Announcement Letter Number 184-136 dated October 25, 1984
US - Last Revised on October 25, 1984

Brief Description of Announcement, Charges, and Availability

     IBM 5271 Models 24 and 26
       These new models of the 3270 Personal Computer (3270-PC)
system unit allow attachment of the new large-screen IBM 3295 Plasma
Monitor to the 3270-PC system.  The device adapter included for the
3295 also supports host program symbols (PS) graphics and PC all
points addressable (APA) (640 x 200 pels) graphics.
       IBM 3295 Plasma Monitor
       The 3295 is a large-capacity monochrome (orange characters on
a black background) monitor similar to the IBM 3290 Information
Panel. Up to 9,920 alphameric characters can be displayed at one time
under control of the 3270-PC system. This permits concurrent viewing
of up to four 2K-character application screens (e.g., three 3278
Model 2s and one IBM PC) when operating the multiple sessions and/or
multiple windows that are characteristic of the 3270-PC operator

Customer Letter Section

       The IBM 5271 Models 24 and 26 using the IBM 3295 Plasma
Monitor and the 3270-PC Control Program Version 1 Release 2.1
*   A large distortion-free viewing area (960 x 768 pels on a 13.44"
    10.75" plasma panel)
*   Large capacity display up to 9,920 characters in main frame
    interactive (MFI) sessions, 2,000 characters in IBM PC sessions,
    allowing concurrent viewing of multiple windows
*   Variable sized notepads (up to 9,920 characters)
*   3270 programmed symbols printing
*   IBM PC APA (640 x 200 pels) support
*   PC APA color support via shading on the 3295
*   5271 keyboard 3270 host keytop graphics printed in black, a new
    keytop for large screen rule line function
*   Ease-of-use functions
    -   Operator information area (OIA), including row/column
        indicator (3295 only)
    -   Rule line that assists user in alignment of data across
        session window (3295 only)
    -   Zoom that allows selection of character set, windows remain
        the same size (3295 only)
    -   Enlarge key that enlarges the active window size, characters
        remain same size.
       The new 5271 Models 24 and 26 of the 3270-PC system unit allow
attachment of the IBM 3295 monitor. The 3295 provides large screen
viewing for the 3270-PC user.
       The new 5271 models consist of:
*   5271 Model 24
    -   384Kb RAM (expandable to 640Kb)
    -   3295 display adapter
    -   keyboard, plus new keytops
    -   keyboard/timer adapter
    -   Two dual-sided diskette drives and adapter
    -   3270 system adapter
    -   BASIC 2.0 Reference Manual and Binder
    -   3270-PC Guide to Operations
    -   3270-PC Maintenance Information
*   5271 Model 26
    -   Same as the Model 24, except that a single dual-sided
        diskette drive and one 10MB fixed disk and fixed disk adapter
        replace the two dual-sided diskette drives.
*   The 5271 System Unit Models 24 and 26 include the display adapter
    for the 3295 monitor. Key functions are:
    -   Up to 9,920 alphameric character MFI display
    -   Up to 2,000 alphameric character PC display
    -   IBM PC Color Graphics Adapter APA compatibility with three
        shades of orange plus black instead of color
    -   3270 programmed symbols.
       The 3295 Plasma Monitor has a large distortion free viewing
area (960 x 768 picture elements on a 13.44" x 10.75" surface).
Characters are orange on a black background.  It utilizes the IBM
plasma panel technology as its viewing medium. This provides uniform
image clarity at every point of the viewing area and allows a smaller
footprint than achievable by CRT monitors of equivalent size. Overall
dimensions are:  width -- 580 mm (22.8"), height -- 496 mm (19.5"),
and depth -- 200 mm (7.8").
       When attached to a 5271 System Unit Model 24 or 26, the 3295
provides the user with large display capacity. Two character sets are
available through a workstation control function; the small character
set utilizes a 6- x 12-pel character box and an alternate character
set utilizing a 9- x 16-pel character box. With the small character
set, 9,920 characters can be displayed in a 62-row by 160-column
matrix; when using the larger character set, 4,876 characters can be
displayed in a 46-row x 106-column matrix. The small character set
allows four 2K-character screens to be viewed concurrently.
