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Software Announcement 299-233
August 24, 1999

IBM Net.Commerce Version 3.2: The Complete E-commerce Solution for Your Growing Business

 ENUS299-233.PDF (50KB)

(Corrected on September 20, 1999)

Information updated in the Overview.

At a Glance

Tap into the vast Internet market and grow your business by creating an e-commerce site. IBM's Net.Commerce, Version 3.2 gives you everything you need to build a successful business on the Internet.

Net.Commerce, Version 3.2 helps you:

  • Implement a complete e-commerce solution
    • It handles everything from catalog- and storefront-creation to payment processing and fulfillment
  • Increased profitability
    • Reduces the cost of sales transactions
    • Extends your reach, with business-to-business capability
    • Attracts and retains customers with easy-to-use advanced catalog tools
    • Creates a compelling shopping experience through customizable storefronts
  • Improve efficiency
    • Speeds up set-up time with store-creation wizard and three starter stores
    • Provides data interchange by integrating with existing back-end systems
    • Tracks shoppers' past purchasing activities for more streamlined customer service

For ordering, contact:

Your IBM representative, an IBM Business Partner, or IBM Americas Call Centers at 800-IBM-CALL (Reference: YE001).


Sell your products and services to more than 150 million online shoppers. IBM's new Net.Commerce Version 3.2 gives you the power, flexibility and scalability to establish or enhance your e-commerce Web site — quickly, easily and affordably.

Use Net.Commerce Version 3.2 to:

  • Create an online store or an entire mall
  • Conduct business-to-consumer or business-to-business transactions
  • Add secure online purchasing to your existing catalog site
  • Customize the look, feel and flow of your site, using this software's unique features

Choose the version that's right for you: Net.Commerce START (only for Windows NT®) — If you're just getting started and want to be up-and-running quickly.


  • Fast set-up
  • Low entry price
  • Business-to-business and business-to-consumer functionality
  • Store-creation wizard
  • Three starter stores
  • DB2 Universal Database® and Domino™ Go Webserver


Net.Commerce PRO (for Windows NT, AIX® or Sun Solaris) — If you want to build a second-generation Web site with additional functionality.


  • All Net.Commerce START capabilities, plus
  • Advanced tools for creating intelligent catalogs
  • Tools for back-end integration to SAP, EDI and IBM's MQSeries®, CICS® and IMS™
  • Support for Oracle8 database and Netscape Enterprise Server

What's New in Version 3.2

You get all the features of Version 3.1, plus:

  • IBM Payment Server with SET Secure Electronic Transaction™ support
  • Euro support
  • Coupon for Catalog Architect (included with PRO versions)
  • Improved performance and scalability
  • Improved reliability and manageability
  • Enhanced business functionality
  • Improved implementation and configuration
  • Upgraded technical infrastructure
  • Improved security

Key Prerequisites

Refer to the Technical Information section for details.

Planned Availability Date

Net.Commerce for Windows NT, AIX, and Sun Solaris, V3.2: August 27, 1999


Net.Commerce Version 3.2 is a merchant solution that provides a framework to conduct business in a secure and scalable manner on the Internet. It supports business-to-consumer and business-to-business environments.

Net.Commerce, Version 3.2 provides a complete e-commerce solution from catalog and storefront creation to payment processing and integration into back-end systems (for example, order fulfillment, tax, shipping).

Key enhancements of Net.Commerce V3.2 over V3.1.2 are:

  • Improved performance and scalability through enhancements to the mass import utility, database access, performance monitoring as well as flexibility to use SSL more selectively.
  • Improved reliability and manageability by introducing Tivoli support, enhancements to logging facilities and more granular error messages.
  • Enhanced business functionality through the introduction of new commands to enhance processing efficiency and order process, as well as enhancing credit card processing.
  • Improved implementation and configuration by providing multiple install paths (typical and custom) as well as several configuration enhancements.
  • Upgraded technical infrastructure through support for new versions of Net.Data™, DB2®, IBM Payment Server, WebSphere Application Server, as well as NT, AIX, Solaris, Netscape Enterprise Server, Oracle and Domino Go Webserver.
  • Improved security via prompts to change default NCAdmin password, configuration files placed in non-document root directory, automated stop of secure server after configuration, enhanced file permissions and storage of log files.

