Announcement Letter Number 287-332 dated June 30, 1987
US - Last Revised on June 30, 1987

Brief Description of Announcement, Charges, and Availability

       VSE/SP Version 3 is an additional step forward in the
evolution of VSE.  It incorporates new hardware support including the
new IBM 9370 processor family and functional enhancements.  The
excellent ease of use characteristics introduced with VSE/SP
Version 2 are expanded and improved.  Through the VSE/SP base
functions the individual VSE base components are integrated into an
operating system with a single system view.  With its usability and
new price characteristics (graduated one-time charges) it also
replaces SSX/VSE as the VSE entry system for data centers and
distributed environments.
       Reference:  Programming Announcement 286-430, dated October 7,
       Monthly License Charge:  $2,608
    Processor       One-Time
      Group          Charge
        10          $29,315
        20           51,305
        30           73,320
        40          102,740
       Note:  The above charges apply to a Full-function package of
VSE/SP Version 3.1.
       Planned Availability Date:  July 10, 1987

Customer Letter Section

       For complete highlights and descriptions please refer to
Programming Announcement 286-430, dated October 7, 1986.
       In addition to the functions described in the above
Programming Announcement, the following enhancements are available:
o   Updated VSE/SP Version 3.1 base products and optional programs
o   Interactive display function of VSE virtual storage utilization
o   Dialog support for CICS/DOS/VS 1.7 Resource Definition Online
    (RDO) and terminal AutoInstall function
o   Improved Intelligent Workstation Support (IWS)
    -   Application program API for CICS transaction access to Host
        Transfer File (HTF)
    -   VSE/SP Version 3 access to IBM-Token Ring network
    -   New support for VSE/SP Version 3 on VM
With VSE/SP Version 3.1.1 the following base licensed component
programs and optional licensed programs are available.
LICENSED                                     COMPONENT
PROGRAM                  COMPONENT           PROGRAM
FUNCTIONS                NAME                NUMBER         V.R.M.
System                   VSE/Advanced
Control                  Functions           5666-301       2.1.6
Networking               ACF/VTAM            5666-313       3.1.0
Control                  BTAM - ES           5746-RC5       1.1.0
Processing               CICS/DOS/VS         5746 - XX3     1.7.0
                         Plus Report
                         Feature             5746-XX3       1.7.0
Control                  VSE/ICCF            5666-302       2.1.1
Control                  VSE/POWER           5666-273       2.3.0
Management               VSE/VSAM            5746-AM2       1.3.0
                          Feature            5746-AM2       1.1.0
Utilities                VSE/VSAM
                           Feature           5746-AM2       1.2.0
                           DITTO for
                            VSE and VM       5668-722       2.1.0
                            Copy             5746-AM4       1.2.0
Support                  VSE/SP unique
                         Base Functions (1)  5666-345       3.1.1 (4)
Diagnosis                BTAM SCP (2)        5747-CG1       1.1.0
                         EREP (2,3)          5656-260       3.3.0 (5)
                         OLTEP (2)           5656-092       1.1.0
Support                  ICKDSF (2)          5747-DS2       1.8.0
1.  VSE/SP Version 3.1 base functions have been specially developed
    to make the usage of its component program functions easier
    (e.g., via the Interactive Interface) and to support the
    installation and service of optional IBM licensed programs.
2.  The SCP components BTAM SCP, EREP, OLTEP and Device Support
    Facility are delivered together with the pre-generated VSE/SP
    Version 3.1.  They are, however, not part of the Licensed Program
    Specifications of VSE/SP Version 3.1.
3.  Includes functional feature #1 for IBM 9370 support.
4.  Modification level has been updated with VSE/SP Version 3.1.1.
5.  Release level has been updated with VSE/SP Version 3.1.1.
PROGRAM                                 PROGRAM
NAME                                    NUMBER            V.R.M
System Control
   VSE/Access Control --
   Logging and Reporting                5746-XE7          1.2.0
   VSE/OCCF                             5746-XC5          1.2.0
Network Control (3)
   ACF/NCP (3725)                       5668-854          4.1.0
   ACF/SSP for VSE                      5666-322          3.2.0
   ACF/NCP Version 4
     Subset                             5668-754          4.1.0
PROGRAM                                 PROGRAM
NAME                                    NUMBER            V.R.M
EP for 3725                             5735-XXB          1.3.0
   NCCF                                 5666-285          2.2.0
   NPDA                                 5666-295          3.2.0
     TARA Feature
     for 3600/4700                      5666-295          N/A
   NLDM                                 5668-971          1.3.0
     Feature                            5666-313          1.1.0 (1)
Remote Control/Support
   DSX                                  5668-915          3.2.0  (1)
   VSE/DSNX                             5666-284          1.2.0  (1)
Compiler and Tools
   SORT/MERGE II                        5746-SM2          2.5.0
   DMS/CICS                             5746-XC4          1.4.1
     AGF Feature                        5746-XC4          N/A
    Plus Libraries                      5746-CB1          1.3.0
   DOS/VS RPG II                        5746-RG1          1.3.0
    Compiler/Libraries                  5736-PL3          1.6.0
    Optimizing Compiler                 5736-PL1          1.6.0
    Resident Library                    5736-LM4          1.6.0
    Transient Library                   5736-LM5          1.6.0
    FTP                                 5668-932          2.2.0
   SDF/CICS                             5746-XXT          1.5.0 (2)
   CICSPARS/VSE                         5666-329          1.1.1 (1)
Data Base
   SQL/DS                               5748-XXJ          1.3.5
     SQL/DS NL Features                 5748-XXJ          N/A
   DL/I DOS/VS                          5746-XX1          1.7.1
   Query DL/I                           5666-351          1.1.1 (1)
DP and Business Professional Support
   DISPF/VSE                            5666-361          1.1.1 (2)
   CSP/AD                               5668-813          3.1.1 (2)
   CSP/AE                               5668-814          3.1.1 (2)
   CSP/Q                                5668-918          1.2.1
   GDDM/VSE                             5666-328          2.1.0
     GDDM/VSE NL Feature                5666-328          N/A
   GDDM-PGF                             5668-812          2.1.0
     GDDM-PGF NL Feature                5668-812          N/A
   GDDM-IVU                             5668-723          2.1.0 (1)
     GDDM-IVU NL Feature                5668-723          N/A
   GDDM-IMD                             5668-801          2.1.0
   INFO/System                          5735-OZS          1.1.2
   ISPF                                 5668-960          1.1.0
   ISPF/PDF                             5666-281          1.1.0
   QMF/VSE                              5666-292          1.1.0
   QMF/VSE NL Feature                   5666-292          N/A
Office Support
   DM/VSE                               5666-339          1.1.2 (2)
   DISOSS/370                           5666-270          3.3.0
   Personal Services/370                5666-318          1.2.0
1.  New program added to the VSE/SP V3.1 optional program list.
2.  Program has been updated with VSE/SP V3.1.1 .
3.  The respective NCP programs (ACF/NCP V2.1, ACF/SSP V2.2.1
    including NCP/SSP SCP EP feature) for IBM 3705 support can be
    ordered and installed outside the VSE/SP V3.1 package.
With VSE/SP Version 3.1.1 a new interactive function is available
which provides an easy display of the VSE virtual storage
Dialog support of dynamic workstation configuration changes is now
provided with the VSE/SP Version 3.1 Interactive Interface.  VSE/SP

uses the new CICS/DOS/VS RDO and AutoInstall functions to allow
dynamic changes/additions of the VSE/SP workstation configuration.
New display units/workstation printers can be added or changed
without disrupting the ongoing CICS production work.  In addition,
repeated assemblies caused by erroneous terminal characteristic
definitions are avoided.
A documented Application Program Interface (API) allows CICS
transactions to have a generalized access to the VSE/SP Host Transfer
File (HTF).
VSE/SP Version 3.1 expands the IBM System/370 host connect
capabilities of the IBM Token-Ring by providing gateway functions to
the Token-Ring via a IBM 3174 Model 1L configured with the IBM
Token-Ring network IBM 3270 Gateway feature (#3025).