       The large-screen models of the 3270-PC system are primarily
intended for environments which require concurrent viewing of more
than 2K characters using larger than 2K windows or multiple 2K
windows where the primary applications are host related and the user
profiles are relatively static.
       The 3270-PC Control Program Version 1.2.1 has been updated to
support the large screen 3295.
       The 3270-PC (5271 Models 24 and 26) attaches via the IBM 3274
Control Unit to System/370 processors and processor complexes, 30XX
processors, and 43XX processors. All attachment environments are
supported, i.e., SNA local channel, non-SNA local channel,
synchronous data link control (SDLC) remote, or binary synchronous
control (BSC) remote. Attachment to the 3274 is by coax cable.
       3270-PC Options: The following special features are supported
on all models of the 5271:
*   Printer/Memory Adapter (#4505)
*   256Kb Memory Expansion Option (#4500)
       All models of the 5271 System Unit when used with DOS 2.0,
2.1, or 3.0 are capable of using many IBM Personal Computer options.
The following Personal Computer options may be ordered for the 5271:
*   Asynchronous Communications Adapter (#2074)
*   Communications Adapter Cable (#2067)
*   Printer Cable (#5612)
*   64/256KB Memory Expansion Option (#1013)
*   64Kb Memory Module Kit (#1003)
*   10MB Fixed Disk (#2500)
*   Fixed Disk Adapter (#2501)
*   Dual-Sided Diskette Drive (#3810)
*   5161 Expansion Unit
       Note: IBM will publish a manual which will provide information
regarding how customers can field upgrade 5271 Models 2, 4, and 6 to
Models 24 and 26. This manual will be available through your
marketing representative by December 31, 1984.
       The following IBM 3270/3274 publications will be revised and
their availability will be announced later.
*   An Introduction to the 3270 Information Display System
*   IBM 3270 Information Display System Library User's Guide
*   IBM 3274 Control Unit Description and Programmer's Guide
*   IBM 3274 Control Unit Planning and Site Preparation
       The following IBM 3270-PC publications are new or revised and
their availability will be announced later.
*   New:
    -   IBM 3270-PC Control Program: Programming Guide
    -   IBM 3270-PC Introduction and Preinstallation Planning:
        Supplement for the 3295 Plasma Monitor
*   Revised:
    -   IBM 3270-PC Introduction and Preinstallation Planning
    -   IBM 3270-PC Online Tutorial
    -   IBM 3270-PC Control Program User's Guide and Reference (for
        Models 24 and 26)
    -   IBM 3270-PC Guide to Operations (for Models 2, 4, and 6)
    -   IBM 3270-PC Guide to Operations (for Models 24 and 26)
    -   IBM 3270-PC Maintenance Information
       General availability of the 5271 Models 24 and  26 and the
3295 Plasma Monitor is November 1984. The schedule for orders
involving multiple 3270-PCs may be extended.
HARDWARE REQUIREMENTS: The 3270-PC (5271 Models 24 and 26) attach via
an IBM 3274 Control Unit to System/370, 30XX, and 43XX processors.
All attachment environments are supported, i.e., SNA local channel,
non-SNA local channel, synchronous data link control (SDLC) remote,
or binary synchronous control (BSC) remote. Attachment to the 3274 is
by coax cable.
SOFTWARE REQUIREMENTS: The IBM 3270-PC Control Program Version 1.2.1.
The 3270-PC is data stream compatible with all models of today's IBM
3270 displays in alphameric application environments with the
exception of host partitioning. There is no partitioning support in
the 3270-PC.  With this exception, existing host alphameric
applications will run on the 3270-PC unmodified (in their current
screen size). No programming changes are required of current
alphameric applications unless the program is affected by 3274
Control Unit configuration restrictions (e.g., no Category B
terminals) or required hardware functions not available with the
3270-PC (e.g., magnetic readers, encryption/decryption, or APL/text
       The 5271 Models 24 and 26 will accept 3270 data streams and
support programmed symbols (PS) graphics. Note:  The PS capability is
limited to five 192-character buffers when a PC session is in use;
programs written for PS assuming six PS buffers are available should
be tested for acceptability. There are six PS buffers available when
no PC session is being used. The multiple screen facilities of the

