Announcement Letter Number 284-352 dated September 10, 1984
US - Last Revised on September 10, 1984

Brief Description of Announcement, Charges, and Availability

     IBM Personal Computer Professional FORTRAN is an ANSI FORTRAN 77
compiler and library that operates under the IBM Personal Computer
Disk Operating System (DOS). The compiler is optimized for
high-performance execution. It includes interactive symbolic debug
capabilities and has a high degree of IBM VS FORTRAN compatibility.

Customer Letter Section

*   Supports programs larger than 64K, although no single routine can
    be greater than 64K
*   Supports data areas and arrays larger than 64K
*   Provides comprehensive, interactive symbolic debug
*   Provides compile time options for debug, default integer size,
    and warning-level error message suppression
*   Supports the IBM 8087 and IBM 80287 Math Co-processors
*   Includes a library manager
*   Supports optional length specifications (INTEGER*2, INTEGER*4,
*   Supports FORTRAN 66 level DO Loop (excluding extended DO Loops)
       IBM Professional FORTRAN is an extremely efficient compiler
that makes excellent use of storage space while also improving
execution time for a wide range of programs.
       Code optimization is performed automatically at compile time
through a powerful set of techniques that include:
*   Subexpression elimination
*   Constant folding
*   IF optimization
*   DO Loop invariant expression removal
*   Register allocation over loops
       An interactive symbolic debug facility, selectable by the user
at compile time, is capable of a broad spectrum of functions
*   Statement breakpoint
*   Resume execution with no debug
*   Help facility
*   Single-step execution
*   Trace of each executed statement
       The planned availability date is October 1984.
       IBM Personal Computer Professional FORTRAN allows the explicit
specification of the following data types: LOGICAL*1, LOGICAL*4,
INTEGER*2, INTEGER*4, REAL*4, REAL*8, and COMPLEX*8.  Through a
compile time switch, the user is allowed to set the default of the
INTEGER specification to INTEGER*2 or INTEGER*4.
       IBM Personal Computer Professional FORTRAN provides an
interactive symbolic debug facility, which may be selected by the
user at compile time, that includes: statement breakpoint, help,
continue execution, resume execution with no debug, list breakpoints,
list variables, single statement execute, terminate execution, trace,
and log.
       Programs greater than 64K are supported, although no single
routine can be greater than 64K. The user has the option at compile
time of specifying that arrays greater than 64K can or cannot be
passed to a subroutine. The default is  the small array mode, which
achieves the greatest performance when addressing elements of arrays.
       Floating point arithmetic operations are performed using the
IEEE format and algorithms and the IBM 8087 or IBM 80287 Math
       The compiler is optimized for high-performance execution. Some
of the features included are: constant folding, IF optimization,
subexpression elimination, DO loop invariant expression removal,
optional suppression of warning-level messages, generation of
cross-reference listing, and FORTRAN 66 conventions for DO loop
(excluding extended DO loops).
*   An IBM Personal Computer with at least 192Kb of memory.
*   A fixed disk and one dual-sided diskette drive, or two dual-sided
    diskette drives.
*   An IBM Color Display with the IBM Color Graphics Monitor Adapter,
    or IBM Monochrome Display with the IBM Monochrome Display and
    Printer Adapter. or equivalent.
*   An IBM 8087 Math Co-processor or IBM 80287 Math Co-processor
SOFTWARE REQUIREMENTS: IBM Disk Operating System (DOS) 2.1 or later
TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE: The IBM Personal Computing Assistance Center
(PCAC) will provide assistance to eligible IBM customers for the
period of their qualifying contracts.
       User management is responsible for evaluation, selection, and
implementation of security features, for administrative procedures,
and for appropriate controls in application systems.
       If sensitive data is sent over external communications
facilities, user management may wish to pursue the application of
CUSTOMER RESPONSIBILITY: The customer is responsible for installing
the compiler using the procedure contained in the IBM Personal
Computer Professional FORTRAN Installation and Use Manual, and for
assuring that hardware and other required software are at the proper
levels.  The appropriate linker and library manager are supplied with
the compiler.
INSTALLABILITY: Installation of the compiler is accomplished by
copying the two diskettes provided and copying COMMAND.COM onto the
compiler diskette if the compiler is installed on diskette rather
than fixed disk.
PACKAGING: The compiler, the run-time and debug libraries, and a
sample program, along with the latest version of the linker and
library manager, are supplied on two dual-sided diskettes with the
FORTRAN manuals.
       Orders for any quantity may be taken by NAD and NMD
representatives, and will be processed in the branch office.
       Orders for quantities less than 20 may be taken by the IBM
Product Centers. Each Product Center will accept and process orders
within its trading area.
                         Part      Feature    One-Time
Description              Number    Number     Charge
IBM Personal Computer
Professional FORTRAN     6024200   4200       $595
WARRANTED: Program - No. Provisions of the IBM Program License
Agreement apply.
IBM PROGRAM LICENSE AGREEMENT: A copy is packaged and shipped with
each program and is visible to the customer before the diskette
package is opened. The customer is advised that opening the diskette
package indicates acceptance of these terms and conditions. No
signature is required.
QUANTITY DISCOUNT AGREEMENT (QDA): This program is an eligible
licensed program under the Quantity Discount Agreement (QDA).  This
agreement (Z125-3412) and its exhibit (Z125-3413) provide terms and
conditions for volume discounting of programs. The discount schedule
for each program is based upon the number of qualified licensed
programs, as follows:
Quantity of Qualified
Eligible Licenses          Discount
20 -  49                   12%
50 - 149                   16%
150 or more                20%
       The quantity discount agreement is not available at IBM
Product Centers. Product Center single-delivery quantity discounts
are available.
Quantity             Discount
3-9                  5%
10-19                8%
EDUCATIONAL ALLOWANCE: Education allowance of 20% is available to
qualifying institutions.  The educational allowance is not additive
to any other discount or allowance.