SUPPORT FOR VSE/SP VERSION 3 ON VM:  In addition to the announced VM
support, VSE/SP Version 3.1 will run in the following VM
    VM/XA System Facility Release 1
    VM/XA System Facility Release 2
    VM/SP Release 4 with or without HPO Release 4.2
    VM/SP Release 5 with or without HPO Release 5
       Only basic VSE/SP Version 3.1 publications are shipped with
the package.  Base component publications must be ordered separately.
For a list of publications see Unlicensed Documentation section.
       Additional copies of basic publications are available for a
fee.  To order, contact your IBM representative.
       The VSE/SP General Information GC33-6176 is available
immediately.  To order, contact your IBM representative.
       The VSE/SP Version 3.1 unique Base Function publications
concentrate on system related tasks.  They help to install and use
the system without the need to know detailed information contained in
the publications of the separate component programs.  However, they
do not cover all details of the VSE/SP Version 3.1 component
programs.  Customers can, therefore, also get the manuals of the
individual programs as described in Attachment A.
       Program Directories for the individual optional IBM licensed
programs are part of the optional IBM licensed program shipment.
       The planned availability date is July 10, 1987.
       For detailed information on the specified operating
environment please refer to Programming Announcement 286-430, dated
October 7, 1986.  In addition the following should be considered:
       If VSE/SP Version 3.1 is running on an IBM 9370 Information
System without channel-attached printer, the CICS/DOS/VS 1.7.0 Report
Controller feature is required.
VSE/SP V3.1 STRUCTURE:  As announced with Programming Announcement
286-430, dated October 7, 1986, VSE/SP Version 3.1 is composed of a
number of system control programs, licensed base program components
and the VSE/SP unique Base Functions.  The structure is different
from that of VSE/SP Version 2.1.  The customer is licensed and
registered for each base program component under its individual
program number and the VSE/SP unique Base Functions.
       The customer may order a FULL-FUNCTION PACKAGE which includes
all the VSE/SP Version 3.1 base component programs.
       The option of taking a VSE/SP Version 3.1 PARTIAL-FUNCTION
PACKAGE without the full complement of licensed base programs is also
NOTE:  A Partial-function Package order must always include
VSE/Advanced Functions (5666-301) and the VSE/SP Version 3.1 unique
Base Functions (5666-345).
       Customers who wish to install a VSE/SP Version 3.1
Partial-function Package will receive a package which includes the
full set of base program components.  With a VSE/System Package
memo-to-users, permission will be given to use all of the components
solely for the purpose of installing the VSE/SP Version 3.1.  The
customer is then required to delete the components for which the
customer is not licensed.  Special delete procedures are provided to
ease the deletion of the unwanted base components.
       The VSE/SP Version 3.1 optional IBM licensed program set
consists of a selected number of products which can be ordered in
addition to VSE/SP and are shipped on a stacked VSE/SP optional
program tape.  Contact your IBM marketing representative to order.
       To order VSE/SP Version 3.1 provide the following:
1.  Select VSE/SP Version 3.1 Full or Partial package
2.  If Partial-function, indicate base components to be ordered
3.  Select optional VSE/SP 3.1.1 licensed programs
4.  Select license option - Basic or DSLO; if Basic select
    distribution media
5.  Indicate MLC or OTC
6.  Specify optional material required
7.  If OTC, specify processor group
       NOTE:  The Processor Group can be determined by referring to
either the Exhibit for IBM Machines (Z125-3901) or the Exhibit for
Non-IBM Machines (Z125-3902) that are associated with the Graduated
Charges Amendment to the Agreement for IBM Licensed Programs
       Ordering a DSLO feature will result in IBM Software
Distribution maintaining a record of this customer location as a DSLO
user only.  All material for the DSLO license must be ordered by the
basic licensee.  If a user selects DSLO, no other feature numbers are
valid for this order and no program materials or updates will be
       When the Partial-function Package is ordered, special delete
instructions will be shipped with the package and must be followed by
the customer to remove those component products for which the
customer is not licensed.
Orders for new licensees will be accepted now.  Orders entered prior
to the planned availability date will be scheduled for shipment July
17, 1987.  Orders entered after the planned availability date will be
scheduled for the week following order entry.
       VSE/SP Version 3.1 is:
TYPE                MODEL
5666                345
PROGRAM UPGRADE:  OTC program upgrade options are offered that allow
currently licensed OTC users of SSX/VSE, VSE/SP Version 1.1 and
VSE/SP Version 2.1 to obtain the new function for a program upgrade
       These upgrades are available for Basic and DSLO licenses.
       As announced in Programming Announcement 286-430 and 286-432,
dated October 7, 1986, the following upgrades to VSE/SP Version 3.1
are available:
                     PROGRAM                                 PROGRAM
FROM                 NUMBER              TO                  NUMBER
SSX/VSE              5666-265     VSE/SP Version 3
                                  Full-Function              5666-345
SSX/VSE                           VSE/SP Version 3
PRPQ                 5799-BNF     Full-Function              5666-345
       Customers migrating from 5666-265 or 5799-BNF can only migrate
to VSE/SP Version 3 Full-function Package.  The upgrade will be into
the Processor Group 40.
                     PROGRAM                                 PROGRAM
FROM                 NUMBER              TO                  NUMBER
VSE/SP Version 1                  VSE/SP Version 3
Production           5666-296     Full-Function              5666-345
VSE/SP Version 1                  VSE/SP Version 3
Production           5666-296     Partial-Function           5666-345
VSE/SP Version 1                  VSE/SP Version 3
Production PRPQ      5799-BNB     Full-Function              5666-345
VSE/SP Version 1                  VSE/SP Version 3
Production PRPQ      5799-BNB     Partial-Function           5666-345
VSE/SP Version 1                  VSE/SP Version 3
Generation           5666-297     Full-Function              5666-345
VSE/SP Version 1                  VSE/SP Version 3
Generation           5666-297     Partial-Function           5666-345
VSE/SP Version 1                  VSE/SP Version 3
Generation PRPQ      5799-BNC     Full-Function              5666-345
VSE/SP Version 1                  VSE/SP Version 3

Generation PRPQ      5799-BNC     Partial-Function           5666-345
       To upgrade from VSE/SP Version 1 to VSE/SP Version 3 an
administrative upgrade via VSE/SP Version 2 will be done.  Note that
this process will be transparent to the order and no tapes for VSE/SP
Version 2 will be shipped.
       The VSE/SP Version 3.1 Full-function customer will be billed
for the sum of the following:
       The upgrade charge from VSE/SP Version 1 to Version 2 and the
upgrade charge from VSE/SP Version 2 to Version 3, which is comprised
of the price for the VSE/SP Version 3.1 unique Base Functions, the
upgrade charge for VSE/VTAM Version 2 to Version 3, the upgrade
charge for DITTO for VM and VSE from Version 1 to Version 2, and the
CICS/DOS/VSE Report Controller feature.
       The VSE/SP Version 3.1 Partial-function customer will be
billed for the sum of the following:
       The upgrade charge from VSE/SP Version 1 to Version 2, the
charge for for VSE/SP Version 3.1 unique Base Functions, and, if
applicable, the upgrade charge for VSE/VTAM Version 2 to Version 3,
the upgrade charge for DITTO for VM and VSE from Version 1 to
Version 2, and the CICS/DOS/VSE Report Controller feature.
                     PROGRAM                                 PROGRAM
FROM                 NUMBER              TO                  NUMBER
VSE/SP Version 2                  VSE/SP Version 3
Full-Function        5666-316     Full-Function              5666-345
VSE/SP Version 2                  VSE/SP Version 3
Full-Function        5666-316     Partial-Function           5666-345
VSE/SP Version 2                  VSE/SP Version 3
PRPQ                 5799-BWH     Full-Function              5666-345
VSE/SP Version 2                  VSE/SP Version 3
PRPQ                 5799-BWH     Partial-Function           5666-345
Customers can migrate from VSE/SP Version 2 Full-function, 5666-316,
or from VSE/SP Version 2 Partial-function PRPQ, 5799-BWH, to VSE/SP
Version 3 Full-function Package, or VSE/SP Version 3 Partial-function
       With the VSE/SP Version 3 Full-function Package the customer
is licensed for all base program components and the VSE/SP Version 3
unique Base Functions.  With the VSE/SP Version 3 Partial-function
Package the customer is only licensed for the requested base program
components and the VSE/SP Version 3 unique Base Functions and VSE/AF
Version 2.1.
