  Computer,  starting and    stopping    the   DOS
services,   and   issuing   some  frequently  used  DOS  services
commands.   This  manual  is  included  in   the  AIX   Operating
System  DOS  Services Reference.
o IBM   6150  Micro  Computer   Assembler   Language   Reference,
(SV21-8011) (55X8930)
This   manual   discusses  the IBM  032  Microprocessor  and  its
Assembler  Language.   It  describes the  syntax  and  semantics,
instructions  to  the   processor   (machine instructions),   and
instructions    to   the   assembler  (pseudo-operations).   This
manual  also  shows  how  to  link  and  run  Assembler  Language
programs,  including  linking to programs written in C language.
o IBM  6150  Micro Computer   C  Language   Guide and  Reference,
(SV21-8008) (55X8931, update - 74X9943)
This manual contains  a  guide  to  writing,  compiling, running,
and debugging C language programs.  A reference section describes
C   language  data   structures,   operators,  expressions,   and
o   IBM   6150 Micro Computer   AIX  Operating   System Technical
Reference, (SV21-8009) (55X8933, update - 74X9946)
This manual describes the system calls  and  subroutines that   a
C  programmer  uses  to  write  programs  that interface with the

operating system.
o IBM AIX Operating  System   Programming  Tools  and Interfaces,
(SV21-8010) (55X8932, update - 74X9945)
This  manual  provides  a general look  at programming on the IBM
6150 Micro Computer Computer.   It  gives details about using the
AIX  Operating  System  tools to  develop, compile,  and debug  C
language programs.  It  also gives examples of how  to use system
calls and library subroutines to create programs.  In particular,
the  usage of  program interfaces   for  IBM  added functions  is
o IBM  6150 Micro  Computer AIX Operating System  Text Formatting
Guide, (SV21-8037) (55X8935)
The  Text   Formatting  Guide  describes   the    functions   and
capabilities  of the nroff and troff text formatters and of other
associated text processing programs.
o IBM Base PC Network Services, (SV21-8030) (55X8918)
This manual  provides basic support  for  the  PC   Network Local
Area     Network.      It     documents    the   interface    for
customer-supplied applications to  use the facilities  of  the PC
o IBM TCP/IP Reference Guide, (SV21-8091) (74X9926)
This   manual   discusses  the  commands  and  protocols provided
by TCP/IP  support in AIX.     It  documents  the  interface  for
customer supplied applications to use the facilities of TCP/IP.
Contact your IBM Marketing Representative
The  minimum  machine requirement is an IBM with  a display (e.g.
the IBM 6150 Micro Computer Advanced Color Graphics Display,  the
IBM  Advanced Monochrome   Graphics Display, or the  IBM Personal
Computer  Display). The  IBM  PC  Network Adapter   (6450213)  is
required  by the  Base PC   Network Services   program portion of
the AIX Operating System. The   IBM  Baseband  Adapter (61X6810),
or equivalent, is required to use the TCP/IP facilities of AIX.
Optionally,  an  asynchronous modem can be installed for use with
Asynchronous     Terminal     Emulation,     UUCP,     or     the
Connect(10)   command.     Program  support   is   provided   for
asynchronous    modems     that     support     the     following
specifications:  EIA RS-232C Standard (dated  August 1969) or the
CCITT  Recommendations  V.24/V.28  as  published in the report of
the CCITT  7th  Plenary  Assembly  (Yellow  Book), Geneva,  10-21
November   1980.     Program   support    is  also  provided  for
auto-dialer modems that  conform  to  the  "AT" command set using
asynchronous protocol.
(10)  Trademark of INTERACTIVE Systems Corporation
There   are  no   software prerequisites  for  the AIX  Operating
User  management is  responsible  for  evaluation, selection  and
implementation   of   security   features,   for   administrative
procedures,   and   for  appropriate   controls   in  application
systems.  For applications in which sensitive data  is  sent over
external communication  facilities, user  management may  wish to
pursue the application of cryptography.
The  TCP/IP support  does not  encrypt  or   decrypt  user   data
transmitted  across the  network.    The   design   of  the   IBM
Baseband   Adapter and  associated VRM  Device  Drivers allow  an
application program to  access only those  packets   addressed to
that 6150 node.  A user should assess the security of the network
and the  exposure of information assets  as  a  result  of  using
some of the features of  TCP/IP and similar network communication
When users are added  to the system they are assigned  a  User ID
and   assigned   to  a  group.   They  may  also  be  assigned  a
password,  which is  required at  sign-on time.   Each group   is
allowed  access  to  files based on the authorization of the file
A file  may be  accessed  by   its  owner   and  by   groups  (of
users).    A group may be allowed  full access, or the access may
be limited based on the file owner's authorization.
The  customer is  responsible for  the installation  and use   of
those licensed programs.
Customers   who  order   the  AIX   Operating   System  are   not
required  to order  the  separately  available Virtual   Resource
Manager  Licensed Program,  since  the  Virtual Resource  Manager
function is included as part of the AIX Operating System.
To   use  shared   libraries  or   the  enhancements   to  the  C
Compiler,  including   floating  point   enhancements   and   the
global compiler optimizer, user programs must be re-compiled with
Version 1.1 of the AIX Operating System.
These   software  products  are  dependent  on national  language
character handling.  The  product should be reviewed  relative to
the  national  language  requirements  of  the  intended customer
before ordering.
User-developed    applications   that  have   been   written   to
process World Trade  data may access  characters   represented on
World Trade keyboards.
The    Telnet   protocol    treats    the    decimal  value   255
(hexadecimal  FF) as  a flag  indicating that  a  control   value
follows;   therefore   the  following   characters  will  produce
unpredictable results if entered under Telnet:
n acute (lower case)
"therefore" symbol (three dots)
The  software keyboard  mapping  table   default   is  the   U.S.
English  keyboard layout.   When a national language  keyboard is
being  installed,  one  of   the  respective  language   software
keyboard   mapping  tables   can  be  selected  from diskette  to
override  the system   default.    The   system   will  then   be
powered   up  using  the override  mapping table  for the  system
Contact your appropriate Support Center
Consult your  IBM Marketing  Representative.  Current  users will
receive this update automatically.
Charges,  Terms   and  Conditions  are   not  affected   by  this
announcement.  Version 1.1 will be sent at no charge to customers
with Version 1.0.
Program Services  previously announced  for Release  1.0 will  be
available  until  March 1, 1987.
*****   END OF DOCUMENT   *****