The Net.Commerce system consists of the following:

  • Net.Commerce Server — manages the interface to the buyers, enabling them to browse, save, query and order items in the interactive catalog.
  • Net.Commerce Administrator — provides a powerful authoring and administration environment, allowing store personnel to design the buying process and create an interactive product catalog. It includes the Site Manager, Store Manager and Template Designer.

Key strengths of Net.Commerce, Version 3.2 include:

  • Scalability — from single to multiple processor systems
  • Flexibility — can be used to extend an existing online catalog site or to create a store or an entire mall
  • Dynamic capabilities — information is dynamically pulled from the database and populated into Web pages

Net.Commerce is designed to provide flexibility so that the site look, feel, and flow can be customized to meet individual preferences. Unlike other merchant servers, users are not limited to a standardized storefront template. The creation of a unique and compelling shopping experience will help drive traffic on your site.

Net.Commerce includes a Template Designer to let you design your own Web pages. Its graphic look, drag and drop capabilities, and quick testing function help you create and test your pages. Template Designer can be used to create:

  • A home page for a store or mall
  • Prototype category pages
  • Product pages
  • Unique pages for members of shopper groups

In Net.Commerce, dynamic pages are cached for improved performance. In addition, all updates to the template design and catalog content can be tested on the staging server before going live. Application Program Interfaces (APIs) are also provided with Net.Commerce to customize functions related to payment, shipping and handling costs, inventory check, and the calculation of taxes.

Net.Commerce is open in terms of the databases and the Web servers that it supports. ODBC support for Oracle and DB2 is available, in addition to native support for DB2. Support is provided for both the Domino Go Webserver and the Netscape Enterprise Server.

With Net.Commerce Version 3.2, IBM has added further capability. It can be used by companies who want to set up an e-commerce site quickly at a reasonable cost. In addition, it is designed for second generation customers who want greater flexibility, additional function, and the ability to integrate with their legacy systems.

This end-to-end e-commerce offering lets you get started quickly by decreasing both the amount of custom coding needed as well as set-up time. It comes with full Version 3.1 functionality, three Starter Stores, a Store Creation Smart Guide, IBM Payment Server for SET support, and euro support. The Net.Commerce server has also been redesigned to further improve security, scalability, and extensibility.

  • Starter Stores

    Three pre-built Starter Stores (sample stores) are included. They have end-to-end shopping flows with predefined catalog templates, registration, shopping cart/order form, check-out, and payment components. They provide both business-to-business and business-to-consumer capability.

  • Store Creation Smart Guide

    A wizard (Smart Guide) will guide the user through the creation of a store. It is browser accessible and walks the user through every aspect of store creation. It covers pages, templates, graphical elements, catalog navigation, store flow, pricing, shipping, taxing and payment. Panels within the wizard include a home page, store information, store type, store administration, store layout and style, buyer groups, discount information, and shipping and handling. After going through the smart guide, the appropriate templates, macros, APIs, and assets are created or assigned, and sample data is used to demonstrate the newly generated store.

  • IBM Payment Server

    IBM Payment Server enables sellers to process payments easily and securely from their consumers. It manages the payment process, from communicating with the buyer to drafts with financial institutions. Records of transactions are automatically maintained to facilitate later reconciliation and reporting. IBM Payment Server includes Configuration Tools that let the seller configure:

    • Net.Commerce to communicate with one or more acquiring gateways
    • Authorization and capture
    • Auto or manual capture of payment

    IBM Payment Server also includes Administration Tools that allow the seller to query orders to view payment status, process payment once the order is shipped, and process reversals.

  • Lotus® Domino Integration

    Support for messaging and collaboration through Lotus Domino integration is included. This provides a generic e-mail function to:

    • Allow Lotus Notes® e-mail (such as an order confirmation to the buyer) to be sent from Net.Commerce
    • Provide discussion group and bulletin board capability

Version 3.2 PRO also contains:

  • Advanced Catalog Tools

    Advanced Catalog Tools can be used to create intelligent catalogs. Now sellers and catalog providers can cater to the various shopping styles and buying behaviors of their customers through their smart electronic catalogs. These intelligent catalogs can provide quick and easy search methods and also acknowledge that a buyer may need extra guidance in making a product selection. A virtual sales assistant can reside in the catalog to help shoppers through the product selection process. Buyers can browse a smart catalog and become more knowledgeable of the product before making their purchase decision or simply find the right product quickly.