       The upgrade charge the customer will be billed is the sum of
the VSE/SP Version 3 unique Base Functions plus, if applicable, the
upgrade prices of ACF/VTAM Version 3 (5666-313), DITTO for VSE and VM
Version 2 (5668-722), and the CICS/DOS/VS (5666-XX3) Report
Controller feature.
BASIC MACHINE-READABLE MATERIAL:  Basic machine-readable material
will be shipped on 9/1600, 9/6250, tapes or on 3480 Cartridges.
material is available on request for the following VSE/SP Version 3.1
base components.  To order, select the appropriate option for the
desired distribution medium 9/1600, 9/6250, or 3480 Cartridge.
VSE/AF                        5666-301
VSE/OLTEP SCP                 5656-092
VSE/ICCF                      5666-302
VSE/POWER                     5666-273
VSE/VSAM                      5746-AM2
  Space Management            5746-AM2
  Backup/Restore              5746-AM2
VSE/CICS/DOS/VS               5746-XX3
VSE/Fastcopy                  5746-AM4
VSE BTAM-ES                   5746-RC5
VSE BTAM SCP                  5747-CG1
VSE ACF/VTAM                  5666-313
UNLICENSED DOCUMENTATION:  A memo, program directory and one copy of
the following publications are supplied automatically with the basic
machine-readable material.
       The following VSE/SP publications are shipped with VSE/SP
Version 3.1:
TITLE                                        NUMBER
VSE/SP Migration **                          SC33-6179
VSE/SP Licensed Program
  Specifications                             GC33-6302
VSE/SP Installation Planning                 SC33-6303
VSE/SP System Planning                       SC33-6304
VSE/SP Installation                          SC33-6305
VSE/SP Administration                        SC33-6306
VSE/SP Operation                             SC33-6307
VSE/SP Using IBM 3270 Display
  Stations and Personal Computers            SC33-6308
VSE/SP Communications and
  Networking                                 SC33-6309
VSE/SP Messages and Codes                    SC33-6310
VSE/SP Guide for Solving
  Problems                                   SC33-6311
VSE/SP Master Index                          SC33-6312
** Required for migration from VSE Version 1 environments or from
   DOS/VSE environments.  Note that migration from VSE/SP Version 2
   to Version 3 is covered via VSE/SP planning manuals.
LICENSED DOCUMENTATION:  For VSE/SP Version 3.1 base components the
following licensed material and microfiche is available from IBM
Software Distribution immediately.  To order, contact your IBM
marketing representative.
       The first copy is available at no charge to licensees of basic
material by ordering the 7XXX feature number.  Use the 8XXX feature
number to order additional copies for a fee.
       The following licensed documentation can be ordered by feature
number as a feature of the individual products.
SINGLE                                 ADDITIONAL COPIES
COPY                                                        PSEUDO
FEATURE                        FEATURE       FORM           FORM
NUMBER   TITLE                 NUMBER        NUMBER         NUMBER
VSE/Advanced Functions -- 5666-301 -- 2.1.6
7040  LIOCS V1                     8053      LY33-9116-0    LT73-9116
7040  LIOCS V2                     8054      LY33-9117-0    LT73-9117
7040  LIOCS V3                     8055      LY33-9118-0    LT73-9118
7040  LIOCS V4                     8056      LY33-9119-0    LT73-9119
7040  Logic Transients
        and $IJBSxxx               8046      LY33-9109-0    LT73-9109
7040  IPL and Job
        Control                    8047      LY33-9110-0    LT73-9110
7040  Linkage Editor               8049      LY33-9112-0    LT73-9112
7040  Serviceability
        Aids                       8052      LY33-9115-1    LQ73-9115
7040  Librarian                    8048      LY33-9111-0    LT73-9111
7040  System Utilities             8051      LY33-9114-0    LT73-9114
7040  MSHP Diagnostic
        Reference                  8050      LY33-9113-0    LT73-9113
7040  Supervisor                   8044      LY33-9107-0    LT73-9107
7040  Error Recovery
       Transients                  8045      LY33-9108-0    LT73-9108
7055  Assembler                    8475      LYC7-2011-02   LT00-1099
7050  MSHP                         8063      LYC7-2048-00   LTC7-2048
7050  Control Library              8062      LYC7-2047-00   LTC7-2047
7050  Access Methods               8058      LYC7-2043-00   LTC7-2043
7050  ICA Utilities                8059      LYC7-2044-00   LTC7-2044
7050  OC/MC                        8060      LYC7-2045-00   LTC7-2045
7050  Special Device
        Support                    8061      LYC7-2046-00   LTC7-2046
VSE/VSAM, Backup/Restore Feature and Space
Management Feature -- 5746-AM2 -- 1.3.0, 1.1.0, 1.2.0
7250  Fiche-VSE/VSAM               8296      LYB4-6102-2    LT00-0891
7240  Logic Vol 1
        VSE/VSAM                   8293      LY24-5191-2    LT00-0892
7240  Logic Vol 2
        VSE/VSAM                   8294      LY24-5192-2    LT00-2435
7240  AMS Logic                    8295      LY24-5195-1    LQ64-5195
7351  Fiche-B/R
        Feature                    8353      LYC7-0470-1    LTC7-0470
7441  Logic-B/R
        Feature                    8354      LY24-5213-1    LQ64-5213
7350  Fiche-SAM
        Feature                    8452      LYB4-6109-0    LTB4-6109
7440  Logic-SAM
        Feature                    8303      LY24-5204-1    LQ64-5204
VSE/POWER -- 5666-273 -- 2.3.0
7350  Fiche:
        VSE/POWER                  8093      LYC7-0501-0    LTC7-0501
7040  Program Logic                8017      LY12-5027-5    LT00-2043
VSE/ICCF -- 5666-302 -- 2.1.1
7050  Listings -- Fiche            8043      LYC7-0494-0    LTC7-0494
7040  Diagnosis
        Reference                  8042      LY33-9120-0    LT73-9120
VSE/Fast Copy -- 5746-AM4 -- 1.2.0
7040  Diagnosis
        Reference                  8305      LY33-9090-1    LT73-9090
7050  Microfiche                   8320      LYC7-0469-1    LQC7-0469
CICS/DOS/VS -- 5746-XX3 -- 1.7.0
7041  Remote Server
        Diagnosis                  8543      LC33-0438-0    LT33-0438
7142  Data Areas
        (DOS/VS)                   8534      LY33-6033-3    LT00-2398
7143  Diagnosis
        Reference                  8535      LC33-0105-2    LT00-2395
7150  Source Listings --
        Fiche                      8538      LYA4-3020-0    LTA4-3020
ACF/VTAM -- 5666-313 -- 3.1.0
7040  Diagnosis
        Reference                  8078      LY30-5582-1    LT70-5582
7040  Data Areas                   8079      LY30-5579-1    LT70-5579
7050  Assembly
        Listings --
        Fiche                      8080      LYC7-3021-0    LTC7-3021
BTAM-ES -- 5746-RC5 and BTAM SCP -- 5747-CG1 -- 1.1.0
7050  Fiche                        8155      LJB1-0407-0    LTB1-0407
7040  Logic                        8154      LY27-8030-0    LT67-8030
There is no licensed documentation available for the following base
component products of VSE/SP Version 3.1.1:
PROGRAM                                      NUMBER            V.R.M.
VSE/OLTEP                                    5656-092          1.1.0
DITTO for VSE and VM                         5668-722          2.1.0
EREP                                         5656-260          3.3.0
Device Support Facilities                    5747-DS2          1.8.0
The following licensed documentation can be ordered by feature number
with the licensed program number of the individual programs.
