Announcement Letter Number 186-117 dated June 16, 1986
US - Last Revised on June 16, 1986

Brief Description of Announcement, Charges, and Availability

     The 3191 Display Station is a new member of the 3270 Information
Display System. The 3191 is an attractively priced, 1,920 character,
12-inch monochrome CRT with a smudge-resistant screen that is
available in green or amber-gold phosphor.
       The 3191 is offered with a three-year warranty in the
following combinations:
o   Model A10 - 122-key typewriter keyboard, green phosphor
o   Model B10 - 122-key typewriter keyboard, amber-gold phosphor
o   Model A20 - IBM Enhanced Keyboard (102-key), green phosphor
o   Model B20 - IBM Enhanced Keyboard (102-key), amber-gold phosphor
       The 3191 can be attached to the IBM 3174, 3274, or 3276 via a
Type A adapter, the IBM 4701 or 4702 via the DCA adapter, the 4321,
4331, via the Display/Printer Adapter, or 4361 systems via the
Display/Printer or Workstation Adapter.
       Purchase Price: $1,295
       Planned Availability Date: June 1986

Customer Letter Section

o   Improved price/performance
    -   Low price with discounts for volume procurement
    -   New three-year warranty
    -   Alert function for maintenance
o   Compatibility
    -   IBM 3270 compatible
o   Screen Characteristics
    -   1,920 character screen (80 columns by 24 rows) plus operator
        information area
    -   Larger character size than IBM 3178
    -   Non-glare, 12-inch monochrome CRT with steady image
    -   Available in green or amber-gold phosphor
    -   Auto-dim feature
o   Keyboards
    -   IBM 122-key typewriter keyboard (modifiable)
    -   IBM enhanced keyboard (102-Key)
    -   Coiled keyboard cable
    -   Home row indicator keys
o   Ergonomics
    -   Smaller, lighter weight video unit
    -   Tilt/swivel pedestal
    -   Small footprint
    -   Low-profile keyboard with two angles of inclination
       The 3191 is a high-quality, monochrome CRT display station
used in cluster configurations with the 3174, 3276, or 3274 for
displaying alphanumeric data, and for entering data into and
receiving data from System/360, System/370, 43XX, 303X, 308X, and
3090 Processors.  It also attaches to the 4701 and 4702 via the
Device Cluster Adapter and 43XX systems via the Display Printer
Adapter or the 4361 via the Workstation Adapter. The System/8100 also
supports the 3191 in alphanumeric mode when attached via 3274.  The
3191 supports 1,920 characters in 80 columns by 24 rows.
       The 3191 consists of the following workstation elements:
                           A10     B10     A20     B20
Video (green)              X               X
Video (amber-gold)                 X               X
Logic                      X       X       X       X
IBM 122-key typewriter
 keyboard                  X       X
IBM enhanced keyboard                      X       X
Pedestal                   X       X       X       X
Power cord 2.8 meters
 (9.0 feet)                X       X       X       X
Video cable                X       X       X       X
o   A typewriter style keyboard with either 102 keys on the IBM
    Enhanced Keyboard or 122 (modifiable) keys on the typewriter
    keyboard provide 24 program function keys, a numeric pad, and
    cursor-move keys.
           A keyboard definition utility is supported in the 3191 to
    allow definition of customer-specific 122-key typewriter keyboard
    layouts.  A key cap removal tool is standard so that key caps can
    be changed conveniently.
o   The response time monitor, alert capability and entry assist are
    supported on the 3274 with configuration support D and the 3174.
o   Audible alarm, auto-dim, and security keylock are standard.
    Security key is removable in both lock and unlock positions.
o   Low-profile keyboard provides two angles of inclination (6 or 12
    degrees) with coiled cable.
o   Screen Characteristics
    -   The 12-inch CRT monochrome (green or amber-gold) display
        provides a bright, steady presentation of 720 x 384 picture
        elements in a viewable area of 220 mm (8.6 inches) by 143 mm
        (5.6 inches).
    -   The etched, enhanced contrast CRT screen is designed to
        reduce light reflections and fingerprint smudges to produce
        high-quality, high-resolution output.