    The foundation for building an intelligent catalog is provided by the Advanced Catalog Tools. This foundation combines knowledge engineering and a parametized search method. Knowledge engineering allows the catalog provider to imbed knowledge of their best sales and marketing personnel into the catalog. The parametric search feature provides quick access to products meeting the criteria specified by the parameters. This foundation includes a comparison function that allows for comparing a desired set of products and their features. At any level within the intelligent search process, a side-by-side product feature comparison can occur.

    The Advanced Catalog Tools enable buyers to create and integrate shopping metaphors. These shopping metaphors enable buyers to explore product features, obtain assistance from a virtual salesperson, and compare product information.

    The product exploration mode of shopping is a parametric search. Buyers select the features or specifications to identify the desired products. The features may be equal to a specific value or be within a given range. Exploration occurs as the buyer is allowed to select and "deselect" specifications throughout the process. This parametric search quickly narrows the search from thousands of products to only a handful.

    The sales assistance metaphor provides a question and answer dialog to identify the best product. This dialog can be tailored to help in gift selection and can service the buyer who knows very little about the product area. A buyer may want to use this virtual sales assistant to cover all areas prior to making a purchase decision.

    The product comparison function complements the parametric search and sales assistant. At any point within the intelligent catalog, the buyer can decide to compare the products meeting criteria specified from the search process.

    The Advanced Catalog Tools customize each mode of shopping. For product exploration, the tool is used to select the attributes for the search criteria. This tool lets attributes vary by category, allowing for additional features to be searched at sub-category levels. The sales assistance tool is used to easily create a question and answer hierarchy. Each answer refines the search and its association to selected product specifications.

    The product comparison tool is used to define the features displayed for the comparison function. This is where additional features, not necessarily required for the search criteria, can be included for a detailed comparison of product specifications.

    All of the tools are easy to use, and do not require any programming or HTML knowledge. The format and look-and-feel for all of the intelligent search methods can be customized and tailored to fit the design criteria of the catalog. The shopping metaphors can also be tailored to specific shopper or buying groups.

  • Back-end Integration

    The Net.Commerce MQSeries Adapter is a component of Net.Commerce that enables integration with back-end systems, using MQSeries as middleware. This adapter:

    • Supports sending and receiving messages using MQSeries
    • Works with a set of defined outbound and inbound messages that help integrate Net.Commerce business processing with back-end system business processing
    • Supports message extension and new messages
  • Catalog Architect

    A coupon is included for IBM Catalog Architect for Windows NT, Version 3.2. Catalog Architect is a graphical user interface tool, used for designing rich electronic catalogs for Net.Commerce. It can be used with the Windows NT, AIX, Sun Solaris, and AS/400® versions of Net.Commerce Version 3.2. Catalog Architect:

    • Enables the building of a product information repository that contains the information for:
      • Individual products
      • Stock Keeping Units (SKUs)
      • Categories
      • Stores
      • Pricing
      • Templates
      • The relationship between these catalog objects
    • Provides an object oriented knowledge base that:
      • Understands the relationship required for merchandising products
      • Enables easy creation and maintenance of these products and their relationships

    Catalog Architect provides a powerful creation and authoring environment for product information required by Net.Commerce, including stores, categories, products, and SKUs.

    It consists of six components:

    • CA Repository Manager creates and manages Net.Commerce information.
    • CA Stores Manager creates and manages all the information that Net.Commerce requires for its stores.
    • CA Product Manager creates and manages product information. This includes the attributes that are required for Net.Commerce, attributes that are product specific, SKU specific, and price specific.
    • CA SKU Manager creates and manages SKUs based on products that are already created. The CA SKU Manager provides automatic SKU generation, that generates all of the SKUs of a product once the attributes and values are defined.
    • CA Category Manager creates and manages categories and category hierarchies.
    • CA Publisher takes the catalog information contained in the repository and formats it into the Net.Commerce schema. After checking, validating, and verifying the data, CA Publisher populates the Net.Commerce tables with this information.

Year 2000

This product is Year 2000 ready. When used in accordance with its associated documentation, it is capable of correctly processing, providing, and/or receiving date data within and between the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, provided that all products (for example, hardware, software, and firmware) used with the product properly exchange accurate date data with it.

The service end date for this Year 2000 ready product is January 31, 2001.

Euro Currency

This program is EuroReady.