SINGLE                                 ADDITIONAL COPIES
COPY                                                        PSEUDO
FEATURE                        FEATURE       FORM           FORM
NUMBER   TITLE                 NUMBER        NUMBER         NUMBER
DL/I DOS/VS -- 5746-XX1 -- 1.7.1
7550  Fiche                        8545      LYC7-0502-0    LTC7-0502
7240  Logic Manual
        Volumr 1                   8528      LY12-5016-7    LT00-1501
7240  Logic Manual
        Volume 2                   8521      LY24-5215-1    LQ64-5215
7440  Logic Extensions             8544      LY33-9123-0    LT73-9123
ACF/SSP -- 5666-322 -- 3.2.0
7040  NCP/SSP
        Guide                      8090      LY30-5591-0    LT70-5591
7040  ACF/SSP
        Reference                  8175      LY30-5564-1    LQ70-5564
7050  Fiche -- Source
        Listing VSE                8091      LYC7-3039-0    LTC7-3039
ACF/NCP -- 5668-854 -- 4.1.0
7040  ACF/NCP Version 1
        Release 4
        Reference                  8153      LY30-5569-1    LT70-5569
7040  Reference
        and Data
        Areas--3725                8154      LY30-5570-1    LQ70-5570
7040  ACF/NCP V1R4
        Customization              8152      LY30-5571-1    LT70-5571
7051  Fiche -- Source
        Listing                    8179      LYC7-3041-0    LTC7-3041
ACF/NCP SUBSET -- 5668-754 -- 4.1.0
7040  ACF/NCP Version 1
        Release 4
        Reference                  8195      LY30-5569-1    LT70-5569
7040  Reference
        and Data
        Areas--3725                8194      LY30-5570-1    LQ70-5570
7040  ACF/NCP Version 1
        Release 4
        Customization              8169      LY30-5571-1    LT70-5571
7051  Fiche -- Source
        Listing                    8198      LYC7-3045-0    LTC7-3045
Emulation Program (EP) for 3725 -- 5735-XXB -- 1.3.0
7041  EP for 3725 Logic            8286      LY30-3195-0    LT70-3195
7041  Reference
        Summary and
        Data Areas                 8276      LY30-5570-0    LQ70-5570
7152  Microfiche
        EP/3725                    8285      LYC7-3043-0    LTC7-3043
NCCF -- 5666-285 -- 2.2.0
7040  NCCF Diagnosis               8149      LY30-5562-1    LT70-5562
7050  Assembler
        Microfiche                 8040      LYC7-3011-0    LTC7-3011
NPDA and NPDA Threshold Analysis
  Feature -- 5666-295 -- 3.2.0
7350  NPDA Source
        Code Fiche                 8087      LYC7-3002-0    LTC7-3002
7450  3600/4700
        Listing                    8086      LYC7-3006-0    LTC7-3006
DOS/VS COBOL Compiler and Library -- 5746-CB1 -- 1.3.0
8420  Fiche**                      8420      LYC7-5050-8    LQC7-5050
7441  Logic                        8417      LY28-6423-2    LQ68-6423
7441  Logic                        8418      LY28-6424-1    LT68-6424
**First copy not free
DOS/VS RPG II -- 5746-RG1 -- 1.3.0
7450  Microfiche
        Listings                   8384      LJD3-3800-2    LTD3-3800
7440  Logic                        8383      LY33-9062-2    LT00-0605
DOS/PLI Optimizing Compiler and
  Libraries --  5736-PL3 -- 1.6.0
8425  Resident Fiche**             8425      LJB6-0054-0    LTB6-0054
8426  Transient Fiche**            8426      LJB6-0055-0    LTB6-0055
8427  Compiler Fiche**             8427      LJB6-0053-0    LTB6-0053
7441  Compiler Logic               8428      LY33-6010-2    LQ73-6010
7441  Resident Logic               8429      LY33-6011-2    LT73-6011
7441  Transient Logic              8430      LY33-6012-1    LT73-6012
**First copy not free
Personal Services/370 -- 5666-318 -- 1.2.0
7040  Diagnosing
        Problems                   8180      LY30-5596-0    LT70-5596
DISOSS/370 -- 5666-270 -- 3.3.0
7240  DISOSS Diagnosis             8179      LY30-5590-1    LT70-5590
DOS/PLI Resident Library -- 5736-LM4 -- 1.6.0
8433  Resident Fiche**             8433      LJB6-0054-0    LTB6-0054
7441  Resident Logic               8434      LY33-6011-2    LT73-6011
**First copy not free
DOS/PLI Transient Library -- 5736-LM5 -- 1.6.0
8435  Transient Fiche**            8435      LJB6-0055-0    LTB6-0055
7441  Transient Logic              8436      LY33-6012-1    LT73-6012
**First copy not free
DOS/PLI Optimizing Compiler -- 5736-PL1 -- 1.6.0
8431  Compiler
        Listings**                 8431      LJB6-0053-0    LTB6-0053
7441  Compiler Logic               8432      LY33-6010-2    LQ73-6010
**First copy not free
Sort/Merge II -- 5746-SM2 -- 2.5.0
7401  Program Logic                8203      LY33-8044-2    LQ73-8044
7501  Fiche                        8436      LYC7-0905-3    LQC7-0905
Info System -- 5735-OZS -- 1.1.2
7401  Logic and
        Diagnosis                  8231      LY25-0013-0    LT65-0013
7501  Listings Fiche               8269      LJA0-0339-1    LTA0-0339
VSE/OCCF -- 5746-XC5 -- 1.2.0
7040  Diagnosis
        Reference                  8284      LY33-9097-2    LT00-1666
7050  Listings Fiche               8285      LYC7-0471-1    LQC7-0471
VSE/Access Control -- Logging and
Reporting -- 5746-XE7 -- 1.2.0
7450  Fiche                        8201      LYC7-0485-0    LTC7-0485
7240  Diagnosis
        Reference                  8200      LY12-5032-1    LQ52-5032
CICS/Screen Definition Facility -- 5746-XXT -- 1.5.0
7040  Program Logic                8546      LY19-6066-1    LT59-6066
7041  Diagnosis
        Reference                  8547      LJD3-6065-1    LTD3-6065
7050  Microfiche                   8178      LJD3-6002-4    LQD3-6002
There is no licensed documentation available for the following
PROGRAM                                      NUMBER            V.R.M.
CICSPARS/VSE                                 5666-329          1.1.1
CSP/AD                                       5668-813          3.1.1
CSP/AE                                       5668-814          3.1.1
CSP/Q                                        5668-918          1.2.1
DISPF/VSE                                    5666-361          1.1.1
DM/VSE                                       5666-339          1.1.2
DMS/CICS/VS AND DMS/AGF                      5746-XC4          1.4.1
DSNX                                         5666-284          1.2.0
DSX                                          5666-915          3.2.0
File Transfer Program                        5668-932          2.2.0
GDDM/VSE                                     5666-328          2.1.0
GDDM-IMD                                     5668-801          2.1.0
GDDM-PGF                                     5668-812          2.1.0
GDDM-IVU                                     5668-723          2.1.0
ISPF                                         5668-960          1.1.0
ISPF/PDF                                     5666-281          1.1.0
NLDM                                         5668-971          1.3.0
QMF/VSE                                      5666-292          1.1.0
Query DL/I                                   5666-351          1.1.1
SQL/Data System                              5748-XXJ          1.3.5
X.25 CAS                                     5666-313          1.1.0
       Customers registered for licensed material will receive all
updates automatically.
       Except for the following, please refer to Programming
Announcement 286-430, dated October 7, 1986 for the applicable terms
and conditions.
PROGRAM SERVICES:  Program services for VSE/SP Version 3.1 remain as
stated in Programming Announcement 286-430, dated October 7, 1986,
and Marketing Announcement 386-166, dated December 16, 1986.
PROGRAM CURRENCY:  Program service currency termination for VSE
Version 1 and related products has been announced with Programming
Announcement 287-176, dated May 05, 1987.
       Please refer to Programming Announcement 286-430, dated
October 7, 1986.
       Processor group upgrades for graduated OTC are also available.
The applicable charges are the arithmetic difference between the
charges published in the respective processor groups.