o   The video pedestal, a standard feature, provides 19.4 degrees of
    tilt (plus 15 degrees to minus 4.4 degrees) and 180 degrees of
    swivel (plus or minus 90 degrees from the center position) to
    enable the display to be individually positioned.
o   Through the use of error indicators, offline tests and the
    Customer Problem Solving Guide, the customer may isolate a
    failing element for exchange or replacement.
o   The following publications are available:
    -   IBM 3191 Display Station Description (GA18-2457)
    -   IBM 3191 Display Station User's Guide (GA18-2454)*
    -   IBM 3191 Display Station Set-up Instructions (GA18-2458)*
    -   IBM 3191 Display Station Problem Solving Guide 1 (GA18-2455)*
    -   IBM 3191 Display Station Problem Solving Guide 2 (GA18-2456)*
    -   IBM 3191 Display Station Repair Center Maintenance
        Information (SY18-2152)
*  A copy will be shipped with each machine.
       Planned general availability is June 1986.
o   Air Temperature
    -   10 degrees to 40.6 degrees C (50 degrees to 105 degrees F)
o   Humidity
    -   8 - 80% RH
o   FCC Class: C
       Operating environments of configurable input/output (I/O)
units are different.
SYSTEM ATTACHMENT: The 3191 attaches to 360, 370, 43XX, 303X, 308X,
and 3090 series processors via the 3174, 3274, or 3276. It also
attaches to System/8100 via a 3274. Attachment is by the same type of
coax cable that is used to attach an IBM 3178, 3179 Model 1, 3180
Model 1, 3278, or 3279. Attachment may also be made by twisted-pair
cable that has been approved for display attachment.
SOFTWARE SUPPORT: The 3191 is data stream compatible with the 3178.
All host programs that operate with the 3178 will operate with the
3191 in the same way.
COMPATIBILITY AND MIGRATION: The 3191 is data stream-compatible with
today's 3178 displays in alphanumeric application environments.
       The 3191 will accept 3270 data streams and will run existing
alphanumeric applications unmodified in their current screen size.
No programming changes are required of current alphanumeric
applications unless required functions are not available with the
3191 (for example, magnetic readers, light pen,
encryption/decryption, or unsupported screen sizes).
PREREQUISITES: The 3191 Models A10 and B10 in emulation mode
(emulating the 3278 Model 2) must be attached to one of the
o   IBM 3274 Control Unit Model 1A, 1B, 1C, 1D, 21A, 21B, 21C, 21D,
    31A, 31C, 31D, 41A, 41C, 41D, 51C, or 61C
o   IBM 3174 Models 1L, 1R, 2R, 3R, 51R, 52R, or 53R
o   3276 Model 2, 3, 4, 11, 12, 13, or 14
o   4321 (Display/Printer Adapter)
o   4331 (Display/Printer Adapter)
o   4361 (Display/Printer Adapter or Workstation Adapter)
o   4701 Finance Communication Controller (Device Cluster Adapter)
o   4702 Branch Automation Processor (Device Cluster Adapter)
       The 3191 Models A10 and B10 in native mode must be attached to
the 3274 Control Unit with configuration support D, microcode Release
63 or higher.  This level of support is also required for changing
the layout of the 122-key typewriter keyboard.
       The 3191 Models A20 and B20 operate in native mode only and
must be attached to an 3274 Control Unit (with configuration support
D, microcode Release 65 or higher and 3274 RPQ #7L0825).
       The 3191 Models A20 and B20 operate in native mode with the
new 3174 Control Unit.
LIMITATIONS: The following are not available:
o   RPQs
o   Magnetic reader control and accessories
o   Monocase switch
o   Selector light pen
o   Video output
       For model limitations, see the Prerequisites section.
       The following items should be taken into consideration when
selecting the 3191 keyboard:
o   122-Key Typewriter Keyboard
    -   Only keyboard available for 3276, 47XX, 43XX, and 3274s with
        configuration support A, B, or C.
    -   Only option if modification of keyboard is a requirement.
    -   The 3274 must have configuration support D for modification
        of keyboard.
    -   Similar layout to the IBM 3179, 3180, 3290, and 3270-PC.
o   102-Key Enhanced Keyboard
    -   Requires configuration support D on 3274s Release 65 or
        higher and RPQ 7L0825.
CUSTOMER RESPONSIBILITY: The 3191 is designated as a customer set-up
(CSU) machine. A detailed copy of the set-up instructions (GA18-2458)
will be shipped with the machine.