For more information on the implications of the euro, visit the IBM euro Web site at:

EuroReady Products

IBM considers an IBM product to be EuroReady if the product, when used in accordance with its associated documentation, is capable of correctly processing monetary data in the euro denomination and of respecting the euro currency formatting conventions (including the euro sign). This assumes that all other products (for example, hardware, software, and firmware) that are used with this product are also EuroReady. IBM hardware products that are EuroReady may or may not have an engraved euro sign key on their keyboards.

Currently, EuroReady status applies primarily to IBM products specific to the EMU countries. Products that are not specific to these countries are deemed to be "not ready" for euro unless otherwise stated in the product's country-specific specifications.

IBM Hardware Ready

IBM supplies certain IBM products which include third party software (pre-loaded or not) and/or third party attached hardware. In these instances, IBM is not in a position to assert that these third party products are, in themselves, EuroReady.

Therefore, such IBM products will be designated as Hardware ready.

EuroReady Solutions

IBM considers a solution to be EuroReady when the solution providers have:

  • Analyzed the euro requirements, including the need to comply with relevant EC rules
  • Built in appropriate function

The solution providers can clearly demonstrate this by:

  • Detailing euro-related requirements
  • Describing how these will be implemented in the solution
  • Declaring when the implementation will be generally available

The euro capabilities of a EuroReady solution will be clearly identified as features of the solution specification as described in the contracts document.

Reference Information

Refer to Software Announcement 297-454 , dated October 28, 1997.


IMS and Net.Data are trademarks of International Business Machines Corporation in the United States or other countries or both.
DB2 Universal Database, AIX, CICS, MQSeries, DB2, and AS/400 are registered trademarks of International Business Machines Corporation in the United States or other countries or both.
Windows NT is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation.
Domino is a trademark of Lotus Development Corporation.
Lotus and Lotus Notes are registered trademarks of Lotus Development Corporation.
SET and the SET Logo are tradmarks owned by SET Secure Electronic Transaction LLC.
Other company, product, and service names may be trademarks or service marks of others.

Education Support

  • Education and Training
    • IBM Net.Commerce, Version 3.2 Implementation

      A Net.Commerce Implementation course is planned. This course provides the customer or Business Partner with the necessary skills to implement a fully functional Net.Commerce system.

      After completing this course, attendees should be able to:

      • Describe the functions and components of Net.Commerce.
      • Install and configure the system.
      • Use the Net.Commerce administration tools to create a single storefront or a mall with multiple stores and administrators.

      The course is intended for system integrators and administrators who want to install, configure, and manage a Net.Commerce system.

  • e-business Centers

    e-business Centers are available for proof-of-concept and technical Net.Commerce, V3.2 demonstrations. Contact your IBM representative for more information.

Call IBM Education and Training at 800-IBM-TEACH (426-8322) for catalogs, schedules, and enrollments.


The following IBM publications, as appropriate, will be shipped with Net.Commerce Version 3.2. They can also be ordered from IBM.

  • IBM Net.Commerce for Windows NT® Installing and Getting Started Guide Version 3.2 (GC09-2904)
  • IBM Net.Commerce for AIX® Installing and Getting Started Guide Version 3.2 (GC09-2905)
  • IBM Net.Commerce for the Solaris Operating Environment Installing and Getting Started Guide Version 3.2 (GC09-2906)

The following material can be ordered from IBM:

  • Hosted E-commerce — A Growth Business Opportunity for Internet Services Providers (G310-0710) — 12 pages. Describes the benefits of offering a hosting solution.
  • Hosted E-commerce — An Efficient, Lower Cost Approach® to Extend Your Market (G310-0711) — 12 pages. Describes the benefits of hosting an e-commerce site.
  • IBM E-commerce Solutions (G310-0712) — 6 pages. Describes IBM's expertise in e-commerce.
  • IBM Net.Commerce (G310-0706) — 4 pages. Features and benefits of Net.Commerce.

Displayable Softcopy Publications: The Net.Commerce publications, as appropriate, are provided as part of the product in PDF format on the CD-ROM.