                            ATTACHMENT A
       SLSS KEY = 7706
SLSS ID = 7799-DHA    VSE/Advanced Functions
-- 5666-301 -- 2.1.6
                                              FORM          FORM
            TITLE                             NUMBER        NUMBER
Fixed Block DASD Installation/Conversion      GC20-1879-0   GT20-1879
EREP User's Guide and Reference               GC28-1378-1   GQ28-1378
OS/VS-DOS/VSE-VM/370 Assembler Language       GC33-4010-5   GQ33-4010
Guide to the DOS/VSE Assembler                GC33-4024-3   GT00-0656
VSE/OLTEP Installation and Operation          GC33-6156-1   GQ33-6156
VSE/Advanced Functions Licensed Program
  Specifications                              GC33-6190-3   GT00-2388
VSE/Advanced Functions System Management
  Guide                                       SC33-6191-2   ST33-6191
VSE/Advanced Functions Data Management
  Concepts                                    GC33-6192-1   GT33-6192
VSE/Advanced Functions Planning and
  Installation                                SC33-6193-2   SQ33-6193
VSE/Advanced Functions Operation              SC33-6194-2   SQ33-6194
VSE/Advanced Functions Service Aids           SC33-6195-2   ST33-6195
VSE/AF Application Program Macro
  User's Guide                                SC33-6196-1   ST33-6196
VSE/AF Application Program Macro Reference    SC33-6197-2   SQ33-6197
VSE/Advanced Functions System Control
  Statements                                  SC33-6198-2   SQ33-6198
VSE/Advanced Functions MSHP Reference         SC33-6199-2   SQ33-6199
Device Support Facilities User's Guide
  and Reference                               GC35-0033-11  GT00-2389
VSE/Advanced Functions Reference Summary      GX33-9010-0   GT00-1516
SLSS ID = 7799-DHB     VSE/VSAM, Backup/Restore & Space Mngmnt Feats
-- 5746-AM2 -- 1.3.0, 1.1.0, 1.2.0
Using Commands and Macros                     SC24-5144-3   ST00-2390
Programmer's Reference                        SC24-5145-3   ST00-2391
VSE/VSAM Licensed Program Specifications      GC24-5190-5   GT00-0887
Using VSE/VSAM Space Management for SAM       SC24-5192-0   ST24-5192
Backup/Restore Feature                        SC24-5216-1   SQ24-5216
-- 5666-273 -- 2.3.0
VSE/POWER Networking User's Guide             SC33-6140-4   ST00-2392
VSE/POWER Application Programming             SC33-6276-0   ST33-6276
VSE/POWER Licensed Program                    GH12-5242-7   GT00-2028
VSE/POWER Remote Job Entry User's Guide       SH12-5328-5   ST00-2393
VSE/POWER Installation and Operations Guide   SH12-5329-6   ST00-2394
VSE/POWER Reference Summary                   SH12-5435-5   ST00-2042
HONE ID = 7799-DHJ     BTAM-ES and BTAM SCP -- 5746-RC5
                       and 5747-CG1 -- 1.1.0
BTAM-ES Licensed Program Specifications       GC38-0291-0   GT38-0291
Programming Reference                         SC38-0293-0   ST38-0293
Installation                                  SC38-0294-0   ST38-0294
-- 5666-302 -- 2.1.1
VSE/ICCF Licensed Program Specifications      GC33-6201-1   GQ33-6201
VSE/ICCF Installation and Operations
  Reference                                   SC33-6203-2   SQ33-6203
VSE/ICCF Terminal User's Guide                SC33-6204-2   SQ33-6204
VSE/ICCF Introduction to Interactive
  Programming                                 SC33-6202-1   SQ33-6202
VSE/ICCF Reference Summary                    GX33-9011-0   GT00-1520
SLSS ID = 7799-DHL    DITTO for VSE and VM
-- 5668-722 -- 2.1.0
DITTO/VSE User's Guide and Reference          SH19-8102-0   GT39-8102
DITTO/VSE Licensed Program Specefications     GH19-8103-0   GT39-8103
DITTO/VSE Reference Summary                   SX11-6101-0   ST00-2029
SLSS ID = 7799-DHF    VSE/Fastcopy
-- 5746-AM4 -- 1.2.0
VSE/Fastcopy Licensed Program Specifications  GC33-6080-3   GT00-2030
VSE/Fastcopy Data Set Installation Reference  SC33-6082-2   ST00-2106
-- 5666-313 -- 3.1.0
ACF/VTAM Licensed Program Specifications      GC23-0109-2   GT00-2057
Network Program Products Planning             SC23-0110-2   SQ23-0110
Installation and Resource Definition          SC23-0111-3   SQ23-0111
VTAM Customization                            SC23-0112-3   SQ23-0112
Operation                                     SC23-0113-3   SQ23-0113
Messages and Codes                            SC23-0014-3   SQ23-0114
VTAM Diagnosis Guide                          SC23-0116-3   ST23-0116
Programming                                   SC23-0115-1   ST23-0115
ACF/VTAM Network Program Products
  Bibliography                                GC23-0134-0   GT23-0134
ACF/VTAM Reference Summary                    SC23-0135-0   ST23-0135
-- 5746-XX3 -- 1.7.0
Application Programmer Reference
  (Command Level)                             SC33-0077-5   ST00-2405
Application Programmer Reference
  (Macro Level)                               SC33-0079-5   ST00-2406
Application Programmer Reference
  (RPG II)                                    SC33-0085-2   ST00-1026
Application Programmer Reference
  (RPG II) TNL Only                           SN33-6314-0   ST00-2401
Application Programmer Reference
  Summary (Command)                           GX33-6012-5   GT00-2407
CICS-Supplied Transactions                    SC33-0080-4   ST00-2397
CICS/DOS/VS Application Programming Primer    SC33-0139-0   ST33-0139
CICS/DOS/VS Licensed Program Specifications   GC33-0493-0   GT33-0493
Customization Guide                           SC33-0131-2   SQ33-0131
Facilities and Planning Guide                 SC33-0228-0   ST33-0228
IBM 3270 Data Stream Device Guide             SC33-0096-2   ST00-2399
IBM 3650/3680 Guide                           SC33-0073-3   ST00-2402
IBM 3767/3770/6670 Guide                      SC33-0074-3   ST00-2403
IBM 3790/3730/8100 Guide                      SC33-0075-5   ST00-2404
IBM 4700/3600/3630 Guide                      SC33-0072-3   ST00-2400
Installation and Operations Guide             SC33-0070-6   ST00-2396
Intercommunication Facilities Guide           SC33-0133-2   SQ33-0133
Library Guide                                 GC33-0356-1   GQ33-0356
Master Index                                  SC33-0095-5   ST00-2412
Messages and Codes                            SC33-0081-4   ST00-2411
Performance Data                              SC33-0219-1   ST00-2413
Performance Guide                             SC33-0134-2   ST00-2410
Problem Determination Guide                   SC33-0089-3   ST00-2408
Program Debugging Rererence Summary           SX33-6010-5   ST00-2409
Recovery and Restart Guide                    SC33-0135-2   SQ33-0135
Release Guide                                 GC33-0130-2   GT00-2031
Report Controller User's Guide                SC33-0382-0   ST33-0382
Resource Definition (Macro)                   SC33-0149-3   SQ33-0149
Resource Definition (Online)                  SC33-0238-0   ST33-0238
-- 5746-XX1 -- 1.7.1
Specifications                                GH24-5031-1   GQ44-5031
High Level Programming Interface              SH24-5009-2   ST00-1503
Diagnostic Guide                              SH24-5002-4   ST00-1505
Guide for New Users                           SH24-5001-4   ST00-1506
Messages and Codes                            SH12-5414-9   ST00-2105
Data Base Administration                      SH24-5011-1   SQ44-5011
Resource Definition and Utilities             SH24-5021-1   SQ44-5021
Interactive Resource Definition and Utilities SH24-5029-0   ST44-5029
Recovery/Restart Guide                        SH24-5030-0   ST44-5030
Data Base Design                              SH24-5022-1   SQ44-5022
CALL and RQDLI Interfaces                     SH12-5411-6   ST00-1508
Low Level Continuity Check Programming
  Reference                                   SH20-9046-3   SQ40-9046
Program Installation Directory                SC33-6211-1   ST33-6211
Library Guide and Master Index                GH24-5008-1   GQ44-5008

Reference: High-Level Programming             SX24-5120-2   ST00-1509
Reference: Call Programming                   SX24-5103-4   ST00-1510
Reference: System Programming                 SX24-5104-4   ST00-1511
SLSS ID = 7799-DNB    ACF/NCP for 3725
-- 5668-854 -- 4.1.0
Licensed Program Specifications               GC30-9583-1   GT30-9583
Network Program Products: Planning            SC23-0110-2   SQ23-0110
ACF/NCP Migration                             SC30-3252-1   ST30-3252
ACF/NCP-SSP Installation and Resource
  Definition Guide                            SC30-3253-1   SQ30-3253
ACF/NCP-SSP Messages and Codes                SC30-3169-6   ST00-2058
