5668-962 IBM Assembler H Version 2 Release 1.0

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5668-962 IBM Assembler H Version 2 Release 1.0
IBM U.S. Product Life Cycle Dates
Product Positioning
Technical Description
  • Operating Environment
  • Hardware Requirements
  • Software Requirements
  • Planning Information
    Security, Auditability, and Control

    5668-962 IBM Assembler H Version 2 Release 1.0

    IBM U.S. Product Life Cycle Dates

    Program                                  Marketing   Service      Replaced
    Number   VRM     Announced   Available   Withdrawn   Discontinued    By

    5668-962 2.01.0 1981/10/21 1983/03/31 1994/10/28 1995/10/31 5696-234


    (For IBM US, No Longer Available as of October 28, 1994)

    (For IBM US, Program Services Discontinued as of October 31, 1995)

    Assembler H Version 2, Release 1.0 is a functional replacement for and incorporates the functions available in OS Assembler H Release 5.0, 5734-AS1.

    Version 2 supports the new operation codes available with the Extended Architecture mode processor, VM/XA Migration Aid (VM/XA M.A.) and Bi-modal addressing of the MVS/Extended Architecture environment.

    Assembler H Version 2, Release 1.0 is now supported for use in the CMS environment of VM/System Product and VM/XA Migration Aid.

    Product Positioning

    Not available.


    Version 2 provides the following new support:

    • New machine instructions for processors operating in Extended Architecture mode.

    • Bi-modal addressing in the MVS/Extended Architecture (MVS/XA) environment.

    • New Channel Command Word instruction.

    • Operation in the CMS environment of VM/System Product and VM/XA Migration Aid.


    Assembler H Version 2, Release 1.0 provides support for the Extended Architecture mode processor machine instructions. Version 2 has three instruction sets, which may be specified at installation time: IBM Extended Architecture, System/370, and Universal. The distinction between Standard, Scientific, and Commercial instruction sets in OS Assembler H (5734-AS1) has been eliminated in Version 2.

    Bi-modal addressing in the MVS/XA mode environment is supported by two new attributes: AMODE and RMODE. These attributes allow specification of addressing and residence mode.

    A new Channel Command Word is supported which allows specification of a 31-bit data address.

    Programs written using Assembler H can be assembled, including use of the new Extended Architecture mode instructions, on IBM processors supported by the Operating Systems listed below under "Software Requirements".

    Execution of programs assembled with Version 2 containing Extended Architecture instructions can only be accomplished on processors operating in Extended Architecture mode and with either MVS/XA or VM/XA M.A. installed.

    Assembler H Version 2, Release 1.0 is required for installation of MVS/System Product Version 2 (5740-XC6 and 5665-291) and Data Facility Product Release 1 (5665-284) and for subsequent maintenance of the MVS/XA operating system. It is also required for installation of service and modifications to VM/XA M.A..

    Features and Functions Retained from OS Assembler H (5734-AS1):

    Default options, instruction set selection (IBM Extended Architecture System/370, and Universal) and modifications to ddnames can be made at the time the assembler is added to an installation's system.


    • Ability to compile two or more assemblies in one job-step.

    • Specification of default and lock-out options at installation time.

    • Ability to suppress all error messages below a specified level of severity.

    • Up to nine continuation lines may be used for a statement.

    • Relaxed definition requirements for EQU, ORG, CNOP, DC, and DS statements.

    • Literals are cross referenced.

    • Macro definitions may occur anywhere in the source stream and macros may be redefined at any point.

    • Dictionary sizes are not artificially limited and will expand to occupy available space in a region.

    • Variable system symbols &SYSTIME, &SYSDATE, and &SYSPARM are available for use. The latter is a read-only SECT variable whose character value is specified in the PARM field of the EXEC JCL card.

    • LOCTR, PUSH, POP, and AREAD assembler operations are provided.

    Technical Description

    Operating Environment

    See Hardware and Software Requirements.

    Hardware Requirements

    Version 2 is designed to operate on all IBM System/370, 303X, 3081, 43XX processors supported by the above operating systems. One 2400 or 3400 series tape unit is required for installation (2400 series tapes are not supported by MVS/XA).

    Auxiliary storage space is required for the following data sets: System input, macro instruction library -- either system or private or both, print output and one intermediate work file which must be a direct access device (3330/3333, 3340/3344, 3350, 3375, or 3380, and under VM/SP 3310 and 3370 and the preceding devices formatted as CMS minidisks).

    Version 2 requires a minimum region of 200K bytes (virtual).

    Software Requirements

    Assembler H Version 2, Release 1.0 executes under the following operating system environments:

    • MVS/XA
    • OS/VS2 MVS 3.8
    • OS/VS1 Release 7
    • VM/XA M.A.
    • MVS/SP V1
    • OS/VS2 Release 7

    Planning Information

    Customer Responsibilities

    Not available.


    The language used by Assembler H Version 2 Release 1.0 has functional extensions to the language supported by OS/VS Assembler and OS Assembler H Release 5.0 (5734-AS1). Programs written for OS/VS Assembler and OS Assembler H Release 5.0 that were successfully assembled with no warning or diagnostic messages can be assembled with Version 2.


    Version 2 is installed using System Modification Program Release 4 (SMP4) on OS/VS2 MVS 3.8, MVS/SP V1, MVS/XA, and OS/VS1 Release 7. Installation on VM/SP and VM/XA M.A. is accomplished by loading the program from tape with VMFPLC2 (a standard VM utility).

    MVS System Integrity Applies: Yes.

    Security, Auditability, and Control

    Not available.


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