An extensive online information system is also integrated into the product. Merchants can find conceptual, how-to, and reference information to help create virtual stores and malls, and perform advanced customization. The information can be accessed in the following ways:

  • Visiting a URL on your own system, after you have installed the product
  • Viewing or printing PDF copies of the information
  • Clicking on Help in the Net.Commerce Administrator

Open Enterprise: Net.Commerce uses the following Internet open standards:

  • HyperText Markup Language (HTML)
  • HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP)
  • Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)
  • Common Gateway Interface (CGI)
  • Secure Electronic Transaction (SET)

Technical Information

Specified Operating Environment

Hardware Requirements: The recommended minimum processor for the Windows NT versions is a 450 MHz Pentium™ II processor-based IBM PC server or compatible (certified as NT compatible) with a minimum memory of 1 GB, system disk space of 1 GB, and a CD-ROM drive.

The recommended minimum processor for the AIX version is a 233 MHz RS/6000™ system capable of running AIX, with a minimum memory of 1 GB, system disk space of 1 GB, and a CD-ROM drive.

The recommended minimum processor for the Sun Solaris version is a 250 MHz Sun SPARC UltraSPARC-II server capable of running Sun Solaris, with a minimum memory of 1 GB, system disk space of 1 GB, and a CD-ROM drive.

Software Requirements: Microsoft™ Windows NT Server Version 4.0 with Service Pack 4, or AIX Version 4.2 or 4.3, or Sun Solaris Version 2.6 or 2.7. In addition, the Net.Commerce Administrator requires the use of a standard Internet browser that supports Java™ 1.1, JavaScript, Cookies, and Frames such as Netscape Communicator Version 4.

For Oracle ODBC support, Oracle 8.04 or 8.05 and ODBC drivers are required. For Netscape Enterprise Server, NES V3.6.1 is required.

Required Skills

Customers or Business Partners implementing an IBM Net.Commerce solution should have skills in:

  • Operating system used
  • TCP/IP protocols
  • WWW site administration
  • HTML
  • IBM Net.Commerce

Programming skills are necessary for customization work.

Performance Considerations: Response time in an Internet environment depends on a variety of network and telecommunication factors, such as line speeds, local network constraints, and available processing capacity on the Web server and application server.

Planning Information

Customer Responsibilities: You should consider the installation, design, implementation, and maintenance of the Net.Commerce system. It is recommended strongly that IBM Global Services or Business Partners be used to assist in these activities, unless adequate in-house skills are available.

In order to implement a complete Net.Commerce system, you or a Business Partner should have the following skills:

  • Basic systems and network administration skills for either Windows NT, AIX, or Sun Solaris
  • An understanding of TCP/IP protocols including HTTP and SSL
  • Experience with a World Wide Web browser such as Netscape Navigator 4
  • Experience in administering a World Wide Web server such as the Lotus® Domino™ Go Webserver
  • Experience in creating Web content using HTML and Java
  • Understanding of relational database concepts
  • Ability to perform basic SQL queries
  • Programming skills for advanced customization

Installability: An upgrade to Net.Commerce START or PRO for Windows NT, V3.2, or Net.Commerce PRO for AIX or Sun Solaris, V3.2 is available from Version 2 or Version 3.1 for the same operating system. An upgrade from Net.Commerce START for Windows NT, V3.2 to Net.Commerce PRO for Windows NT, V3.2 is also available.

Direct Customer Support: Direct customer support is provided by Support Line. This fee service enhances customers' productivity by providing voice and electronic access into the IBM support organization. Support Line will help answer questions pertaining to usage and suspected software defects for eligible products.

In the U.S., the Net.Commerce for Windows NT, V3.2 Support Line is 800-237-5511 and the Net.Commerce for AIX and Sun Solaris, V3.2 Support Line is 800-CALL-AIX (225-5249).

Installation and technical support is provided by IBM Global Services. For more information call 800-IBM-4YOU (426-4968).

Packaging: IBM Net.Commerce ships on CD-ROM media only.

The following are included:

  • Net.Commerce Installing and Getting Started Guide
  • Net.Commerce 3.2 CD
  • Lotus Domino Go Webserver CD
  • DB2 Universal Database® 6.1 CD
  • DB2® Extenders 6.1 CD
  • DB2 Net.Data™ 6.1 CD
  • WebSphere Application Server 2.02 Standard Edition CD (PRO only)
  • Net.Commerce Independent Software Vendors card
  • Catalog Architect coupon (included with PRO versions)
  • Proof of Entitlement
  • License Information booklet
  • International Program License Agreement
  • Read Me First card

Security, Auditability, and Control

Net.Commerce uses the security and auditability features of the Windows NT, AIX, and Sun Solaris operating systems. The SSL protocol, an Internet open standard, is used to encrypt communications between the Web browser and the Web server. The Payment Server of Net.Commerce supports the Secure Electronic Transaction (SET) protocol.