ACF/NCP-SSP Resource Definition Reference     SC30-3254-1   SQ30-3254
ACF/NCP-SSP Diagnosis Guide                   SC30-3255-0   ST30-3255
Network Program Products:
  General Information                         GC23-0108-1   GT23-0108
SLSS ID = 7799-DNP    ACF/NCP Version 4 Subset
-- 5668-754 -- 4.1.0
Licensed Program Specifications               GC30-9597-0   GT30-9597
NCP, SSP Migration                            SC30-3252-1   ST30-3252
Network Program Products:
  General Information                         GC30-3350-0   GT30-3350
Network Program Products: Planning            SC30-3351-0   GT30-3351
Network Program Products:
  Storage Estimating                          SC30-3403-1   GT30-3403
-- 5666-322 -- 3.2.0
NCP, SSP Resource Definition Guide            SC30-3349-0   ST30-3349
NCP, SSP Generation and Loading Guide         SC30-3348-0   ST30-3348
NCP, SSP Resource Definition Reference        SC30-3254-1   SQ30-3254
NCP, SSP Messages and Codes                   SC30-3169-6   ST00-2058
Network Program Products:
  General Information                         SC30-3350-0   GT30-3350
Network Program Products Planning             SC30-3351-0   ST30-3351
Network Program Products:
  Storage Estimating                          SC30-3403-1   ST30-3403
Licensed Program Specifications               GC30-9585-1   GT30-9585
SLSS ID = 7799-DSM    Emulation Program for 3725
-- 5735-XXB -- 1.3.0
Network Program Products:
  General Information                         GC23-0108-1   GT23-0108
Network Program Products: Planning            SC23-0110-2   SQ23-0110
EP 3705: General and Utilities Guide
  and Reference                               SC30-3242-2   ST30-3242
EP 3725: Install, Resource Definition and
  Diagnostics                                 SC30-3338-2   ST30-3338
Licensed Program Specifications               GC30-9575-1   GT30-9575
SLSS ID = 7799-DTA    NLDM
-- 5668-971 -- 1.3.0
NLDM Licensed Program Specifications          GC30-9555-4   GQ30-9555
NLDM Installation                             SC30-3287-2   ST30-3287
NLDM Operation                                SC30-3165-2   ST00-2059
NLDM Messages and Codes                       SC30-3288-1   ST30-3288
NLDM Diagnosis                                SC30-3166-3   SQ30-3166
Network Program Products Bibliography and
  Master Index                                GC23-0134-0   GT23-0134
Network Program Products Planning             SC23-0110-2   GQ23-0110
SLSS ID = 7799-DFT    NCCF
-- 5666-285 -- 2.2.0
NCCF Licensed Program Specifications          GC30-9567-2   GT30-9567
Network Program Products:
  General Information                         GC23-0108-1   GT23-0108
NCCF Installation and Resource Definition     SC27-0660-3   SQ27-0660
NCCF Messages and Codes                       SC27-0663-1   SQ27-0663
Network Program Products Planning             SC23-0110-2   SQ23-0110
NCCF Customization:  Command Lists            SC27-0661-1   ST27-0661
NCCF Customization Command Processing
  Exits and Subtasks                          SC27-0662-1   SQ27-0662
NCCF Operation                                SC27-0664-1   ST27-0664
NCCF Reference Summary                        SX27-0039-1   ST00-1764
SLSS ID = 7799-DN2    NPDA
-- 5666-295 -- 3.2.0
Network Program Products:
  General Information                         GC23-0108-1   GT23-0108
Network Program Products Planning             SC23-0110-2   SQ23-0110
NPDA Licensed Program Specifications          GC34-2116-2   GQ34-2116
NPDA User's Guide                             SC34-2112-3   SQ34-2112
NPDA Messages                                 SC34-2115-2   SQ34-2115
NPDA Installation                             SC34-2117-4   ST00-2060
NPDA Recommended Action Guide                 SC34-2113-3   SQ34-2113
NPDA User Reference                           SC34-2114-1   SQ34-2114
NPDA Diagnosis                                SC34-2130-2   SQ34-2130
No SLSS ID             Threshold Analysis and Remote Access
assigned for:          Feature -- 5666-295 -- 3.2.0
These books must be ordered through SLSS by form number only.
IBM 3600/4700 Feature Licensed Program
  Specifications                              GC34-2040-1   GT34-2040
IBM 3600/4700 Feature Installation and
  Customization.                              SC34-2041-1   SQ34-2041
IBM 3600/4700 Feature User's Guide            SC34-2056-1   SQ34-2056
SLSS ID = 7799-DCZ     DOS/VS COBOL Compiler & Library
-- 5746-CB1 -- 1.3.0
IBM VS COBOL for VSE                          GC26-3998-0   GT26-3998
Reference and Reserve Word Summary            GX26-3709-0   GT00-1040
Programmer's Guide                            SC28-6478-5   ST00-1646
Installation Reference Manual                 SC28-6479-3   SQ28-6479
Specifications                                GC28-6487-3   GQ28-6487
CMS User's Guide for COBOL                    SC28-6469-5   ST00-1449
-- 5746-RG1 -- 1.3.0
Specifications                                GC33-6029-2   GT33-6029
Language                                      SC33-6031-3   SQ33-6031
Installation Reference                        SC33-6032-2   ST00-0604
General Information                           GC33-6120-1   GT33-6120
Messages                                      SC33-6033-1   SQ33-6033
Auto Report                                   SC33-6034-1   SQ33-6034
User's Guide                                  SC33-6074-0   ST33-6074
SLSS ID = 7799-DAQ     DOS/PLI Optimizing Compiler and Libraries
-- 5736-PL3 -- 1.6.0
Language Reference Manual                     GC26-3977-1   GQ26-3977
Programmer's Guide                            SC33-0008-6   ST00-1647
Specifications Compiler                       GC26-3994-4   GQ26-3994
Specifications Resident Library               GC26-3996-4   GQ26-3996
Specifications Transient Library              GC26-3995-4   GQ26-3995
Installation Manual                           SC33-0020-7   ST00-1648
Messages Compiler                             SC33-0021-4   ST33-0021
Messages Transient Library                    SC33-0035-2   ST33-0035
Execution Logic                               SC33-0019-2   SQ33-0019
Extended Graphic Supplement                   SC26-3971-1   ST26-3971
CMS User's Guide                              SC33-0051-0   ST33-0051
SLSS ID = 7799-DDQ    DOS/PLI Resident Library
-- 5736-LM4 -- 1.6.0
Programmer's Guide                            SC33-0008-6   ST00-1647
Specifications Resident Library               GC26-3996-4   GQ26-3996
Execution Logic                               SC33-0019-2   SQ33-0019
Installation Manual                           SC33-0020-7   ST00-1648
SLSS ID = 7799-DEQ    DOS/PLI Transient Library -- 5736-LM5 -- 1.6.0
Programmer's Guide                            SC33-0008-6   ST00-1647
Specifications                                GC26-3995-4   GQ26-3995
Execution Logic                               SC33-0019-2   SQ33-0019
Installation Manual                           SC33-0020-7   ST00-1648
Messages                                      SC33-0035-2   ST33-0035
SLSS ID = 7799-DCQ    DOS/PLI Optimizing Compiler --
                      5736-PL1 -- 1.6.0
Language Reference Manual                     GC26-3977-1   GQ26-3977
Programmer's Guide                            SC33-0008-6   ST00-1647
Specifications                                GC26-3994-4   GQ26-3994
Execution Logic                               SC33-0019-2   SQ33-0019

Installation Manual                           SC33-0020-7   ST00-1648
Messages                                      SC33-0021-4   ST33-0021
Extended Graphic Supplement                   SC26-3971-1   ST26-3971
CMS User's Guide                              SC33-0051-0   ST33-0051
SLSS ID = 7799-DTS    Sort/Merge II -- 5746-SM2 -- 2.5.0
Programming Guide                             SC33-4044-3   ST00-1041
Installation                                  SC33-4045-5   ST00-1042
Specifications                                GC33-4047-4   GT00-1043
Reference Summary                             GX33-8002-1   GT00-1044
General Information                           GC33-4043-5   GT33-4043
SLSS ID = 7799-DCG    VSE/OCCF -- 5746-XC5 -- 1.2.0
Specifications                                GC33-6114-2   GT00-2032
OCCF Install Guide and Reference              SC33-6115-2   SQ33-6115
General Information                           GC33-6113-3   GT00-1527
No SLSS ID             VTAM 3.1.0  X.25 Communication Adapter Support
assigned for:          -- 5666-313 -- 1.1.0
These books must be ordered through SLSS by form number only.