       Customers are responsible for all modifications they make to
the IBM 3191 keyboard.
       Customers are responsible for handling any keyboard changes
necessary in the event of a maintenance action. That is, the customer
should remove all special key caps prior to submitting a keyboard for
exchange.  A keyboard with the standard layout will be returned to
the customer.
PHYSICAL PLANNING: See the IBM 3191 Display Station Description
(GA18-2457) for detailed physical planning information.
POWER RATINGS AND LINE CORD: Power - 120V AC, 1-phase, 3-wire, 60Hz;
a 2.8 meter (9.0 foot) line cord with non-locking plug is available
as standard. A 1.8 meter (6 foot) line cord with non-locking plug is
also available.
PERFORMANCE: The 3191 will have performance characteristics equal to
or better than other 3270 display stations.
       For more information, contact your IBM marketing
       Data security functions provided by the 3191 are non-display
field control (specified in the attribute byte) and the security
keylock. User management is responsible for implementation of these
       If sensitive data is sent over external communications
facilities, user management may wish to pursue the application of
cryptography. For more information on data security controls, see
Data Security Controls and Procedures (G320-5649).
CUSTOMER SET-UP: Yes, one day.
VOLUME PROCUREMENT AMENDMENT (VPA): Customers who currently have an
IBM Workstation VPA Exhibit 32WS in effect may purchase the 3191 and
receive the discount available under Category A, Discount Group 3.
       Customers who currently have an Information Display System VPA
Exhibit #3270 in effect may purchase the 3191 and receive the
discount available under Category B. (The 3178 Discount Table in
3270-12 or later exhibits does not apply to 3191 commitments.)
       For further information regarding volume orders, contact your
IBM marketing representative.
EDUCATIONAL ALLOWANCE: An educational allowance of 15% is available
to qualifying institutions in accordance with the Educational
Allowance Amendment. The educational allowance is not additive to any
other discount or allowance.
o   Warranty
    -   IBM On-Site Exchange (IOE)
o   IBM Maintenance Agreement
    -   IBM On-Site Exchange (IOE)
    -   Customer On-Site Exchange (COE)
HOURLY/EXCHANGE SERVICE: IBM On-Site Exchange hourly service is
available at IBM's hourly service rates, one hour minimum, machine
element exchange price and travel expense.
       IBM Customer Carry-In Repair hourly service is available
through IBM Service/Exchange at the applicable machine element
exchange price.
REPAIR IDENTIFICATION TAG: The repair identification tag is used to
identify each element (logic, video and keyboard) of all element
exchange products. The repair identification tag is used by IBM for
service entitlement. Only the type and serial number of the product
is stored in IBM's entitlement system. Therefore, the repair
identification tag is used to tie the logic, video, and keyboard
elements to the product type and serial number.
       The required number of repair identification tags are attached
to one of the elements when it is shipped from the factory. The
repair identification tags must be removed from this element and
installed on each element during initial set-up. Detail information
on where to install the repair identification tags is contained in
the Display Station Set-Up Instruction Manual which is shipped with
each element exchange product. Please refer to the set-up manual for
the exact location of the repair identification tags.
ON-SITE ASSISTANCE: If the customer desires on-site assistance to
perform Customer Problem Analysis and Resolution (CPAR) or customer
set-up, the customer calls the Service/Exchange Communication Center
at (800) 428-2569.  IBM will assist the customer on-site in
performing problem solving procedures using the same documentation
available to the customer. All on-site assistance is provided at an
hourly service basis at the applicable hourly rates and terms.
IBM CREDIT CORPORATION FINANCING: IBM Credit Corporation term leases
and installment payment plans are available.
                     Annual Minimum
                     Maintenance Charge
                     IBM         Customer
                     On-Site     On-Site
                     Exchange    Exchange
         Purchase    (IOE)       (COE)
Model    Price*      (#9830)     (#9824)
A10   $1,295         $40         $30
B10    1,295          40          30
A20    1,295          40          30
B20    1,295          40          30
       Note: For 3191 Display Stations installed in Chicago, specify
no-charge feature code #9986 for a six-foot power cord.
*  Upon request, the 3191 is available with a three-month warranty at
   the purchase price of $1,235. The type of warranty service is IBM
   On-Site Exchange. For further information about ordering, contact
   your IBM marketing representative.
Machine Element Charges:
                                              Purchase and
                                Part          Element
Description                     Number        Exchange Price
Video (green)                   67X0217**    $290
Video (amber-gold)              67X0150**     290
Logic                           6238033       650
IBM Enhanced Keyboard           1390123       295
122-key typewriter keyboard     1390238       295
Pedestal                        6238060        20
Line cord - 2.8M (9 foot)       6952297        10
Line cord - 1.8M (6 foot)       6952298        10
Video cable                     6165557        30
**   These elements will not be available until August 1, 1986
                                     Part          Purchase
                                     Number        Price
Switch Control Unit                  6052157       $85
Clear Lens Keycaps/Paper
 Inserts/Removal Tool                6341707        50
Blank Keycaps (Light) and
 Removal Tool                        1351710        25
Blank Keycaps (Dark) and
 Removal Tool                        1351728        25
Keycap Removal Tools (6)             1351717        11
Paper Inserts (150 Light
and 150 Gray)                        6341704        30
Data Entry Keycap Kit
(U.S. English)                       1351741        30
3178 Model 2 Keycap Kit              1351742        30
3178 Model 3 Keycap Kit              1391244        30
Blank Keyboard Overlay for
Model A10 or B10                     6341703        40
Blank Keyboard Overlay for
Model A20 or B20                     6238058        40
Set-up/Ext Sel Overlay for:
 Model A10 or B10                    6342112        40
 Model A20 or B20                    64X9937        40
Key Blanks for Security
Keylock+ (10)
 for keys labelled
  A00-A99                            6238059         5
 for keys labelled
  D00-D99                            64X9944         5
+    Duplicate keys may be made locally from these key blanks.
       Customers may order accessories by calling IBM Direct Response
Operations at 1-800-IBM-2468.