The customer is responsible for evaluation, selection, and implementation of security features, administrative procedures, and appropriate controls in application systems and communication facilities.

Ordering Information

The price of each Net.Commerce is based on the number of processors in the system or node executing all or any part of the Net.Commerce application and on the number of merchants.

                                          Order      Feature  Part
Program Name                              Type No.   Number   Number
Net.Commerce V3.2 START for Windows NT    5801-AAR   6302     41L1741
Net.Commerce V3.2 START Upgrade from      5803-AAR   3113     41L1743
 V2 or V3.1 START for Windows NT
Net.Commerce V3.2 PRO for Windows NT      5801-AAR   6317     41L2783
Net.Commerce V3.2 PRO Upgrade from        5803-AAR   3125     41L2785
 V2 or V3.1 PRO for Windows NT
Net.Commerce V3.2 PRO Upgrade from        5803-AAR   3164     41L2809
 V3.2 START for Windows NT
Net.Commerce V3.2 PRO for AIX             5801-AAR   6346     41L3091
Net.Commerce V3.2 PRO Upgrade from        5803-AAR   3137     41L3093
 V2 or V3.1 PRO for AIX
Net.Commerce V3.2 PRO Upgrade from        5803-AAR   3178     41L2807
 V2 or V3.1 START for AIX
Net.Commerce V3.2 PRO for Sun Solaris     5801-AAR   6472     41L3097
Net.Commerce V3.2 PRO Upgrade from        5803-AAR   3154     41L3098
 V2 or V3.1 PRO for Sun Solaris
Net.Commerce V3.2 PRO Upgrade from        5803-AAR   3192     41L2805
 V2 or V3.1 START for Sun Solaris

Additional Processor and Additional Merchant Features

The Proof of Entitlement is the authorization for additional processors and additional merchants.

Net.Commerce V3.2 START - One Additional  5807-AAR   1433     41L1749
Net.Commerce V3.2 START - One Additional  5808-AAR   0667     41L1750
 Processor Upgrade from V2 or V3.1
Net.Commerce V3.2 PRO - One Additional    5807-AAR   1470     41L2791
Net.Commerce V3.2 PRO - One Additional    5808-AAR   0669     41L2792
 Processor Upgrade from V2 or V3.1
Net.Commerce V3.2 START - One Additional  5807-AAR   1469     41L2781
Net.Commerce V3.2 START - One Additional  5808-AAR   0668     41L2782
 Merchant Upgrade from V2 or V3.1
Net.Commerce V3.2 PRO - One Additional    5807-AAR   1471     41L2793
Net.Commerce V3.2 PRO - One Additional    5808-AAR   0670     41L2794
 Merchant Upgrade from V2 or V3.1

Passport Advantage

Program Name/Description                          Number
Net.Commerce V3.2 START for Windows NT
 Media Package
 - English                                        BK796NA
Net.Commerce V3.2 PRO for Windows NT
 Media Package
 - English                                        BK7TLNA
Net.Commerce V3.2 PRO for AIX
 Media Package
 - English                                        BK68ANA
Net.Commerce V3.2 PRO for Sun Solaris
 Media Package
 - English                                        BK68ENA
Net.Commerce V3.2 for Windows NT
 Documentation Package
 - English                                        BK7UJNA
Net.Commerce V3.2 for AIX Documentation
 - English                                        BK68DNA
Net.Commerce V3.2 for Sun Solaris
 Documentation Package
 - English                                        BK68FNA

Upgrade Protection (Entitled Customers): Customers who have previously acquired Software Advantage Upgrade Protection, and have not migrated to the Passport Advantage Offering as shown in the table below, will receive automatically their entitlement to the new Media Pack shortly after general availability.

Terms and Conditions

Licensing: IBM International Program License Agreement. Proofs of Entitlement (PoE) are required for all authorized use.