VTAM X.25 Communication Adapter Support       SC33-6171-0   ST33-6171
VTAM X.25 Communication Adapter Support
  Programming Summuary                        SC33-6172-0   ST33-6172
ACF/VTAM Licensed Program Specifications      GC27-0609-1   GQ27-0609
SLSS ID = 7799-DAV     VSE/Access Control -- Logging and
                       Reporting -- 5746-XE7 -- 1.2.0
Specifications                                GH12-5241-2   GT00-2033
Program Summary                               GC33-6169-0   GT33-6169
Program Reference and Operation               SH12-5336-2   SQ32-5336
SLSS ID = 7799-DFE     DMS/CICS/VS and Application Generation
                       Feature -- 5746-XC4 -- 1.4.1
Program Reference Manual                      SH20-2209-5   ST00-1084
User's Guide                                  SH20-0001-1   SQ40-0001
Application Examples                          SH20-0002-1   SQ40-0002
Problem Determination Guide                   SH20-0003-0   ST40-0003
Install and Operations                        SH20-0004-0   ST40-0004
Messages and Codes                            SH20-0005-1   SQ40-0005
Data Transfer Form                            GX20-1998-1   GT00-1085
File Description Form                         GX20-1999-1   GT00-1086
Panel Description Form                        GX20-2000-4   GT00-1087
Panel Description Overlay                     GX20-2339-1   GT00-0643
Calc Edit Form                                GX20-2341-1   GT00-1131
SLSS ID = 7799-DB4    SQL/Data System -- 5748-XXJ -- 1.3.5
General Information for VSE                   GH24-5012-4   GT00-1668
Concepts and Facilities for VSE               GH24-5013-4   GT00-2034
Planning and Administration for VSE           SH24-5014-4   ST00-2035
Installation for VSE                          SH24-5015-4   ST00-2036
Terminal User's Guide for VSE                 SH24-5016-3   ST00-1672
Terminal User's Reference for VSE             SH24-5017-3   ST00-1673
Terminal User's Reference Summary for VSE     SX24-5121-2   ST00-1674
Terminal User's PF Key Template               SX24-5125-2   ST00-1675
Application Programming for VSE               SH24-5018-3   ST00-1676
Messages and Codes for VSE                    SH24-5019-4   ST00-2037
Operation for VSE                             SH24-5020-4   ST00-2038
Data Base Services Utility for VSE            SH24-5046-1   SQ44-5046
Master Index for VSE                          SH24-5027-3   ST00-2039
Diagnosis Guide for VSE                       SY24-5229-1   SQ64-5229
Diagnosis Reference for VSE                   SY24-5231-1   SQ64-5231
Licensed Program Specifications               GH24-5026-4   GT00-2040
SLSS ID = 7799-DCW    CICS/Screen Definition Facility --
                      5746-XXT -- 1.5.0
General Information                           GH19-8104-1   GT39-8104
Specifications                                GH19-8106-1   GT39-8106
Program Reference                             SH19-8105-1   ST39-8105
Operations Guide                              SH19-6094-2   SQ39-6094
Messages and Codes                            SH19-8107-1   ST39-8107
Primer                                        SH19-6102-0   ST39-6102
Reference Summary                             SX11-6100-1   ST00-2099
SLSS ID = 7799-DFA    File Transfer Program -- 5668-932 -- 2.2.0
General Information Manual                    GH12-5141-1   GQ32-5141
License Program Specifications                GH12-5261-1   GQ32-5263
Programmer Reference Operations and
  Diagnosis Guide                             SH12-5349-2   SQ32-5349
Diagnosis Reference                           SY12-5350-1   SQ52-5350
Application Programmer Guide                  SH12-5373-0   ST32-5373
Messages                                      SH12-5534-0   ST32-5534
Installation Guide                            SH12-5354-3   SQ32-5354
Prompter User Guide                           SH12-5352-1   SQ32-5352
SLSS ID = 7799-DRA    ISPF -- 5668-960 -- 1.1.0
Licensed Program Specifications               GC34-2081-3   GT00-1649
ISPF and PDF Install & Customization          SC34-2080-1   SQ34-2080
ISPF and PDF General Information              GC34-2078-3   GT00-1651
ISPF: Dialog Management Services              SC34-2088-2   ST00-1652
ISPF:  Dialog Management Services Examples    SC34-2085-2   ST00-1653
ISPF and PDF Diagnosis Manual                 SC34-2132-1   ST34-2132
SLSS ID = 7799-DRF    ISPF/PDF -- 5666-281 -- 1.1.0
PDF License Program Specifications            GC34-2082-3   GT00-1654
PDF Reference Manual                          SC34-2079-1   SQ34-2079
SLSS ID = 7799-DRN    DISOSS -- 5666-270 -- 3.3.0
DISOSS Licensed Program Specifications        GC30-9581-2   GQ30-9581
DISOSS Installation Guide (VSE)               SC30-3232-5   SQ30-3232
DISOSS Install and Administration Reference   SC30-3092-6   SQ30-3092
Tab Cards for Installation and
  Administration Reference                    GX27-3551-2   GT00-2061
DISOSS Messages                               SC30-3094-6   SQ30-3094
Tab Cards for DISOSS Messages                 SX27-3564-0   ST00-1656
Tab cards for DISOSS Diagnosis                GX27-3562-1   GT00-2062
DISOSS General Information                    GC30-3085-3   GT30-3085
DISOSS Planning Guide                         SC30-3093-5   SQ30-3093
Tab cards for DISOSS Planning Guide           GX27-3550-0   GT00-1658
DISOSS Administration Guide                   SC30-3091-6   SQ30-3091
DISOSS Application Programming                SC30-3096-3   SQ30-3096
Architecture Reference for Document
  Interchange Unit                            SC30-3276-3   SQ30-3276
Tab cards for Architecture Reference          SX27-3597-1   ST00-2065
DISOSS Bibliography and Master Index          SC30-3277-2   SQ30-3277
Scanmaster I User's Guide                     SC30-3095-5   SQ30-3095
Scanmaster I Keypad Template                  SX27-3543-1   ST00-1660
Scanmaster I DISOSS Directions                SX27-3544-1   ST00-1661
DISOSS Capacity Planning Guide                SC30-3392-1   ST30-3392
SLSS ID = 7799-DGN    GDDM/VSE -- 5666-328 -- 2.1.0
GDDM General Information                      GC33-0319-0   GT33-0324
GDDM Release Guide                            GC33-0320-0   GT33-0332
GDDM Licensed Program Specifications          GC33-0423-0   GT33-0423
GDDM Installation and System Management       SC33-0322-0   ST33-0322
GDDM Messages                                 SC33-0325-0   ST33-0325
GDDM Performance Guide                        SC33-0324-0   ST33-0324
GDDM Base Program Reference                   SC33-0332-0   ST33-0332
GDDM Diagnosis And Problem Determination
  Guide                                       SC33-0326-0   ST33-0326
GDDM Programming Primer                       SC33-0336-0   ST33-0336
GDDM Application Programming Guide            SC33-0337-0   ST33-0337
GDDM Image Symbol Editor                      SC33-0329-0   ST33-0329
GDDM Guide For Users                          SC33-0327-0   ST33-0327
GDDM Base Program Reference Summary           SX33-6053-0   ST00-2066
SLSS ID = 7799-DJK    GDDM IMD -- 5668-801 -- 2.1.0
GDDM Interactive Map Definition               SC33-0338-0   ST33-0338
SLSS ID = 7799-DJN    GDDM PGF -- 5668-812 -- 2.1.0

GDDM PGF Programming Reference                SC33-0333-0   ST33-0333
GDDM PGF Vector Symbol Editor                 SC33-0330-0   ST33-0330
GDDM PGF Interactive Chart Utility            SC33-0328-0   ST33-0328