3270-PC can be used without any modification of system software.
       Most IBM PC applications that run on the IBM PC Color Graphics
Adapter will run on the new system units. Three shades of orange plus
black are supported in place of color. Applications that utilize
animation should be tested for acceptability prior to use.
       The non-display control allows the password (or other
sensitive data) not to be shown on the command line.
       For transmission of sensitive data on public communications
facilities, customer management may wish to examine the use of
cryptography. Internal encryption/decryption is not available.
       The 3270-PC supports the security features of the operating
systems which control communications with the host system.
       Customer management is responsible for the selection,
application, adequacy, and implementation of these features and for
the appropriate application and administrative controls.
CUSTOMER RESPONSIBILITIES: The customer is responsible for:
*   Adequate site, system, and other vendor preparation
*   Receipt at customer's receiving dock, unpacking, and placement of
*   Physical setup (including any special mounting procedures and or
    hardware), connection of cables in customer access areas, switch
    settings, and checkout. The customer set-up allowance (CSU) is
    one day. Detailed set-up instructions are included with each
    machine. IBM set-up is available at IBM hourly rates and minimum
*   Contacting an IBM customer service coordinator for attachment of
    the 5271 communication cable to an on-site serviced IBM control
    unit where customer access area is not provided
*   Customizing the 3270-PC and 3274 (see 3274 Customizing Guide,
    GA23-0065 or GA27-2827)
*   Determining the required number of spares
*   Performing customer problem analysis and resolution (CPAR)
*   Testing other IBM Personal Computer options not included with the
    3270-PC to assure viability (IBM does not accept any
    responsibility for them.)
*   Protecting data from modification, destruction, or disclosure,
    and for accuracy and integrity of results
*   Providing a back-up copy of the system
*   Installing the required programs.
INSTALLABILITY: The 3270-PC is a customer set-up system. It attaches
to one terminal port and may have up to four addresses associated
with it in the 3274, depending on the application. The 3270-PC is
3270 compatible in alphameric application environments; current
alphameric applications will run unmodified, excepting those that use
host partitioning. Host partitioning is not supported.
*   Because of the differences in plasma monitor technology and CRT
    technology, applications using animation and/or scrolling should
    be tested for acceptability prior to use. When using IBM PC APA
    graphics, three shades of orange plus black are used to
    differentiate color on the 3295. The APA resolution on Models 24
    and 26 is 640 x 200 pels. The 3270-PC APA applications using
    different screen resolutions should be tested for acceptability.
*   The 3852 Color Graphics Printer is not supported.
*   The 5201 and 5216 letter quality printers are supported for
    printing from the PC DOS application session only.
*   Color display is not supported. (IBM 3295 is a monochrome
       Customers who have signed a PC Volume Procurement Amendment
(VPA) must designate from one to three technical coordinators who may
contact the Personal Computing Assistance Center (PCAC) for usage
assistance. The usage assistance is available for the duration of the
contract period.
       Customers who purchase less than the VPA minimum quantity of
the IBM Personal Computer system units may mail usage questions to:
    IBM Personal Computing Assistance Center
    Department 93W/235
    90l Northwest 51st Street
    Boca Raton, Florida 33432
       Mail-in assistance will not be withdrawn before June 1985.
*   The 5271 Models 24 and 26 may be combined with other Category A
    machines to qualify for a VPA.
*   The 3295 may be combined with other Category C machines to
    qualify for a VPA.
SPECIAL BID PROVISIONS: Special bid provisions apply. The IBM 3295 is
available under Category C of all Personal Computer special bid
contracts with discounts and terms and conditions consistent with the
volume procurement amendment (VPA) exhibit. For existing qualified
educational customers, the 3295 is available under the discounts and
terms and conditions consistent with the standard Educational
Institution Special Bid volume procurement amendment (VPA) exhibit.
The 3295 is not available for remarketing under existing Personal
Computer special bid contracts which allow remarketing, but is
available for internal use.
WARRANTY PERIOD: 5271 - three months. 3295 - one year.
WARRANTY SERVICE: The 5271 and 3295 are IBM On-Site Repair.
EDUCATION ALLOWANCE: Qualifying educational institutions are eligible
to receive the educational allowance of 20%. Education allowances are
not additive to any other discount allowance.
FINANCING: IBM Credit Corporation term leases and installment payment
                          Part       Model/     Purchase
Description               Number     Feature    Price
5271 with keyboard                   24         $5,990
5271 with keyboard                   26          7,550
3295 Plasma Monitor                  1           3,695
Keyboard (if ordered
   separately)            6110344    5730          295
3295 Extended Signal
   Cable (optional 5
   meters)                2720066    3001           95
                             Annual Maintenance
                             IBM             Customer
                             On-Site         Carry-In
                             Repair          Repair
                             (9798)          (9821)
5271 Model 24
base unit with keyboard      $552            $360
5271 Model 26
base unit with keyboard       764             496
3295 Plasma Monitor           120              -