License Information Form Number: CT6TZNA

Limited Warranty Applies: Yes

Program Services: Available until January 31, 2001

Money-back Guarantee: 30-day, money-back guarantee

Copy and Use on Home/Portable Computer: No

Support Line: Yes

Volume Orders: Yes, contact your IBM representative

Passport Advantage Applies: Yes

Passport Advantage Subscription Applies: Yes

Upgrades: Customers can acquire upgrades up to the currently authorized level of use of the qualifying programs.

AIX/UNIX® Upgrade Protection Applies: No

Entitled Upgrade for Current AIX/UNIX Upgrade Protection Licensees: No

AS/400® Software Subscription Applies: No

Variable Charges Apply: No

Educational Allowance Available: Yes

15%, to qualified educational institution customers.


The charges provided in this announcement are suggested retail prices for the U.S. only and are provided for your information only. Dealer prices may vary, and prices may also vary by country. Prices are subject to change without notice. For additional information and current prices, contact your local IBM representative.

                                             Part         One-Time
Program Name (U.S./Canada)                   Number       Charge
Net.Commerce V3.2 START for Windows NT       41L1741      $ 4,999
Net.Commerce V3.2 START Upgrade from         41L1743        2,000
 V2 or V3.1 START for Windows NT
Net.Commerce V3.2 PRO for Windows NT         41L2783       19,999
Net.Commerce V3.2 PRO Upgrade from           41L2785        8,000
 V2 or V3.1 PRO for Windows NT
Net.Commerce V3.2 PRO Upgrade from           41L2809       15,000
 V3.2 START for Windows NT
Net.Commerce V3.2 PRO for AIX                41L3091       19,999
Net.Commerce V3.2 PRO Upgrade from           41L3093        8,000
 V2 or V3.1 PRO for AIX
Net.Commerce V3.2 PRO Upgrade from           41L2807       15,000
 V2 or V3.1 START for AIX
Net.Commerce V3.2 PRO for Sun Solaris        41L3097       19,999
Net.Commerce V3.2 PRO Upgrade from           41L3098        8,000
 V2 or V3.1 PRO for Sun Solaris
Net.Commerce V3.2 PRO Upgrade from           41L2805       15,000
 V2 or V3.1 START for Sun Solaris
                                             Part         One-Time
Program Name (U.S./Canada)                   Number       Charge
Additional Processors and Additional Merchants
Net.Commerce V3.2 START --                   41L1749      $ 3,999
 One Additional Processor
Net.Commerce V3.2 START --                   41L1750        1,600
 One Additional Processor
 Upgrade from V2 or V3.1
Net.Commerce V3.2 PRO --                     41L2791       15,999
 One Additional Processor
Net.Commerce V3.2 PRO --                     41L2792        6,400
 One Additional Processor
 Upgrade from V2 or V3.1
Net.Commerce V3.2 START --                   41L2781          499
 One Additional Merchant
Net.Commerce V3.2 START --                   41L2782          200
 One Additional Merchant
 Upgrade from V2 or V3.1
Net.Commerce V3.2 PRO --                     41L2793          499
 One Additional Merchant
Net.Commerce V3.2 PRO --                     41L2794          200
 One Additional Merchant
 Upgrade from V2 or V3.1

The price of each Net.Commerce license is based on the number of processors and the number of merchant sites in the system or node executing all or any part of the Net.Commerce application. The maximum total number of merchant sites for Net.Commerce START or Net.Commerce PRO is limited to six merchant sites on any one hardware system or node.

Number of Processors

Each system or node executing the Net.Commerce application requires the Net.Commerce program package. Each program package entitles the licensee to run Net.Commerce on one processor. In the case of a Symmetric Multiprocessor (SMP) system or node, the customer must acquire additional processor features that bring the total number of processor charges equal to the total number of processors executing all or any part of the Net.Commerce application.

Number of Merchants

Each Net.Commerce program package entitles the licensee to one merchant site. Additional merchant features must be acquired if more than one merchant site is running on a single system or node.

The following examples illustrate the pricing methodology.

  • Additional Processor

    A 4-way SMP, whether a standalone system or a node in a larger system, would require the Net.Commerce program package and three additional processor features.

  • Additional Merchant Site

    A single Net.Commerce system or node entitles the licensee to one merchant site. Each additional merchant site running on that system or node would require the acquisition of an additional merchant feature.

  • Combination

    A Net.Commerce system composed of two 4-way SMP nodes running four merchant sites, would require the acquisition of two Net.Commerce program packages, six additional processor features and two additional merchant features.

Passport Advantage

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