GDDM-PGF Program Reference Summary            SX33-6054-0   ST00-2067
SLSS ID = 7799-DJR    GDDM IVU -- 5668-723 -- 2.1.0
GDDM IVU Guide                                SC33-0479-0   ST33-0479
GDDM Series Licensed Program Specifications   GC33-0423-0   ST33-0423
SLSS ID = 7799-DJY    DISPF/VSE -- 5666-361 -- 1.1.1
Planning, Installation, Administration and
  Diagnosis                                   SC33-6187-1   SQ33-6187
Terminal Users Guide and Messages             SC33-6188-0   ST33-6188
Licensed Program Specifications               GC33-6185-0   GT33-6185
SLSS ID = 7799-DLM    QMF/VSE -- 5666-292 -- 1.1.0
QMF Planning and Administration               SH24-5034-0   ST44-5034
QMF Diagnosis Guide                           SY24-5223-0   ST64-5223
QMF Diagnosis Reference                       SY24-5224-0   ST64-5224
QMF Installation                              SH24-5035-0   ST44-5035
QMF Licensed Program Specification            GH24-5032-0   ST44-5032
QMF Introduction                              GH24-5036-0   GT44-5036
QMF Learner's Guide                           SH24-5037-0   ST44-5037
QMF Reference Summary                         SX24-5128-0   ST00-1778
QMF User's Guide and Reference                SH24-5038-0   ST44-5038
SLSS ID = 7799-DAZ    Info System -- 5735-OZS -- 1.1.2
General and Pre-Installation                  GC34-2069-0   GT34-2069
Specifications                                GC34-2070-1   GQ34-2070
User's Guide                                  SC34-2072-0   ST34-2072
Install and Customize                         SC34-2071-2   SQ34-2071
Messages                                      SC34-2074-1   SQ34-2074
Template for 3270                             GX20-2392-0   GT00-0929
SLSS ID = 7799-DKA    CSP/AD -- 5668-813 -- 3.1.1
Licensed Program Specifications               GH23-0510-0   GT43-0510
User's Guide                                  SH23-0501-0   ST43-0501
Operation -- Development                      SH23-0502-0   ST43-0502
Reference Summary Card                        GX23-0900-0   GT00-2068
Unpacking Instructions                        GH23-0507-0   GT43-0507
CSP/AD Reference Summary Booklet              GX23-0900-0   GT00-2068
Binder tabs                                   GH23-0512-0   GT43-0512
Two inch binder                               SR30-5000-0   ST00-2069
Two inch binder                               SR30-5001-0   ST00-2070
Two inch binder                               SR30-5002-0   ST00-2071
SLSS ID = 7799-DKE    CSP/AE -- 5668-814 -- 3.1.1
Licensed Program Specifications               GH23-0511-0   GT43-0511
AD and AE System Administration               SH23-0503-0   ST43-0503
AD and AE Problem Diagnosis Guide             SH23-0504-0   ST43-0504
AD and AE Messages and Codes                  SH23-0505-0   ST43-0505
AD and AE Master Index                        GH23-0506-0   ST43-0506
Unpacking instructions                        GH23-0508-0   ST43-0508
Binder tabs                                   GH23-0512-0   ST43-0512
Two inch binder                               SR30-5003-0   ST00-2072
Two inch binder                               SR30-5004-0   ST00-2073
SLSS ID = 7799-DKJ    CSP/Q -- 5668-918 -- 1.2.1
CSP/Q Licensed Program Specifications         GH24-5047-2   GT00-2074
CSP/Q General Information                     GH24-5048-2   GT00-2075
CSP/Q System Administration                   SH24-6000-1   ST00-2076
CSP/Q User's Guide/Reference                  SH24-5051-2   ST00-2077
CSP/Q Messages                                SH24-5052-2   ST00-2078
CSP/Q Problem Diagnosis Guide                 SH24-5053-2   ST00-2079
Cross System Product Set Master Index         SH24-5053-0   ST00-2080
CSP/Q Unpacking Instructions                  GH24-6001-1   GT44-6001
Two inch binder                               SR30-0327-0   ST00-0327
Binder insert packet                          SX20-0953-0   ST00-2082
SLSS ID = 7799-DLQ    Document Management/VSE -- 5666-339 -- 1.1.2
DM/VSE User's Guide                           SC33-6252-0   ST33-6252
DM/VSE Licensed Program Specifications        GC33-6253-0   GT33-6253
DM/VSE Planning, Installation,
  Administration, Diagnosis                   SC33-6254-1   ST33-6254
DW/370 Introducing                            GH12-5170-1   GT32-5170
DW/370 Installation and Administration        SH12-5173-1   ST32-5173
DW/370 Getting Started Guide                  SH12-5171-0   ST32-5171
DW/370 Using                                  SH12-5172-0   ST32-5172
DW/370 Diagnosis Guide                        SH12-5175-0   ST32-5175
TNL TO SH12-5175-00                           SN12-5903-0   N/A
DW/370 Licensed Program Specifications        GH12-5174-1   GT32-5174
DW/370 Quick Reference Card                   SX12-5001-0   ST00-2449
SLSS ID = 7799-DPA    Personal Services/370 -- 5666-318 -- 1.2.0
Introducing Personal Services/370             GC30-3292-1   GQ30-3292
Getting Started with PS/370                   SC30-3296-1   SQ30-3296
Personal Services/370: Mini Lessons           SC30-3297-1   SQ30-3297
How To Use Personal Services/370              SC30-3298-1   SQ30-3298
Coordinating Personal Services/370            SC30-3299-1   SQ30-3299
Planning for Personal Services/370            SC30-3293-1   SQ30-3293
Installing and Customizing PS/370             SC30-3295-1   SQ30-3295
Capacity Planning Guide for PS/370            SC30-3334-0   ST30-3334
Personal Services/370: Messages               SC30-3325-1   SQ30-3325
Licensed Program Specifications               GC30-9587-2   GQ30-9587
Quick Reference to PS/370                     SX27-3603-1   SQ00-2085
DISOSS/370 Capacity Planning Guide            SC30-3392-1   ST30-3392
SLSS ID = 7799-DKM    DSNX -- 5666-284 -- 1.2.0
Licensed Program Specifications               GC33-6154-1   GQ33-6154
Planning, Installation, Operation             SC33-6210-1   SQ33-6210
SLSS ID = 7799-DKP    DSX -- 5668-915 -- 3.2.0
Licensed Program Specifications               GH19-6402-3   GT39-6402
Planning                                      SH19-6557-0   ST39-6557
Installation                                  SH19-6396-4   ST39-6396
Administration                                SH19-6397-4   ST39-6397
Operation                                     SH19-6398-4   ST39-6398
Preparing and Tracking Transmittal Plans      SH19-6399-4   ST39-6399
Reference Summary                             SH19-6400-3   ST39-6400
Messages and Codes                            SH19-6401-4   ST39-6401
Master Index                                  SH19-6528-1   ST39-6528
SLSS ID = 7799-DNV    Query DL/I -- 5666-351 -- 1.1.1
QUERY DL/I Brochure                           G511-0286-0   GT00-2450
QUERY DL/I Licensed Program Specifications    GH19-6571-0   GT39-6571
QUERY DL/I Installation and System
  Reference                                   SH19-6548-0   ST39-6548
QUERY DL/I Primer                             SH19-6544-0   ST39-6544
QUERY DL/I User's Guide                       SH19-6545-0   ST39-6545
SLSS ID = 7799-DNS     CICS/VS Performance Analysis Reporting
                       System -- 5666-329 -- 1.1.1
Guide to Online CICSPARS/VSE                  SH20-6806-0   ST40-6806
Guide to Reports                              SH20-6810-0   ST40-6810
Installation/Administration Guide             SH20-6808-0   ST40-6808
Problem Determination Guide                   SH20-6839-1   ST40-6839
Licensed Program Specifications               SH20-6817-0   ST40-6817